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  • Biggest problem with any of the sammich toaster things is supporting the handles if you use them on a camp stove .

    I use mine on the gas stove at home but will be needing to sort that out before I use it on my camping stove .

    I’m on the lookout for a cast iron one for use on camp fires or the chiminea .

    I’m waiting to see the first Ridge monkey in either the charity shop or at the car boot sale . They’re all popular just now but a lot of people get stuff and then get fed up or stop using it because they’ve got the newest latest thing .

  • Im sure a lady of ingenuity can improvise such a device as this. A cast trivet stand and adjustable handle rest.


    Me myself and I personally would just make a simple small tripod of three sticks lashed together and rest the handle in the top fork.


    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

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  • Nomadic RT , interesting .

    I’ve been out for a walk / skip hunt but drawn a blank on materials this time however I will be looking through my collection of interesting metal bits to see what I can come up with .

    Agree on the sticks , always available to hand .

    My life has never been the same since the metal skip disappeared from the boatyard . It was A source of excellent goodies including a very nice cast iron frying pan .

  • I had a very nice large cast iron frying pan for outdoor cooking,i liked it a lot,so did the thieving bastard who took it along with my cast iron pan and griddle while i was fetching water.

    Alternative pot handle rest may be old metal fishing rod rest,they used to be just two strips of metal fixed in middle like scissors two ends stuck in the ground and upper end formed the fork.

    Long metal tent peg or piece of angle iron with a loop or bracket. I find nature tends to provide perfect tools if you look around bushes and trees.

    If you lookon bushcraft sites or youtube theres plenty of cooking tool ideas.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

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