Essential workers and adverse weather conditions

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  • Im aware that people volunteer themselves and their 4x4 vehicles to bolster NHS contingency drivers and 4x4 vehicles to deposit NHS workers on site.

    Further to this NHS hospitals will provide emergency camp bed type accomodation to its staff to ensure the workers will be on site for their next shift during heavy snow etc.....

    This is all very lovely in some ways BUT the emphasis is on the (essential) worker giving up their leisure/social/family/downtime to compensate for the potential loss to the NHS due to extreme weather. (Staff are picked up extra early by drivers in an attempt to deposit the workers on site in good time)..

    ...there seems to be no end of volunteer drivers (with nothing better to do than mess with the downtime of NHS workers) willing to sacrifice time at all hours but surely taxpayers should be compensating the paid workers for the extra time and sufferance.

  • I doubt it's just the government. The UK welfare system ( social security, pension credit and the NHS) does tend to support quantity of years lived over and above any commitment to quality of years lived...

    By way of example for doing away with the UK welfare model:-

    Why should someone who has inherited early death genetics ( ie proven family history of complete heart failure before 60 yrs of age) be further burdened by contributing towards a system from which they will never realise benefit.....a system that actually penalises them in favour of supporting others.

  • You might as well ask, why should people who don't want kids be burdened by the system which makes them subsidise large families?

    Nobody can prove in advance that they won't have kids, any more than nobody can prove in advance that somebody with early death genetics will actually experience early death. So it's a difficult one.....