What Fauna have you observed today ?

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  • Posted this on faceytube last night on wildlife garden page.....

    FC00E0B4-B737-4FF3-9496-5227AF539129.jpeg5C9C0DB8-B5BE-4443-84C7-628769A7A965.jpegMost days we have Wasps come into the house if the back door is left open, so I try and get them to go back out through the door or a window or do the glass/postcard bug removal technique. One this morning wouldn’t go out or stay still long enough for the glass to go over, so I shut him in the kitchen while I went out gardening so that he didn’t have to meet the dogs while I was out. When I came home several hours later, he was nowhere to

    be seen until I started moving some things on the worktop. He then appeared looking worn and and drowsy. He’d already got caught in my hair earlier and he was now looking a bit ropey.

    So, now able to implement the glass/postcard manoeuvre, I caught him, slipped a tiny bit of banana under the glass with him and popped him out on the back step.

    He found the banana straight away and when I looked out before bed, I saw he’d been joined by a woodlouse 😊

    So I spent the next half hour trying to hold a torch in the right place, get camera in focus and get a decent picture of the 2. I was really fascinated by them. When I looked a while later, they’d been joined by a slug! Fabulous! 😊

    Got a few more pics and a couple of videos. The slug, being a larger chap, was fair hammering through the meal, so the woodlouse left, I imagined he perhaps didn’t like the slug’s manners.

    I also tried to get one of ‘Mr.Creosote’s’ mouthparts, as they were really interesting also.

    Sorry for unprofessional photo quality- I was kneeling out the back step, elbow on the floor, torch in my mouth filming the 3 of them! 🌻

    EARLY MORNING EDIT! - Wasp still there, but had moved away, Slug gone and banana COMPLETELY cleaned up! Amazing!!