Help revoke article 50 and stay in europe petition

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  • Bonjour mes amis

    I thought that this would get more views here and is important to a lot of people,so please give good thought to this subject and onlky sign this petition if you are sure that it makes sense to do so.

    We were not given enough information when we had the referandum and many people voted to leave not realising what the outcome may be.

    I hope that you can see what it is all about now and will try and help us stay in europe,though if you do not I respect your opinion all the same.

    Love and light

    fly xxxx

  • If you were not given enough information why did you vote. And having chosen to vote in ignorance why on earth do you feel entitled to be allowed a second go.

    Everyone who publicly stated they didn't know what they were voting for but still went ahead and voted should be banned from future voting.

  • I think most people voted on the information they were given which turned out to be a tissue of corruption and lies and the real truth and reality of Brexit -the one government knew all along- has been hidden until very recently.

    Considering the Government lead by May wanted to leave theyve done nothing in 2 years but completely fuck up the chances of Britain being successful post Brexit.

    Corbyn and Labour have been no more use than a chocolate tea pot either.

    In the circumstances it might be prudent to re-evaluate the situation and find a better solution than crashing out with no deal in place,postpone it until a better arrangement can be made.

  • Petitions like this will make no difference to this government, unless something like 25 - 30 million people signed, and that isn't going to happen.

    But it is a way for Remainers to feel a little less helpless; to feel they are participating, in some way, in a sort of democratic exercise.

    A petition for a second referendum might have a better chance of influencing the government, but even that would need at least 20 million signatures before they took serious notice.

    Whatever happens to Brexit, it will be the death of this government, and hopefully for the Tory party itself, for many years to come.

  • The only thye will take notice of what the people feelis of ther eis a major uprising and a large chnk of the population takes to the streets, they will not do owt with a petition. Personally, although people are bashing May and her closest government, really its the E.U union itself that has blocked the way by not acceptig out tabled deal, plus the M.P's who have renaged on Mays deal. If Brussels had of said yes, then it would be all going through.

    The way most folk voted was a tissue of propaganda and that was led depending on what filthy rags they read, the Sun and the Daily fail were pumping immigration and to be honest, too many people voted on that fact alone which was wholly wrong.

    Getting rid of the Tories means Labour would get in, dont let Corbyn loose on this country FFS. Tories are no better but Labour will cripple us even further from where they left us crippled last time after B-liar and Brown nose.

    If Brexit is revoked there will be outrage as that will go to prove democracy is dead and we are supposed to based on democracy, regardless of why and how etc, the leave vote won, we should leave end of. Britain is the 5th biggest economy in the world, why would we collapse, we wont.

  • I dont really have much respect for the Daily Fail but they got it right the other day.

    "1000 days of incompetence,betrayal and national humiliation."

    Maybe we do need a civil breakdown as the government seems ernestly to be planning might wake the country up from several decades of sleep walking.

  • No theyre too busy sleep walking,its why the national unity that embraced the UK and which temporarily dismantled society barriers during ww2 have quietly been re-erected and reinforced.No ones paying attention.Theres even more to distract the zombie population now.

  • Whilst this brexit fiasco has removed the blinkers from a few previously deluded people its not nearly enough to make a difference.

    This country needs to leave without any form of supposedly protective deal to enable those capable of initiating fresh ideas to come to the fore.

    Businesses that are only existing and basically treading water because of free money via idiot govs quantative easing need to die.

    For too long mediocrity has been allowed to thrive in this world and has strangled real human progress.

    If you truly desire to be ruled by an ever growing globalizing organisation you are weak and lack imagination. It's time we went back to our mammalian roots and only the true alphas breed. No non prey creature needs such a huge number of hanger ons depleting resources for no beneficial gain.

    Will finish now, have jackpots to polish.

  • Don't know why we need a deal anyway. What we do need is the fuckin govt to pump some of the money they keep taking off us back into building our manufacturing industries up. If we can make quality products, the rest of the world will buy them. Saying we can't afford to trade with Australia & other far away places is bollocks. Otherwise why are the govt buying coal from Australia after shutting our own mines down for "economic" reasons?

    It's time our government got behind us to support our nation, instead of getting behind us to fuck us up the ass! We need leaders who care about making this country great again, not a bunch of self serving weasels.

