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  • I have friends who get their campers out for F1, Superbikes, Horse Racing etc., other mates go with bikes and tents. Some of us, me included, sit at home watching sport on tv while others may sit by a river watching the world go by as they fish.

    So beer and rugby on telly or footy from the terrace - maybe you race, scramble, green lane or simply jog around the village.

    Tiddleywinks anyone!

    What is your 'thing'?

  • I think you know what my response is going to be !!

    Being born and growing up in wales certainly had a lot to do with me wanting to support the national team as there is so much pride within the country as we are a nation of less than 3 million that shine on the world stage in planet oval.

    I do tend to lean towards the test matches ( internationals ) more often than not as there are not that mant so it does not take control of my life. In fact it is just about ten matches a year,so plenty of time to focus on the natural world too.

    I have started following the feminine rugby over the last couple of years and am very impressed with the girls quality of play.

    I will go and watch other countries play and sometimes the occassional match in france as the main league here has some good quality sport.

    The other big attraction to this sport for me is the fairplay attitude amongst players and supporters and how it is all very mush based upon the value of respect.

    I often use the term ' the oval spirit' which is ( believe it or not ) very close to hippy values.

    Its great that fans can sit together and have a good bit of banter with a few beers and out of all the stadiums I have ever been to,I have never seen any problems.

    Also on the pitch the respect for the referee's decisions and other players is brilliant.

    Just watched the france-wales under 21's six nations this afternoon and found it lovely when the welsh team applauded an injured french player when he left the field,and this happens often. players often help up their opposition on the field too.

    Quite a fan really.

    I do not mind most sports,though do struggle with football as there are many oiks who support it and many diving pratts on the field who argue with the ref.

    As for the big money in it,that does not actually bother me as it is a self perpetuating finance system;meaning money that comes from the sport stays in the sport. Bit pricey for joe public to go to many matched however.

    With stricter control and less seperation of the fans,maybe football could become a much more enjoyable experience,though it has got a while to go before that happens. It has come a long way since the hooligan days of the seventies,but still work to do.

    Sport gets a lot of bad criticism from people that have not experienced the good side of it,but there are so many good sides to it. From giving people jobs,solidarity,helping people get out of the ghetto's to name just a few.

    I have never been a sporty person myself as am not very competitive and lack the killer instinct to have to beat someone. I used to cry when my mum landed on one of my hotels on the monopoly board !!!!

    I did love a game of snooker though when I worked at butlins many moons ago.

    What about you akasha,what do you like?

  • For some reason,I only enjoy the cricket when i listen to it on the radio. If I watch it on the tv i dont get into it as much and I do not think I would enjoy watching it in one of the grounds. Apart from the odd cheating aussie it would appear to be a gentlemans game (meant in a non sexist way) !!

  • No doubt it would be a good day out with a few drinks and good company. I never know,a day at lords may be great fun.

    I tagged along to the horse racing at taunton on boxing day with some friends back when I was living in somerset in the nineties and I must admit that I really was not looking forward to it,but thought that I would make the effort and all in all it really was a fun day out. Going home about 80 quid richer was a bonus especially as I only had five quid to bet with that day :D

  • Sport, if I happen to be somewhere where sport is happening, being viewed or listened to, I am off in the opposite direction very quickly to where sport isnt happening, being viewed or listened to, nuff said.

  • Playing sport never grabbed me at all,though I was quite excellent at cross country running,but that was probably because it taught me how to escape the rat catcher ( Truant officer ).

    I also did not like a lot of the other lads who were into sports and who did not appreciate nature as I did.

    Apart from watching the wales rugby matches with friends,darts and pool in the pub was as close I got to sports.

    Having grown up and matured a bit I can now look passed the things I did not like and see the positives of sport. I can understand also why people do not like them !!

    I just like to understand the positives of every situation ;-)

    The biggest positive has got to be exercise which goes without saying is one of the most important tools in being healthy,but that is a thread on its own !!

  • I would imagine that you could appreciate dancing and the health benefits and enjoyment people get out of it !!

    Oh yeah, I love dancing, but that is done in front of a huge phat sound system pumpin out acid techno or banging hard n fast Goa/ Psy trance at festivals when I'm off my tits. all other forms of dancing like ballroom etc, nah no way, thats for poofs and sequin queens.

  • That would not surprise me at all.

    When I was living in south somerset myself and a few mates used to go clubbing in a gay club up in Bath. I would-some of us would get chatted up from time to time but after a while they knew we were the "straights" (Thats what we got called in there) and left us alone to dance and be merry.

    It was cool as there was never any macho shit going on and the vibe was superb with both the ambiance and the excellent dj's that played there. :broc:

  • Fair point,that is a slight deviation from the topic :whistle:

    They do hiwever have a world dj championship however,in fact a french guy who is cooly called dj fly has won it three times,it could be me :D

    Its worth typing in dj fly on youtube and watching the dude work them decks-A huge talent !

    Now another relative question is when does a competition become sport or vica versa :shrug:

  • Apart from the exercise involved, I cannot see the point of sport. I have played tough footy and did not make a fool of myself , but what is the point of it? I have played golf and the fascination of the physics involved is more important than winning.

    I certainly have better things to do than watch sport on TV.

  • Apart from the exercise involved, I cannot see the point of sport. I have played tough footy and did not make a fool of myself , but what is the point of it? I have played golf and the fascination of the physics involved is more important than winning.

    I certainly have better things to do than watch sport on TV.

    Excercise is certainly one of the most important factors,but there are many other facets to sport too.

    Learning self discipline, learning to work as a team and think for others as well as oneself, goals (no pun intended) and ambitions, a feeling of self worth,creating a communal pass time,learning respect for yourself and others,making money at a pro level,giving other people jobs,entertainment for fans etc

    I could continue this list for much longer but have to get back to work.

    You are right,there is no point to sport,there are many points to sport !!

    What is the point of beoing a hippy?

    What is the point of enjoying nature?

    We could ask the same question about everything,but really if it exists then there is a point to it,whether it is your thing or not.

    Its good to keep an open mind towards things that you do not like or understand,broadens your horizons :thumbup:

  • Personally, I think cooperation is far more important than competition.

    In some sports, of course, you have to cooperate in a team sense in order to compete.

    But I have never seen the point of personal competition.

    In every field of life, not just sport, for every winner there are many losers.

    For every billionaire, there are millions of poor people.

    If countries got together to cooperate with each other to better look after the planet, that would be so much better than competing with each other for dwindling resources.

    But greed rules, and the winner takes all.

    Getting too philosophical; it's supposed to be about sport. I find most sport terribly boring, but that's just me....

  • Apart from being a passionate supporter of wales when we play rugby,believe it or not but I am not much of a sports fan either.

    I can appreciate the many positives that exist in it however,and also see the less glorious side.

    As for someone having to lose,it is just part of the game and you go into it knowing that someone else may do better than you.

    Losing is not always a negative experience as one can finish with a great respect for ones opposition and learn much more about oneself.

    I was entered into karate competitions in my teens and never remember feeling sad at losing,but happy to evaluate what I did not get right or why my opponent did better and always had great respect for the guy opposite me.

    When we would go to the welsh championships it was just an exciting day out.

    If loss was such a negative thing then no one would play cards,monopoly or scrabble !! It just depends on your own personal viewpoint.