Clothing chaos

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  • It's because crap fashion clothes are made so cheaply by the sweatshops of the world. For unthinking folks to wear it a few times and chuck it before it goes out of fashion, or gets dirty (much of this stuff don't wash too well).

    A relative of mine used to spend £70 to £100 on a pair of jeans, just so they had the 'right' name on. While I'd pick up a decent enough anonymous pair - and without knee-holes in !!! - for about £4 in a charity shop.

    A decent socialist government would have minimum standards for all basic clothes, to which all manufacturers would have to comply, or not sell.

    Dream on ......:whistle:

  • Clothes are a total and absolute con.

    Clothes should offer improved protection from the environment over going naked. That's all that clothes should be for!

    People are a bit judgy and overly sophisticated though.....I can't imagine walking to a job or interview in winter addorned in furs and then stripping off once inside.....I can't imagine it but I can't see why it isn't the norm.

  • Clothes are indeed a con.

    Just as big weddings and big funerals are a con. And every other big event that is just for show. Posh clothes are just another way of showing that one is better-orf than the next chap.

    I remember going to factory management meetings several times dressed in overalls. I was a union representative, so I sometimes liked to rub it in.

    If anyone said anything, I would always point out that they were reasonably clean overalls, and that, like everyone else around the table, I would be wearing the clothes I was wearing now for work when the meeting ended....:D

  • I wear my clothes till they fall off and then recycle them as rags. Most of my stuff is army surplus or outdoor gear with a smattering of sportwear as it washes easily and drys quickly. A lot of it is second hand. To be totally honest it's a lot to do with economy rather than ethics and I'm not built for fashion more like a brick shed and look like a badly upholstered wardrobe in a suit. I don't have room for a lot of stuff so I don't have a lot.

    If I was rich I'd probably still be a tramp in fact when I did have a decent amount of dosh I still wore the same crap I do now and shopped in the same places mostly because I don't give a crap about what people think of how I'm dressed.

    I've found that it's not the tie-die, camo and weirdly dressed folk you have to look out for.

    All the bad things that have happened to me have been perpetrated by people in suits.

    The clothing industry should be made to put their house in order but then so should people who think that a t-shirt bought for £2.50 hasn't been made off of the suffering or hardship of some poor soul overseas.

    As I write this I can't help but think how we are probably not the sort of folk who are a big part of the problem and that we won't have any impact on the world of fashion. I mean look at us, lovely, weird, strange and wonderful individuals with not a jot of fashion sense among us :)

  • I so dont get the fuss over clothes and the fashion of it. It's charity shops for my clothing then they are worn to death literally then used for rags/floorcloth.

    I heard that slot on Radio 4, its a real problem with all the resources and pollution etc that the fashion industry causes, let alone the wasteful minimal use by those that buy stuff and barely wear.

    I dont know how I do it, if I do a charity shop replacement for clothes, even if they are nearly new, when I have them on I still look like a hedgerow waller.

  • I had a boater friend drop by yesterday and when he asked how I was I told him stressed . trying to instigate a council tax refund for my old man (seems he aint been claiming the 25% single occupancy discount for a decade or more) , council will only deal with me when they have written evidence of my power of attorney .... so my mate says 'I'll finish this coffee and take you in there if you like (knowing that my bus aint legal and I cant walk far)

    So I took him up on his offer of a free ride to Wat Tyler house (thats right the council named their big shiny new council tax building after Wat Tyler) in the big bad town.I put my bestest clean jeans on , a relatively clean tee shirt and ran the clippers over my chin , all part of looking Mr.Average in my mind,gathered said paperwork and off we went ....

    Got there to see a dozen or so police vehicles and security scattered everywhere,parked up and as I got out I realised that I had clean forgot to put any shoes on !! 150 yard walk around the building due to building works and tempoary door,questioned by 1 cop and 2 security guards and then the pointy shoed meet and greeter with his clipboard.

    As chance would have it I was wearing a matching pair of socks for once :insane:

  • We'd probably get arrested....

    Like when me and my brother shared a flat as lads we were really hard up. We only had the one suit between us, so had to swop it over to whichever of us was going somewhere posh.

    One wet day we both got invites to a wedding reception at the town hall. So we had to toss a coin for which bits of the suit we had. I won and chose the trousers and got there absolutely bloody soaked. My brother wore the jacket and got arrested....:D

  • So what's your favourite defence against clothes moths? Apart from washing your sweaty clothes regularly, of course:D

    Moth-balls are supposed to be carcinogenic, and anyway it's difficult to hit them, even using a catapult....

  • Old clothes cut up to make rag mats . Heavy old things but warm . Beamish Museum up in the Northeast of England and the Black Country living museum are good places to see rugs in the houses and cottages .

  • I can remember my gran having a rag mat in front of the fireplace in their living-room, when I was a kid in the 50's. It used to get taken outside and beaten about once a week over the clothes line. When my grandad got to do the beating it was particularly impressive - even awesome.....

  • I used to get a clothes horse and an army blanket over it to make a tent then put the rag mat inside because the back yard was concrete and cold . Great den .

    I still make rag mats , currently I’m too busy knitting but all things have their turn .