  • Yep, we leave reagrdless is my opinion, all these petitions to sign to revoke article 50 can feck off. Exactly for the reasons losingbaggae says. I do agree with Nigel Farage here, why would we want to be part of the dream of the E.U to become a United States of Europe, we fought two world wars to prevent individual countries being taken over by force and now the E.U wants to do this by beaurocratic means. What people are rallying about is the dithering thats been going on in our government regardles sof the fact the the E.U itself has refused every deal we have tabled thus far, that doesnt help matters.

  • Quote from BigBear67

    Don't know why we need a deal anyway.

    My understanding is that without the deal, trading with the EU suddenly becomes a lot more expensive and complex, which means the price of everything we buy in goes up. Including food. I'm all for self-sufficiency, even though I am a remainer, but it won't happen overnight.


    We need leaders who care about making this country great again

    I've heard that before somewhere....

  • My understanding is that without the deal, trading with the EU suddenly becomes a lot more expensive and complex, which means the price of everything we buy in goes up. Including food. I'm all for self-sufficiency, even though I am a remainer, but it won't happen overnight.

    I've heard that before somewhere....


    Well fuck the EU then. We can buy everythi g we want from outside Europe without being fucked by the bastards everyone we meet. They need us more than they will admit, we don't need them. There's a big bright world out there just waiting to trade with us, tell Europe to fuck off & be done with it.

  • I think we are in danger here of missing the reality behind the EU today.

    It started as a way of doing trade at agreed rates between neighbouring countries. Nothing basically wrong with that, so long as it was fair for all parties concerned. Not many of us disagree with fair trade.

    But then regulations started creeping in. We must all do this the same, and that the same, because it will make it easier and more profitable for those who are making these regulations. Particularly if they involve new expensive standards manufactured by the very people who wanted the regulations in the first place. What a coincidence, eh?

    Then laws followed regulations. Each member country must have laws the same as all other member countries, but those laws will be decreed by those countries which have the major say in running the EU, of course.

    Following homogenisation of regulations and laws will come Federalisation, often fondly trumpeted by Juncker and his ilk. Federalisation as seen by those or that country which has most profited by EU membership so far; that country which foresaw the Federalisation of Europe as a profitable venture as far back as 1934....Under the Third Reich.....

    It is, I think, the regulations, the laws, and the pursuit of Federalisation on behalf of the EU which make many of the British people see red. Especially when it is pretty clear that Germany has been in the driving seat of the EU since its inception. A country which started two world wars and fought both unsuccessfully has done rather better for itself by strongly influencing the economic running of the EU, to put it mildly.

    Now if Norway, or Denmark, or Sweden had been in the driving seat of the EU instead, things may have turned out rather differently.

  • Exactly that OldKeith, the slow federalisaton is not a good scenario. They even talk of an E.U army which would incur massive costs for individual member countries, what of those that cant afford it like Greece, it would sink these countries into further despair. As I mentioned before and as you say, Germany playing a big hand via beaurocracy and the economic running of the E.U. Why people seem to think we will fail when we pull out beats me, well I hope we do leave to uphold democracy. Plenty of countries are not in the E.U and do just fine.

  • Exactly what I've been saying. We only ever voted for a "common market" & even called it that when we joined. Not one single 1 of us ever voted to be governed by a foreign power, it's just been pushed on us by stealth. Can't understand people who say they want to stay in a scenario that we never wanted & never voted for. Fuck me, our forefathers fought to stop our countrymen being invaded by the same tickets that these euro sympathisers seem to want to give everything we have to. Just a case of Stockholm Syndrome gone fuckin mad!

  • IF Europe WAS a federal system as the EU seems to want to build theres nothing wrong with federal systems. It doesnt take away local or state self governance or cultural identity.The US Russia Germany and a few others are federal systems.

    Technically the UK would be too if Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland were'nt run by a dictatorship of unionist cunts in Westminster and England had its own assembly (as it should, to dictate its own unique affairs).

    Ive never seen myself as British though even though i was born here( and forced to have British on all my documents) because the English always made my family feel like outsiders and 'dont belongers' because theyre Italian and came here to escape Mussolini,Ive also got German ancestry and Scottish ancestry who fought in WW1 in the family mix so identifying as British is something i dont do or see important.

    Im Anglo Italian mainly,Im happy to be labelled European but i dont like labels of identities theyre divisive (as has proved with Brexit,even Poles who came here in ww2 to fight Germany on the ground and crewed spitfires and stayed afterwards, now feel alien and uncomfortable being here).Im human thats the only definition ill accept.I dont give a fuck about any other labels.

