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  • I personally hate football with a vengeance , from my old man being more interested in the match on the tv than me and my lil sister (you could get him shouting 'for fuck sake i missed that goal' if you between him and the tv when someone scored),through to the kids at school idol worshipping the players and having all the kit and collecting all the album coins ,cards and whatever the fuck else was 'cool' (I never got new kit seems a season ticket to top seat at Swindon games was a more important drain on the family budget) then on to the thuggery og the 80's when you could get a good kicking and cut with a stanley from a random gang that you never met before just because you were in your own high street before/after a game ..rant over.

    Rugby I enjoy watching as it was the only sport I liked at school , being left handed I resented holding a cricket bat as I was told to , same as discus,javelin etc etc.

    Motocross and karting are 2 more sports I enjoyed immensley , both good fun solo but much more fun with a few of you , guess that IS liking sport ?

  • I think car racing has outlived its purpose as even quite small cars car now do twice the legal speed limit. Economy trials would be better where the winner would be the car that used the least amount of fuel would be the winner.

  • I think car racing has outlived its purpose as even quite small cars car now do twice the legal speed limit. Economy trials would be better where the winner would be the car that used the least amount of fuel would be the winner.

    I see where you are coming from (albeit very slowly) , but that would put motor sports more into the realms of chess and I think lacks the adrenaline that even a 50cc kart on a track provides.

  • If we had spent more time and effort in making cars more economical and ecologically friendly as we have in making them faster we wouldn't be in anywhere as near as much mess as we are now.

    To quote my eco warrior friend, 'Fuck you and the BMW you came in' ;-)

    Also I've been involved in motorsport manufacturing for a few decades on and off and it's a crap industry with zero regard for anything other than itself and it's millionaire owners and drivers. Suppliers are treated like shit as are their direct employees

    There used to be some value in the systems they invented as it passed onto road car design but now it's a procession of millionaires driving incredibly expensive advertising hoardings with no relevance to the real world.

    Sorry rant over :-) I don't like football either :)

  • I must confess to liking motorsport as a young bloke, even when I was beginning to get an eco-conscience I still watched club racing at Silverstone some weekends - Imps and Minis racing was always good fun!

    I ran a Saab in one or two local rallies, just for kicks, and almost got into the RAC Rally local stage on one occasion. I came into the night circuit with all front lamps blazing, and a marshal directed me into the competitors lane where they were lining up for the special stage. Until someone noticed we had no numbers on the Saab, so we got pulled out again. What a laugh!:)

    I went to Holland to watch a grand prix one time, and wore my cut-off with all sorts of eco badges on it. I was stopped on the way in by a Dutch copper, who earnestly asked if I was going in to protest against the racing!:D

  • Thanks for sharing your happy memories which in turn brought some to me.

    As a young hippy type I was not really into motor racing based on environmental grounds as I hated the pollution.

    I remember stewarding and standing on the side of a track on one of the welsh stages of the lombard rac rally and laughing at myself as I was having a great day out.

    Having a bit of fun and all morals went out the window-shocking !!

    I had a couple of mates that were professional drivers and was lucky enough to go around a couple of stages of the lombard with one of them in his lotus sunbeam,that was the day that I learned that adrenaline was brown coloured :eek:

  • Despite my dislike of car racing I do like bike racing. I don't go to the big superbike events and GP's but the small club races and classic stuff is great. Probably because I have a shed load of bikes stashed around and have been riding since I could sling a leg over 'em. We used to race bandit motocross up the woods at night. Anything goes racing for a prize pot of whatever everyone could sling into a crash helmet, money, weed, well pretty much just money and weed, winner takes all. Crazy times :insane:

  • The boat race is brilliant! In no other country would so many people get excited about a sporting event that they have absolutely no chance of being involved with. It's about as exclusive and elitist as it's possible to get. On the plus side sometimes the toffs sink and end up the skanky water of the Thames lol.

  • The only options for sports in my school in 60's and 70's were football rugby and cross country in winter; cricket tennis volleyball, athletics /field sports in summer....i hated most with a passion except the athletics.

