What Fauna have you observed today ?

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  • Posted this on faceytube last night on wildlife garden page.....

    FC00E0B4-B737-4FF3-9496-5227AF539129.jpeg5C9C0DB8-B5BE-4443-84C7-628769A7A965.jpegMost days we have Wasps come into the house if the back door is left open, so I try and get them to go back out through the door or a window or do the glass/postcard bug removal technique. One this morning wouldn’t go out or stay still long enough for the glass to go over, so I shut him in the kitchen while I went out gardening so that he didn’t have to meet the dogs while I was out. When I came home several hours later, he was nowhere to

    be seen until I started moving some things on the worktop. He then appeared looking worn and and drowsy. He’d already got caught in my hair earlier and he was now looking a bit ropey.

    So, now able to implement the glass/postcard manoeuvre, I caught him, slipped a tiny bit of banana under the glass with him and popped him out on the back step.

    He found the banana straight away and when I looked out before bed, I saw he’d been joined by a woodlouse 😊

    So I spent the next half hour trying to hold a torch in the right place, get camera in focus and get a decent picture of the 2. I was really fascinated by them. When I looked a while later, they’d been joined by a slug! Fabulous! 😊

    Got a few more pics and a couple of videos. The slug, being a larger chap, was fair hammering through the meal, so the woodlouse left, I imagined he perhaps didn’t like the slug’s manners.

    I also tried to get one of ‘Mr.Creosote’s’ mouthparts, as they were really interesting also.

    Sorry for unprofessional photo quality- I was kneeling out the back step, elbow on the floor, torch in my mouth filming the 3 of them! 🌻

    EARLY MORNING EDIT! - Wasp still there, but had moved away, Slug gone and banana COMPLETELY cleaned up! Amazing!!

  • Saw one of the wild wallabies this morning! There is quite a large population in the North of our lovely island!

    Now we have a red panda on the loose from the wildlife park, there have been a few sightings so at least it's still alive.

  • I was out walking in the morvan national park this morning here in Burgundy and felt drawn to a rocky outcrop across tough going terrain as it was the sort of place I know that wolves like in the mountains.

    When I got across the rough land I could not believe it when I got there and found a wolf poo and a well cleaned bit of bone.

    There was a wolf sighting about thirty miles away from here last year which is the first I have ever heard of in burgundy and I am guessing that this poo is probably from about that time.

    Wolf poo always goes white,is long in appearance and contains bits of fur and bone and does not break down no matter how wet the weather and it was in the sort of place where wolves like to stop off and keep an eye out on their surroundings whilst eating. It was also the sort of terrain where most people would not try to cross due to the slope and the undergrowth meaning that the chances that no-one would of been there with their dogs.

    I am 99 percent sure it was from a wolf and am delighted with the find.


  • I woke up this morning watching a red squirell running around like a creature possessed then I set off into the burgundy forests to try and track some wolf activity. I had no luck with that but got side tracked by a big group of wild boar ( maybe twenty of them ) moving through the forest not far in front of me. I nearly caught them up as they moved into some thick terrain and could smell their sweat very strongly,but as there were a fair few young ones with them,I did not want to risk scaring them from their daytime hiding spot.

    On my way back to the car I had three big fluffy bum deer bounce past me,no doubt having been scared by someone or something and they did not even notice that I was there. Nice to see them springing across the forest floor in full flight. They really were the picture of health :-)

  • not all today,mostly over the weekend,2 owls one danced in front of my car window as i was driving,a hare running up the road,a herd of red deer,and a red kite..oh and a buzzard being chased away by a screeming seagull x

  • I was out walking through the large beech forests of Burgundy this morning before light came and something walked quickly across the path about twenty yards in front of me.

    It was either a very large fox,a wolf or a wolfy type dog,but due to where I was I would imagine that it was not the latter.

    Basing the viewing on local fauna then the chances are it was a big fox,though it was wolfy enough for me to get excited. Sadly with it being just that bit too dark I can not claim it as a wolf sighting.

    Funny really as I have been out in the forests for the last few days trying to find wolf spore and one may of just walked right by me !!!!

    One more day wolf tracking tomorrow then have got to go to vezelay and do a weeks work as well as watch the rugby with a friend before heading over to Brittany for more work,more socialising and a no doubt much needed clean up in my forest,as I have not been there since last June so it will be in need of a good tidy up especially after this winters storms on the north west coast !!

  • two nights ago I caught a large hedgehog in one of my cadge traps. Me and my daughter fed and watered it before letting it go on it’s way. It’s very early for hedgehogs to be up and about, although mild of late. I’m assuming it’s chosen place to hybanate became at risk of flooding.or disturbed.

  • Today, early evening, I watched through the binoculars a Buzzard, which perched up on a straw stack and then moved to a nearby Ash tree. This Buzzard is now resident here, I often see it perched in the same place where it just scans the grassed fields. Amazing how I first saw my first “wild” rough legged Buzzard in Sherwood Forest back in 2000. Back then sightings were scarce as Buzzards were nationally rare. Over the last 20 years Ive witnessed them moving along the A1 corridor and for the last 6 years I don’t have to go too far on most days to spot one out and about. Like the Red Kite, Buzzards have migrated from feeding stations in areas like Wales and Wiltshire and have made the UK their home again for sure.

  • I went to open a house window and found a very sleepy looking white-tailed bumblebee , I scooped it up with some tissue (worried about hurting it), and set it aside while I gave a dessertspoon a quick warm over the hob , added water and a good pinch of sugar , offered it to the bee and immediately his feeding tube was out and at the sugar water ,I carefully walked outside into the sunshine and within 20 seconds hes was flying (twice around my head that I like to think was a 'thank you' ) and joined his mate on some bramble flowers :)

  • May bugs otherwise known as Cockchafers, (silly name)

    seem to be nesting under my lawn

    Fascinating history is you check them out.

    They breed in cycles every 3 to 4 years and every 30 years they have a bumper colony. I seem to remember it said this year might be the big one again.
    In the Middle Ages, pest control was rare, and people had no effective means to protect their harvest. This gave rise to events that seem bizarre from a modern perspective. In 1320, for instance, cockchafers were brought to court in Avignon and sentenced to withdraw within three days onto a specially designated area, otherwise they would be outlawed. Subsequently, since they failed to comply, they were collected and killed. (Similar animal trials also occurred for many other animals in the Middle Ages.)

    fancy some cockchafer soup?

    Cockchafer soup

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    Faked cockchafer soup, "mockchafer soup", with toasted bread and liver (Cockchafers were substituted by crabs.)

    Cockchafer soup is a European dish made from the cockchafer insect. It was a delicacy in Germany and France until the mid-1900s.[1] Its taste resembles crab soup. As cockchafers were once an incredibly common pest insect in Europe, with population explosions every 4 years, collecting enough cockchafers to make soup was very easy in former t