    There are no true British.The whole nation is a mongrel mix since its inception,a mix of Franco Germanic Nordic Celtic Mediterranean people yet folks get hung up as much here about Britishness like the Americans get hung up about being American and theyre an even bigger mix of mongrels from all over the globe.

    If England wants independence from EU thats perfectly fine by me but English cant then be hypocrites and say Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland belong to them.You dont want to be dictated to by a foreign power or government but you quite ok with the concept as a foreign power dictating to other nations like Scotland Wales and Ireland.

    Conservative leaders saw themselves being in Europe and leading it from the front theyve never seen it any other way.

    If EU was lead by Britain and had the major say in policy thered be no Brexit.

    English dont like not being in control or being told what do,thats the crux of it.

    EU us not perfect by any stretch,it needs major reform and Britain could have used its considerable trade with Europe to drive reform but chose not to for 40 years nor is is Britain obliged to automatically accept laws made in Europe but its chosen to accept them.

    You may feel happier out of EU but you wont have any better government that works for the ordinary British people because the problem lies in British government and the Establishment.Theyll shit on you whoever they make trade deals with.The US and Chinese will become our masters instead of a partnership with EU.

    All i ever hear in this stupid debate is we British this, we British that,but you never actually nmean 'we British',you mean we English, you got this serious superiority complex in Britain and the world and you still can't accept that Germany and France are the two major European powerhouses,both nations Britain defeated in the past.

    If Germany and France are powerhouses that drive Europe ask why that is,since both France and Germany got considerable investment from the UK and the US to rebuild those nations post war.If they did a better job of getting to where they are now than the British have, then thats down to how theyve governed their countries,just as Britain is shit because the way British government has governed.Nothing to do with EU.

    You got a arrogant cunt like farage who got himself elected as MEP and virtually never attended and moaned about it from day one but expects his EU parliamentary pension though.

    Rees Mogg who is so pro British he moved his fortune to Ireland. All the Pro leave major players and corporations moved their fortunes to British owned tax havens and say its the EU thats draining the UK of capital and undermining its success.

    And they see a new British Empire free from the EU... Ha.... ha.... ha

    Meanwhile the Maybot continues to make a fuck up of what you would have thought a straightforward process had tgey tajen it seriously from the start.

    Good luck with your new British Empire.

  • About the only thing valid about that rant is that the British don't like being told what to do. And never have. And if you look at history that includes the Irish, too. And the Scots and the Welsh, none of whom like being told what to do. So, whether you like it or not, the British, collectively, don't like being told what to do. Tough manure, old chap!

    The British have always been a bit of a bolshy lot, and no matter who comes here to join us, they soon feel the same after a couple of generations. The British also have a decent sense of fair play, and being pushed around by a nation that has started two World Wars, and is once again foremost in running Europe, and still has an ambition to rule a Federal Europe, rankles some of them.

  • Soz to debase this lengthy and thoughtful debate but staying in the EU gives awful profiteers more scope to spread blame and claim innocence and innocuous, incidental economic control.

    Outside of the EU the UK would have to take responsibility for the inexplicable polarisation of wealthy and non wealthy that is proliferating.

  • I'd agree, zendaze. The polarisation of rich and poor is not just to do with the EU. The UK had polarisation of rich and poor long before the EU, back in Victorian times, and going back to the industrial revolution. And even before then, when the Church held sway.

    The only times this polarisation has been lessened a little was for two or three brief decades after the 2nd World War, when millions of troops came back grimly looking for a better world to live in, and the reins of the wealthy had to be loosened a little by the governments of the day, and a massive amount of decent dwellings for ordinary folk were built. As kids growing up in this, we thought we were witnessing the start of a Brave New World of fairness and equality, but it was not to be.

  • I just read the governments response to the petition, it reads like a pissed off parent chastising a child for not eating their greens. :broc::barf:

  • About the only thing valid about that rant is that the British don't like being told what to do. And never have. And if you look at history that includes the Irish, too. And the Scots and the Welsh, none of whom like being told what to do. So, whether you like it or not, the British, collectively, don't like being told what to do. Tough manure, old chap!

    The British have always been a bit of a bolshy lot, and no matter who comes here to join us, they soon feel the same after a couple of generations. The British also have a decent sense of fair play, and being pushed around by a nation that has started two World Wars, and is once again foremost in running Europe, and still has an ambition to rule a Federal Europe, rankles some of them.

