Van blown over by gale

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  • Back on the old severn bridge it happened,but thats when a vehicle is moving so momentum comes into it.

    No doubt that it could happen,but I have been in hundred mile winds and have survived ok,albeit damn nervous whilst the van was rocking as big gusts hit it.

    I always make sure that when the wind is getting to that sort of level that I get a grasp of which direction the wind is majoritively blowing in from and either park front or back end into the wind and that helps an awful lot.

    Trees and branches coming down are more of a concern for me in high winds !

  • A few years back i was parked up at naphill along with my mate his missus and dog in his Iveco , come 9 or 10 oclock ish the winds were up to about 60 or 70 and there was a knock on my door , it was my mate saying they were getting off to westwoods for some shelter,I realised that we were both near broadside to the wind so suggested he faced it and I snuggled Bubbles up real close (wing mirrors in), worked a treat 20% of previous surface area and double the mass ensured neither of us blew over.

  • Should have added that I actually quite like it when the weather gets all elemental and the bus dont just rock it quivers ,pretty sure Bubbles aint going over when static , travelling in high winds is a diferent story though ,hit a pothole on the marlborough downs at 50 when its gusty , its a struggle to keep it on the right side of the road!!

    On site (construction type) if the site office cabins etc looked dodgy then the forks would bring over kelly blocks or jersey barriers if available, pallets of concrete blocks etc if not, then ratchet straps and lots of em .

  • By the way Boris,your title heading sucks. I was worried and concerned when I saw it as I thought that your van had gone over,thank goodness it has not !

    Ha ha bless you , I was told that a double decker bus went over at the Cosmic puffin festy a couple of years ago maybe an urban myth though,having said that it gets real hairy on that island at times! I'm tucked in beside a hay barn but getting hit on Ford's rear .

  • I used to drive for a firm at Batley & one job I always seemed to get was triple deck curtain sider full of flatpack furniture down to Wickes at Brackmills. 16' high and 44' long. Sound crack when it was loaded but made your arse nip a bit when empty in a sidewind! Used to blow me all over the M1 some days but never picked a wheel up.

  • By the way Boris,your title heading sucks. I was worried and concerned when I saw it as I thought that your van had gone over,thank goodness it has not !

    Same as IT!

    My mobi was side on to nothing and here in the fens where it is so very open well boy can it blow! Only once, back when the Fish guy, the weatherman that is, said 'gales are NOT on the way' yeah right, did I bottle it and kipped at my parents. But she was well tied to the ground and had a strap over the roof at either end so was well anchored.

    We did however leave the ground once when they exploded an ex WW2 bomb ejected from a bomber before landing and laying underground undetected all these years at an ex R.A.F. base just 1/2 mile away across the fields!

    Stay safe everyone!

  • Came close to tipping on crossing Rannoch Moor a couple of years back after a shit journey on the M6 above Lancaster then made the mistake of going over the Pass of the Cattle in a white out. Walking pace and backside going halfcrown sixpence.

  • Not in a vehicle but when I was horsedrawn and down in somerset cider apple picking, the wiond got up to a terific speed, was laying in bed and felt my wago rocking somewhat then all of a sudden one huge gust came at it side ion and lifted two wheels on one side off the ground, lifted by about a foot and banged back down again, so at gone midnight, went out with the sledge hammer, tethering pegs and chain and staked the axles down.

    I was at Cosmic puffin a couple of years ago, there was a high wind, there was a double decker there but it didnt blow over, might have happened in a previous year but I havent heard of that happening.