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  • Amazing how you learn little things to make van living easier, this week I've discovered that if the thermal blinds are left open a few inches it stops condensation in the windows!

    Any other little things you have learnt hippies?

  • Or some twunt will womble it. true!

    Some people are truly obsessed with grabbing anything they can without thought nor regard.....if it's there and no-one s about they take it.

    I left a table out to mark my pitch on a non allocating campsite....upon my return it was disappeared...I've since been told that you need to make a sign clearly stating reservation....putting a table in the middle of the pitch or leaving a cable connected to the AC is somehow too subtle and looked upon as a gift by some...

    I'm not even sure that folk who don't get it mean any harm....I'm prepared to believe that they might be overly impulsive and a bit dim.....

    The table reappeared soon after I returned.

  • I left it folded up in the bush where it "reappeared" ....feeling pissed off and quite offended.

    It was a good table and I should have reclaimed it🤐

    Twas me and one other camper and given the circumstances it was either removed by the boss or the other camper......either ways it was dim...

    For all they knew I could be a sociopathic maniac with psychotic tendancies, a murderous disposition and weapons enough to end's dim and unimaginative behaviour.

  • Dont leave cast iron pots out drying,I had my best griddle, kettle and fry pan walk while i went for water.No one of course saw anything.Only thing that didnt go was my Dutch oven because it was still on the heat.

    Ive had a folded solar panel disappear from outside and a wind generator and mast stolen.

    Two directors chairs in separate thefts and my dogs expensive harness and lead.

    Anything worth taking will get took.

    I secure everything down with locking cables now or its put away.

    I think unless you know them its best to assume all parked around you are thieving cunts until they prove otherwise.

  • i think majority of folks are no different these days to previous decades,people are still on the whole decent but you never know who is or isnt and there are more opportunist scumbags about because the population has grown.

    Not just the theft by folks who want or need your stuff though,but the folks who nick it and dump it just to cause you a lot of hassle because it seemed a good laugh.

    A mate of mine had his walking boots and rucksack nicked while in his tent asleep and i had to drive to Wales to fetch him.

    About a mile from where hed camped I spotted a load of clothes in a field,stopped and his rucksack, contents and boots were scattered about along a stream by the road.Hes never been camping since.

    Plenty of people ive chatted to have had their tents vandalised,guy ropes chopped or shit thrown in their tent or tyres slashed.

    I dont know what motivates them other than theyre just gutless toxic individuals.I have to admit it IS cathartic when some of these idiots get instant Karma when they pick on the wrong person or fate just intervenes spectacularly.

  • Different things depending on vehicle, for instance my bus has a beaver back end not suitable for towing therefore I insist on parking up facing the exit incase I need pulling out, also best if you have to tat down and move on quick ...

  • I've learned that it's a good idea to have a dog. Early warning system and deterrent.

    Mine kick off at the slightest and last year did so when some cunt was round Pykes vans at Dovedale. It woke all the dogs on site and they went but someone had still knicked a chair from the back of Jays van by morning.

  • Don't drive to work in the early dark mornings and not notice that the tunnel part of your awning has snagged on your rear bumper and you have dragged said awning 9 miles to work with much piss taking from so called mates! Ps I don't use awnings anymore

  • I knew going on camp sites was iffy with all that theiving, never had a problem parking up wild. Shouldnt have to put stuff away and lock doors but sadly its the way it is, leaving stuff lying around while not in is asking for stuff to go missing, especially on caravan parks so it seems.

  • It's as bad when camping with tents, in some places. Time was when you left your stuff inside the tent, zipped it up and went out for the day, and everything was still there when you got back.

    Then it got to having to take everything out of the tent with you when you left for a few hours, leaving just the tent, in case little stuff got nicked.

    Now it's got so you wonder if you should take the bloody tent with you when you leave, in case it will be gone when you get back.

    Even tent camping can be dodgy nowadays, unless you're surrounded by friends.

  • Camped on Shell Island some 40 yrs ago using a borrowed canvas bell tent which was a faff to put up. Left for the morning as it was pssin down and on return found the wind had wrecked it and an old boy in a pacamac wearing his wifes plastic rainhat was hanging onto it to stop it and our kit from blowing away.

    Be lucky to get that nowadays. The following year at Boscastle we were on a site where several tents took off and folks kit was scattered everywhere much to the amusement of a load of tossers sat in there cars watching whilst the O/H and myself were hanging onto the front of our new ancient wrecked tent to stop it blowing away.

  • I found that leaving a window open by a few mm's massively reduced condensation and yet you don't get cold as you imagine you might. The heat still traps within the space even with that essential air flow breezing through.