Fire spinners

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  • thanks im gonna keep trying and get people i know to try also, one way or another im gonna get them! it just seems like i dont have enough hands argh!!

  • woooooo! ive made them!! took a little while to get into it but i think im there now so i made a set but now ive got another problem they dont seem any more weighted than the thread handles i already have any tips on the weight side of it...specific woods etc??? im thinkin' ill drill a hole in each and wedge a fishing weight in there, but just for future reference would like to know.

  • yea i know what you mean and i was thinking the same thing about drilling a hole through the wooden ball and putting some metal inside. after i got used to the weight they still work really well for throws etc.

    nice job on making them:woohoo:


  • well they should be right next to each other when your done so i tie them in a really tight regular knot and use super glue all over them. there is a nice little slot for the knot to sit in and after some use you won't even know it's there.