    I only did cross country because it got us out school and a chance to smoke.

    My comprehensive did introduce gymnastics which i turned out to be very good at and had a weight training class after school time so i did that too.

    I still detest most common popular sports,no time for them at all and if people start talking about soccer rugby cricket golf horse racing,i just switch off completely.

    The sports i got into were all outside of and unrelated to my school life and were an escape from my utterly shitty homelife.

    I got into cycling and cycle road racing at 12

    I bought my own cycles from money working on local farms because my father said if i wanted money id have to go earn it myself.

    I built my own white water canoe and a kayak because my dad wouldnt buy me either and then went canoeing on the Severn near where i lived and on the sea in Wales.

    I later joined a sailing club there and learned to sail and race and crewed for folks with big boats.

    I was in a match pistol and rifle shooting club. I got into sculls rowing and racing (completely by accident and is still my love and favorite sport - I never went to the boat race or uni but i have rowed the Thames and rowed most of my life.

    I learned to abseil in scouts and regularly did that until i broke my back in a fall a few years ago.

    Ive been involved in motorsport (rallying and offroad trialling.

    I love snowboarding and mountain boarding.

    Im getting a bit long in tooth though at nearly 60 now so i stick to mountain biking, weights,I fly large power kites and hike.

    I dont agree that sport is pointless and a waste of time,maybe some are,but thats entirely dependent on your personal perspective and perceptions,I cant stand running or snooker personally theyre tedious, but theres always some form of sport that will suit anyone and almost everyone, its just finding something youre good at and like, whether its chess or darts or rugby or skydiving.It doesnt have to be competitive or combative if youre not that predisposed just moves your blood round and makes you feel good.

    Most people dislike sports because theyre fucking crap at the limited range they were exposed to at school (myself included) and the competitive money focussed sport programmed society we live in so are forever anti-sport.

    That shouldnt stop anyone having a go at something they fancy trying and striving to be the best they can be at it,if they so wish.

    Sometimes sport is the ONLY thing a person can do and do well and gives them a sense of purpose in life or their only sense of purpose.

    Truth is,the majority of folk just cant be fucking arsed,because theyre prejudiced for one reason or another against sport or some forms of it,it reminds them of past humiliation or embarrassment but mostly its too much physical effort or committment.'Why do it when I can watch others do it on tv'. ..until faced with a serious health scare in later years and suddenly they want to run a marathon!

    I hated my father and we rarely spoke in 20 years i knew him but one thing he said to me when i was about 11 stuck and ill remember and lived to..... in all walks of life, at work or play, theres two kinds of folk in the world,the doers and the watchers,dont be a watcher... And ive never been a watcher.

    If i ever come back in another life ill spend it playing sports and surfing and fuck work.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

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  • Most boring sport surely has to be the formula one parade ?

    The whole point of car racing is not watch cars that whizz past so fast that you hardly notice them but as a fancy dress party, No one goes to such an event wearing normal clothes,

    Is it possible to like a salad sandwich so much that you don't want to eat it?

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  • Yeah, lol, I have racing on atm. And I agree with Visinari hun.

    AW asked me a few days ago 'have you ever been to a race meeting?', I couldn't say how many I've been to ie., Newmarket, Huntingdon, Yarmouth, Towcester, Moulton, Fakenham and Cottenham are most of my not too far away courses and was first taken as a tiny one in a pushchair. Dog racing, speedway, bangers and all things car and bike racing were 'family' sports, oh and football. Also, as many of you know, my girl has just returned from 2 months in India as a cheerleader for the IPL, Sunrisers.

    I think it is often a thing associated with country living.

    Oh poo, Visanari just came in third.

  • it was a good race tho. Looking forward to watching Visanari race again.

    Had ew on the horse that came second , so that covered my stake on Visanari to win.

    England thrashed the Aussies by 8 wickets and are in the final playing New Zealand on Sunday at Lords. 27 years since we were last in the world cup final , which we have never won. ☺