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  • Just wondering what your light bulb moment was to living an alternative lifestyle? I had been living on and off in a van for many years,I guess my moment was when both parents ,good mate died and I had some cash and also a questioning of my own mortality, I went full time van dwelling and have never looked back or been more content with life!

  • Never was one for me,it was just a progression from hitchhiking everywhere and sleeping rough then ended up squatting in a friends sherpa van on a new age traveller site next to their double decker and after a couple of months I gave him 75 quid for his none runner sherpa and got towed from site to site until I bought my leyland terrier lorry which I started to learn to drive in.

    Since have had cars,vans and yurts.

    Apart from a spell at butlins in my late teens I think, I have never lived within walls or ever wanted to.

    Figure out what makes you happy and go and do it,simple as that really :-)

    I have never actually owned a lightbulb in its classical form,can we call it a headlamp bulb :D

  • If I was to call it a light bulb moment or an epihany it was going to my first ever festival in 1986, the first time I actually came across and saw and experienced folk living in buses and trucks for real rather than just hearing talk of it. That put the coin ion the slot, strted the ball rolling etc. I'd always been a wanderer as a kid, never at hoime and always out mooching the landsape around the village, just me and the wildlife and the hedgerows, it was a kind of an extension of my childhood but rather than going home, home became the wandering, it was in my very nature to get to live this life and have never looked back since, I'ce only ever had one bedsit that was four walls that I had as an adult abode and that only acted as the transition to a travelling life.

    I've never had an electric or gas or water bill, never had my name on a rental agreement or mortgage, never paid a penny poll/council tax, never had HP/credit or borrowed money from a bank, never had a lawn thats mine to mow, never washed a car on sunday morning, never had a flush bog thats mine, the only real bedroom I've ever had that was mine was the one when I was kid. On some of the vehicles I had back in the day I have had to run about with no bulb/s in the headlight or working lights when it gets on top, being sandwiched inbetween two other vehicles because I had no working lights gets fun when your on a night time stealth mode move from site to site. Being asked by a copper for an MOT certificate and you got cheeky and said whats one of those when he's pulled me up in the Q4 towing a 24 foot trailer and he just stares at you like you just fell from mars is hilarious, overall, this life has been the best ride imaginable. Oh yeah, and when the first wave of the original ecstacy hit the scene that was an ephinany I can tell you, made the other goodies that were around pale into insignificance, those white doves were summat else.