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  • Your very lucky,i'm a spurs member and I am number 43000 +on their season ticket waiting list.I don't think I will be getting one in my lifetime ^^^^

    It’s the perk of being a season ticket holder back in the divvy 2 days! With the worlds smallest stadium tickets are gold dust and I am laughing! Ha

  • An under new management Wales hosted the barbarians ( affectionately known as the baa baas ) at cardiff yesterday in what from the off was going to be a good running game of rugby with the players having fun and chucking the ball around a lot as is the typical style of the baa baa's. For those of you who do not know the Baa baa's are an invitational side made up with world class players from all of the rugby nations.

    Wales won the encounter 43-33 in what was a great game to watch as expected but the moment of this game that will always stick in my mind was when Rory best who was Irelands captain and hooker in this his last ever international game walked over and gave a hug to his opposite number (number 2 also called hooker) ken Owens when Ken got his second try of the game for Wales.

    We do not see many front row forwards ( numbers 1 to 3 ) getting tries as it is more often the faster players such as the wingers that get that glory,but for a front row forward to get two tries in a game is very rare. Rory recognised the great event that it was and went and gave ken a congratulational hug and that just epitomised everything what is great about rugby for me.

    Very rare also to see players hug a player from the other team,except at the end of the match when everyone shakes hands and respects their opposition.

    Anyway,irrespective of the who won,It was a damn good game of rugby with a lovely touch of the oval spirit in it.

    Just thought that I would share that. xxxx

  • The Six Nations Rugby kicks off this saturday afternoon with Wales hosting Italy and Ireland hosting Scotland then on sunday France will be hosting England.

    We could be in for a corker of a tournament this year with some big changes in both management and on the field in most teams.

    Wales and England will both be performing at the high standard one would expect from the 4th and 3rd placed teams respectively in the world rankings with both teams capable of brilliant sport. Ireland in 5th in the world rankings have had a pretty poor year after riding high for a couple of years though going on the brilliant rugby their boys are performing at club level especially leinster and munster I am personally expecting to see them step it up this year. All three could be capable of taking this years Title !!

    France in at number 7 in the rankings have now got fabian galthie as their manager with the amazing defense coach shaun edwards moving over from Wales. Galthie has brought in Nineteen ( yes nineteen ) uncapped players into the squad and is aiming to start afresh and brink back the good old french flair into their rugby with a world cup win in France in 2023 being the goal. Nice to see a manager here finally have the balls to make the big changes that french rugby has been crying out for for quite a while. If they get it together quickly they could be contenders for the 6 nations this year too.

    Scotland at number 9 in the rankings with a fairly new look team being captained by stuart hogg for once appear to of been selected on current form players and are certainly cabable of putting in some great matches,especially if you remember last years game when they were down 30 nil after half an hour against a rampant English team,then somehow stepped it up to historically pull back all those points and get in the lead with a last minute kick by Englands owen farrell making the game a draw but not really hiding Englands humiliation. Was exciting stuff. Cant see them winning this year,but never say never.

    Poor old Italy ranked 12 in the world Rankings have never yet shown any sign of being able to win the championship. They put in often a good forty minutes of rugby in a game but are certainly not at the same level as the others. But quite a bit of new talent in the Azurri squad that will be out to prove themselves,one hopes that they can become better in the tournament this year,but with only 2 home games they are up against it.

    Looking forward loads to it with as I see it four potenial winners this year so I would expect that the six nations lives upto its usual standard of passion and suspense right down to the last games on super saturday.

    Good luck to all countries and your favourite teams and I hope that we get a great oval treat of good spirited rugby in this game of hooligans played by gentleman in for me is what is the best Rugby tournament in the world.

    Enjoy xxxx

  • it's what the surface of the racecourse is made from -

    " The Polytrack surface at Lingfield Park Resort, Chelmsford City and Kempton Park, the Fibresand circuit at Southwell and the Tapeta tracks at Wolverhampton and Newcastle have all received significant investment to provide competitive racing and consistently attract horses from top stables."

  • Less than 24 hours to go,come on Wales

    :D:D<3:D:D :monster: :broc::broc::woohoo::broc::broc::monster::baa:

  • I love my mountain biking, hiking,walking, and gyl scrambling, however knees tell me otherwise and the bike is nearly shaken to bits, its a crappy entry level one, i may buy a good one but i have a few ideas instead of blowing money on a bike.

    Mountain biking, I love mountain biking. Love Brechfa, Glyncorrwg, Mach, South Downs, shredding single track through the woods is my favourite.

    Have you downhilled at festiniog, did that last year its a bit hardcore, but full of go pro plonkers, giving it the thumbs up to there screens.