Repairing Kit - Repair or Throw?

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  • Thing is nearly everything can be repurposed. Every nut and bolt. Needs a frigging warehouse to store the tatt, but it’s always handy to have choices over which way to go with a repair or bodge. I love making things work using “alternative” components Im doing a job now and I’ve realised for the first time, just how important it is to have the variety of tools. Even if they aren’t used that often. I’m a fkin old magpie and oneday (when I start my new life) I will have to say fk it. Not my problem, not worth the bother and like others, throw broken stuff away, leave stuff in skips and walk on. But over the years, it’s saved me thousands and got me out of the shit, when shops don’t have parts, repair services are too dear, or I just want something for nothing to work. Love life, love what you do, but don’t let life pass you by while trying to save the planet or a few bob.

  • Yes, I too have a sort of utilitarian approach to repairing kit. As long as I can make it work, and do the intended job, is really enough. I'm not bothered about what it might look like if it's in use around the place. I always tend to build in more strength or make a stronger repair than what the job was like originally. If it wears out again, it ain't my bit that broke!

    I got talked into putting some shyte furniture from Ikea together for a neighbour the other day. What a load of crap it was; everything, fittings included, was really shoddy. I even went online to find out if it was just me, but found hundreds of opinions that were exactly the same. Not just Ikea either; most flat-pack furniture was found to be rubbish.
    My mate, a carpenter, came home one day to find his gf had bought a cupboard from Ikea. When he'd finished swearing, he had to put it together, and as he did so, he put in lots of extra battens and brackets, and strengthening ribs, mostly inside out of sight, of course. When they came to move it, it weighed about twice as much as it did originally, but at least it didn't fall apart!

  • Normally I am the chuck away guy but during the lock down I broke my yard broom in half where the handle fastens to the head , everywhere was closed so I repaired it and added a piece of wood to strengthen it ! Its still going , also I repaired a guitar lead that had gone bad

    (would have deffo Binned that before ) just needed Re Soldering !