Yet another brexit thread

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  • Im well excited by the outcome of the indicitave votes today.

    It was very close but I really believed that the (sell out) house would form a majority in favour of a customs union on this occasion.

    Sure they still have time to disappoint and destroy and disrespect the people's vote but its looking favourable for the moment.

    Edit: I should probably add that the 'peoples vote' in the region of England where I hang out was 59 to 70 % in favour of brexit....

  • I sw a vid yesterday made by a guy who runs a small business smoking and curing Salmon. He was talking about trade deals with other countries outside the E.U. He was talking about america and the other countries we successfully trade with and he was explaining how we dont have trade deals with them, well nbot the ones that the E.U are crowing about, he was saying becuase we trade well with non EU countries why do we then have to set up new seperate trade deals with EU member countries, is it the EU group itself saying we have to, what business is it of theirs if we set up independant trading with EU member countries, is it because thye want a cut of these private trades, seems to me to be so. It's all so confusing and complicated, no wonder the average British person dodnt have a clue what they were really voting for when it got down to the finer details behind the propaganda and lies the various sides of the media wer epumping out there.

    Seems to me that the reason Cameron started all this purely for vote capturing for the general election has really backfired in a stinky way, they hadnt planned for this, will change the Laurel and Hardy ditty and lard it onto Cameron, what a fine mess you have got us into while waiting for the plank to swing round and smack us in the face if it hasnt already.

  • In my working life I often supply spare parts that are sourced from all over the place to diverse countries such as the Americas, the Arab states and the far east. Don't have any issues with it. The shipping agents website generates all of the paperwork I have to provide I just fill it out. Any costs above and beyond the price I charge is the responsibility of the buyer and they deal with it at there end. Brexit will mean filling in the same paperwork for Europe as I do for the non European countries and the end user having to pay any duties in their country. So from a practical standpoint it's not going to be a big issue.

  • Whilst it seems unclear exactly which version of proportional representation will be used in the European Elections it is less likely that huge numbers of votes will be wasted on minor parties with widely differing views than would be the case in the first past the post system currently used by UK elections.

  • If the local election results force Jeremy and Theresa together to supposedly find agreement the result may be akin to forcing two lumps of plutonium together.

  • I think I heard on the news tonight that the government has resigned itself to having European elections, as there is no prospect of an agreement with Labour.

    Apparently May wanted to have a referendum if she couldn't get her own bundle through, but as one of the choices in such a referendum was to be a no-deal Brexit, which both parties have strongly voted against, there was no prospect of getting that through either.

    The mess continues.