Help revoke article 50 and stay in europe petition

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  • I see that the Maybot is once again intending to bring her ghastly deal before parliament, next week, for the fourth time. Just how many times is she being allowed to do this? That she is being allowed to do it shows the corrupt state of this government and the way the country is being run.

    Remember this deal was contrived with the EU without even the Tory Brexit Secretary of the day being invited to be present, let alone representatives from other political parties. The then Brexit Secretary resigned in disgust, quite understandably.

    So what is in this deal for May, that she pushes so hard and so frequently to get it through, when any half-reasonable person can tell a dead parrot when they see one, and would gracefully retire from the stage?

    She has threatened her own party with various things at every presentation of this her favourite plan, the latest threat for next week being the threat of a general election.

    Corbyn must be saying for fugs sake bring it on!

  • Er why did we even get given the referendum in the first place, I seem to either have forgotten or didnt know why in the forst place, it just appeared. What was the reasoning behind it and what were those who drew it up hoping to acheive, wa sit with the intentio of leavinmg or was it some kind of ruse that back fired on leave won when they never thought it would.

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  • Something to do with disenfranchisement of UK citizens as far as I can recollect....anti immigration movements were gaining momentum and arguing that the UK and it's citizens were unfairly burdened by free movement of EU workers....something like that anyways.

    It would be funny as fuck if the EU council rejects everything on April 10th and forces a no deal brexit....or a rush vote of acceptance of the deal on the 11th....

    I hope the EU council do that!

    It's a about time our pompous, greedy, circumspect politicians got on with running a representative house rather than wasting everyone's lives away for another two years by disrespecting the people's vote....

    I hope the EU calls it. Someone or something has to respect the referendum result.

  • A pretty fair summary of why the referendum was called, zendaze, but missing the important point that Cameron got it put it into the Tory election manifesto to ensure they - and he - won the election.

    After that they thought it would fade away into the background in the overwhelming joy of another Tory election. But no, they were being pushed to honour their election pledge, whether Cameron liked it or not.

    So the referendum went ahead, and the Tory party backed Remain while also fielding a party of pro-Brexit berks in order to convince everybody that leaving would be a fool's game. Most of the Tories didn't really want to leave, and they knew Remain would win, so no plans were made, anyway.

    Despite this the country narrowly voted to Leave, despite the best efforts of Cameron and co. to Remain. So Cameron resigned real quick, foreseeing the distant manure heading for the fans.....[panic]

  • Ah yes its coming back to me now, so they hedged their bets and went for re election off the back of it and get a remain vote but now as it has all but properly back fired they are squirming as much as the public are getting frustrated. well fuck em. The even worse outcome due to all this is that god forbid Labour might get in as a backlash vote to oust the Tories for the fuck up, dont want Tories in either but after Labours last two terms and even worse Corbyn.

    So here's a suggestion Paul, instead of going for rebrand of the forum, how about turning this place into a brand new political party, the country needs one I reckon as the ones we have got are not up to the job.

  • So here's a suggestion Paul, instead of going for rebrand of the forum, how about turning this place into a brand new political party, the country needs one I reckon as the ones we have got are not up to the job.

    We can't even decide on a name for our website!! And would you want the media dragging up our past? No, let the straights fight amongst themselves and the alternatives will inherit the earth!

  • More like go even more out to convert the straights to our way of thinking, that could be helped along by raising an alternative political party, but then I dont really see how that would turn heads as the green party is supposed to be an alternative party and they dont seem to gain seats outside of Brighton.

  • Yes, a great shame about the Greens. When a Green candidate puts up in our local elections I always vote for them; me and about 34 others in a ward of some 7,000 people....:(

    Yes thas how it is. It isnt just the political outdated two party system that needs to change, the majority of the public need to change their staid voting habits.