( Hero )Man demolishes building because his boss didn't pay his wages

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  • A Facebook post went viral within the last 24 hours because a man drove a mini digger through an entrance of a Travel lodge that was being constructed by him and other contractors.

    Rumour has it that the lad that did the demolishing had not been paid £600 by his employers for the work he did.

    Apparently his bosses had not been paying him on time for a while.

    I cant get the facebook post to show on here but im sure you will see it on Facebook.

    The guy is a hero.

  • I find myself empathic to the sentiment of the story as explained thus far.

    Personally (having been ripped off in the past) I would like to be paid daily and see no reason why daily pay should not be the norm.

    Good on the fella for getting down to the level of pisstakers and making his statement.

  • Its pretty standard form for the building trade to keep employees and contractors waiting for money for weeks.Its pretty standard form for customers to keep contractors waiting for money,they used to do it to me when i ran my own plant hire and had to threaten them with demolition or winding up orders.

    I totally agree with this guys feelings on the matter.I dont think it will end well. Id not be surprised if he ends up in a cell.

    Thats how 'justice' works but at least he has the satisfaction of venting steam.

  • Id definitely like to know how it turns out in the end.

    There is a slight possibility that if the removal/destruction of works is equal to or less than the value of contractually overdue pay then the judiciary might possibly extend a sympathetic ear...

    Unpaid for works can lawfully be removed I believe....

    The defence of ' common practice' is not generally extended to employers....if his wages are contractually outstanding then he is possibly supported by law in undoing his work.

  • Common practice amongst building employers may not be a defence but they still do it as many of their 'employees' are self employed or paid cash in hand.

    If you carry out work and not paid for it youre allowed legal redress and in some cases justified in retrieving materials youve had to pay out for yourself.

    I took back an (unused) septic tank and pipework of 2000 quid id installed because the new property's owner hadnt paid me after 6 months.

    I also helped a mate take up a lawn hed laid for someone who repeatedly offered excuses for not paying.Ive threatened one guy with demolition of his landscaping we'd done and another a winding up order on his business.

    People take the piss especially folks who have money.

    But you have to be careful what you do as redress because it can be turned around to wilful destruction,vandalism or endangerment and end up landing you a spell on holiday at her majesty's pleasure.

  • I wonder if the defence of "red mist" will be applied to this guy's case.

    Otherwise known as "seeing red". The phenomenon of "red mist" can prove to be a partially mitigating circumstance in favour of the accused in court.

    Typically the "red mist" defence would be propositioned as mitigating when a lay person has arguably overreacted to stressors or stimuli and responded in a way that is not equal to the level of threat that a court might objectively deduce from available information.

    I wonder....

  • I worked for a small computer sales/repair shop way back. We supplied several computers to another small company who did not pay up in the one month given. Our boss tried to make them pay up for about four months without success.

    One morning he stuck his head in the workshop and said something like: "You guys coming for a ride out?" Me and the other techie piled into his car. When we got to the place that owed money we went and sat on the desks, our boss as well, so the office stopped working....:D

    The owner went mad, and threatened to call the police. Our boss said go ahead, it will look well for you in the papers, won't it?

    The owner ran out in a rage, and we sat there a couple of hours before he returned with the owed money in cash and grudgingly handed it over. Once he'd got the cash, my boss told him he'd blacklist him in the trade throughout the area. which he subsequently did....:reddevil: