The All New Full Monty and Ladies Night

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  • So last night it was the men who stripped to raise awareness of mens cancers and tonight its the ladies turn.

    I'm sure every one of us knows someone who has been through this awful thing, cancer.

    Do you check yourself regularly, have you ever had a scare, or don't you bother thinking it could never happen to you?

    I cried last night hearing men with some of their stories. :(

    My Mum sadly died from breast cancer, it was when it took over her brain it was heartbreaking. One day she asked me where we both lived because she couldn't remember.:( But my best mate found hers, had a mastectomy followed by chemo and fought back - that was 3 years ago now so hopefully. We all know someone, man or woman.

    Lets hope that someday soon there will be a vaccine or simple cure for all cancers.

  • Nice post akasha, but I think the fact that cancer is affecting more and more of the population as time goes by suggests it is a disease of civilisation, and particularly of our civilisation.

    Also, as people now live much longer than a hundred years ago, there is far more time for such things to develop. Back in 1909, which I think was the first year that pensions were available (and to men only at that time!), the average age of a working man was 48 years, and a working woman not much longer. The government of the day made pensions available to men over 70 years of age only, so there weren't that many around.

  • I agree about cancer in the older people so more etc., etc., but young people are not excluded from its grip either.

    People on ukh have had it and sadly died or their child has had certain cancers. Recently a young lad of friends, just 17, sadly passed after a brave fight with a brain tumour. Friends and family of my own, both older and young, have died. My cousin buried his head in the sand and when he finally sought help he died within 6 weeks, Mike was 39, never smoked and rarely drank.

    ALL I would like to say to everyone is just be aware of your body, any aches, pains, lumps or changes that persist PLEASE just chat to someone be it your gp, dentist, optician or a mate.


  • It's not just manufacturing though, is it?

    Everything we touch from the cradle to the grave is polluted in some way. Pesticides, herbicides, too much artificial fertilisers, many kinds of radiation, additives to the water supply, all kinds of chemical processes which change and denature food, all kinds of additives to food and drink, especially prepared foods - the list seems endless, without even getting into conspiracy theories.....[panic]

  • Whilst cancer does show up in the relatively young it is mostly prevalent in older people:-

    It's very difficult to argue that cancers are predominantly due to pollutants mainly because its recognition as a cause of death is relatively new.

    A few decades ago cancer would not necessarily have been identified as the cause of individuals death and in fact poverty was generally the reason for most early death.

    Things have shifted a bit but the world's population cannot survive on organic farming alone.

  • That would depend entirely on what the world's population would be.

    Over-population, as well as a very greedy use of the earth's resources, is and will be the biggest factor in what happens in the future.

    Experiments with animals and numerous long-term studies have more than suggested that cancer is caused by a number of factors associated with all of the causes I have mentioned above, together with the many studies of industry-related cancers, some of which were ignored for years.

  • Not entirely. It does though very much depend on equitable assignation of land and furtherley the ( absent) will of folk to eek out a subsistence living.

    It's moot anyway since there is unlikely to be any trusts or coops that benefit from significant and potentially revolutionary donations of fertile land from the landlords.

    Cancer as we understand it is relatively new as a significantly recognised cause of death.

    Corporate greed could be identified as accountable for a multitude of peoples health problems...

  • I'd totally agree that most folk in today's society would not wish to become small farmers or small-holders; the 'back to the land' eco-idea exists only in alternative circles, and even there is sometimes mingled with idealised dreams of temperate veganic horticulture/agriculture, perma or otherwise.

    As you say, it's mostly theoretical, anyway. The present few landlords will not be handing over anything unless they are exterminated first, which is more than somewhat unlikely in the near future.

    Corporate greed certainly could be accountable for a multitude of health problems; the question which has now arisen is whether that accountability is becoming deliberate, in view of the Earth's rapidly-increasing population.