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  • Funny you mentioned broken biscuits. At one time my old man worked at the Meredith & Drew biscuit warehouse in Stony Stratford, when we lived out that way.

    On Saturday mornings as a little kid I got took into work (early work experience!), and almost every Saturday someone 'accidentally' knocked a high stack of biscuits over, being careful that nobody else was in the area first.

    Blokes would come from all corners of the warehouse to view this disaster, and the chargehand would make out a 'scrap off' sheet, and then let everyone take a tin of biscuits home, usually for a few pence apiece. It was usually custard creams and the like to which this disaster occurred, oddly enough. No wonder my teeth were bad as a kid!

  • Flapjacks are yum indeed NT ,all fruit goes well in porridge and maple syrup H, I'd forgotten about that,also as you say great on porridge but wicked on pancakes, and broken biscuits made us who we are today?

    ANYWAY. moving on I'm gonna site up for jan/Feb and aquired an old slow cooker, any great stew ideas, recipes, tips etc etc

  • Yes, done right, the slow cooker is good.

    We used to put one on early in the mornings before setting off for further-away markets, back in the day, and especially in Winter, and then, the joy of coming back home, and no waiting for supper!

    A glass of beer and a slow-cooker stew.....:):thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::)

  • I've been served shin and skirt from a slow cook and both were very tasty and extremely tender.

    I'm waiting for proper cold weather to flash fry some sliced up lamb heart on top of the solid fuel stove (not had it before).

    Advice on net suggests heart might be good for a slow cook also.

  • I usually have porridge last thing at night. I put oats, rainwater, a knob of butter, a handful of sultanas and a spoonful of brown sugar in pan , bring to the simmer, turn off the heat, before I have my bath and it is just the right temperature when I get out of the bath.

    Who would have thought we would have such a discussion on porridge? It is the one breakfast cereal that is not a rip off.

    At a Confest I once needed a pot scrubber and did not have one so I grabbed a handful of sharp sand and used that instead.

  • I do salty porridge sometimes,really depends on my mood.

    Most times i just put a couple of tablespoons of honey and cup of whole milk of quarter cup of cream.

    I also occasionally throw in sultanas and chopped nuts.

    Oatmeal is used in haggis and makes nice faggots.

    As Akasha said,if you put porridge in slow cooker it comes out nice and never burns.

    When i lived up on the outer Hebrides,i had a small peat range and porridge went on the back of it on a trivet overnight and was perfect by morning.

  • IMGP5195.JPG

    Travel stickers are good for letting plod know that you are someone that travels and not a traveller. Even with a chimney the cops tend to leave me alone and treat me as a tourist. When I finally get a battery delivered for my camera I will update this piccy as the collection is always growing and is a bit bigger than this. Five years with this van,the last one was full to the top.

    At an average of two euros fifty per decal these are some pricey back doors :-)

  • I've had a saggy mattress for a while and it was playing hell with my back,so I got a mattress topper which worked for a while, then back to a saggy bed!,too tight to buy a new mattress I got a half sheet of 16mm ply ,placed between mattress and topper where the dips were and result a nice firm sleep:boing:.

  • Indeed,it makes a huge difference having good support underneath. My bed is made up of decent wood with only a few mm between each part to let the bottom of the matress get air on it to keep it from getting damp.

    I have mentioned this before but it is worth saying again for those who may have the same level of stupidity Ignorance as I had.

    When you buy a van and are wanting to put a bed across the back,do remember that most vans taper upwards therefore getting thinner the higher you go.

    When I converted my first van I lay across the back on the floor after boarding it out and found that I had ample room to have a bed there.

    Having spent a good days work building the bedroom with the bed about a metre high,I jumped up onto the bed to find that I could not fit in it,apart from laying diagnolly across it.

    I had not given thought to the van tapering !!

    We live and learn eh !!

  • Gypsies worked that out a long time ago. “The barrel shape” in the Bowtop caravan design creates a wider area within the bowtop to place the bed.

  • Ha ha I personally couldn't sleep across the back of a van it has always seemed wrong to me, lengthways all the way!

    In my last couple of vans and my old lorry I have always had a bedroom at the back,as when the evening is over or I have fallen asleep across the seats watching a film its always nice to get up and go to bed !!

    funny old habit ,just like I can not go 24hrs without a shave and I will never go to bed without my evening wash and shave,even if I have been out til 6AM !!

    No matter how free and spontaneous we say we are,we are mostly creatures of Habit :-)

  • Put food and milk in a bag and wrap around with i ether towel or clothes, this acts like an insulator from hot weather, put next to cold water, doesnt always work but helps a bit.

    Hang clothes on trees and fences to air, only really works for summer people like myself.

    get porridge chuck it in one of the many milk containers fill a bit shake up chuck in honey, a knackered squidged bannana shake it up, porridge energy drink. (works better with oatmeal) have to keep shaking it.

    Get a swarp of bees put the nest above the exhaust to keep them warm in winter ...fresh honey...;(

    I am no van dweller, i just rough it now and again in the summer.