    To be honest id expect no other condescending response from you.Its a 'rant' because i dont agree with you. But youve simultaneously pointed out the fault lies with British Establishments attitude and policy long before the EU and nothing to do with EU...tough shitty shit to you too.

    British have no sense of fair play,its bollox a myth invented by the Upper class establishment to hide their true arrogance.

    Zendaze is quite correct if we exit the EU then there will be only the British government to blame (or praise)...about the only positive element about Brexit,though a costly experiment for this and possibly future generations.

    Britain isnt pushed around by Germany. Britain was pushing around virtually every nation on the globe prior to Germany having a go.

    Britain is still one of the pushiest arsey countries on the map consistently punching above its weight,demanding its own way and squealing 'unfair' 'unfair' when it fails to be treated more equal than everyone else.

    Britain (England)has an egotistical superiority complex...The Scots Welsh and Irish can see it a mile off...whether its here in their own country or abroad in someone elses.

    I hope Brexiteers get this dreamworld free from the will never change the English insular isolationist parochial psyche,or the perpetual whining that its always someone elses fault that Britain is hard done to and held back, that whats wrong with this narcissistic country.

    Meanwhile the rest of the world has moved on from Britain...Deal with it.

  • What an old-fashioned attitude you have! Even thinking that anyone criticising you is condescending. Can't you take a bit of criticism of your views?

    We all know a rant when we see one, so, I merely acknowledged that.

    Also, a very poor argument about the British Establishment attitude and policy, Which I never even mentioned in connection with British attitudes.

    To make it quite clear, I am writing about British public attitudes in general, whether they be English, Scots, Irish, or Welsh. None of these groups of people like doing what they are told. Period. Especially by a nation that has historically caused more wars of greater magnitude in Europe over the last hundred years or so, than any other.

    Now if, as said above, we had a less belligerent and less warlike nation leading the EU, instead of one that is trying desperately to control it, we would be more likely to want to get on board, particularly if we were asked, and not told, what to do!:thumbup:

    Perhaps you cannot yet envisage a Federal Europe under Germany that would court war (again!) with Russia? Goaded on by their American 'allies', of course. A war in Europe, so long as it did not go nuclear, would be very profitable for those supplying arms and munitions from afar, would it not?

    As for no sense of fair play; it is obvious that you have never worked with a wide variety of working-class people or, if you have, you have been unobservant of the world around you. I have seen that sense of fair play in action at many times and in many places, and even among the most unlikely types and in the most unlikely circumstances. The British, which includes the Irish, Welsh, Scots, and English, do have a sense of fair play. But it isn't always obvious, because they don't shout about it, they just get on with it, and do what is necessary.

  • Not much point in revoking article 50 when all sides of the house refuse to move with the times and acknowledge that single person households are the sine of the times and 'the future'.

    All sides of the house refuse to acknowledge the validity of single person households (despite clear statistical evidence) and further refuse to make reasonable adjustments to social and economic policy that would make such living more affordable.

    They are only interested in inflating landlord incomes and land value and claiming innocence.

    This is not representative governance.

    If the house hadn't taken the piss out of and exploited simple people for so long they would not be in this position of exposing their greedy and dictatorial self interest

    This is an opportunity to call them out....All this Brexit shit would never have happened if toffs and their cling-ons opened up space in which people could live.

    (There is the major factor of skilled and semi skilled labour from cheaper workers and also the English language to take into account.....but primarily it is about land and property price inflation)

  • I am now officially in the camp of lost the plot over Brexit, I dont know what the fuck is going on and really do I care, as much as I should do as we all should as it's the future of our country, no I dont, got too much to do to keep my own life rolling. Apart from a huge phalanx of people taking to the streets in a protest the size of which hasnt been seen for a long while its out of our hands and in the hands of those that are supposed to be leading the way and sorting this out for the best interests of the country rather than the self interests they are now showing. It's obvious now they are not taking into account that the leave vote won and it's their democratic duty to see this happen and w actually leave instead of all this refusal to back any deal and back tracking and changing sides. I bet other countries are scratching their heads at Britain now and rightly so, France is baffled.

    The other thing that is looming is the Lisbon treaty, I have read a few bits about it, its complicted and very confusing to fully grasp, didnt like what I read as far as it pointing towards a fedration or United states of Europe, one thing I do know is I dont want to see this coutry lose its stand alone independence and become a state or a province of Europe. If anything now, I am starting to feel things should have been left alone and we should never have had the public referendum in the first place.