Survival preparedness app

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  • The 'sas survival handbook' (if that's what it's called? [Can't be bothered to burrow into the nether regions of my van to find my shtf survival bag] ) is worth owning in case of becoming caught out and the very least it could be burned for warmth😀

    Edit: checked online it's called the "sas survival guide"

  • I have that already and the US army survival manual and numerous other publications,its what i was trained in.

    The point of the app is a simple tool for non military oriented persons to easily devise a plan to prepare and survive being deprived of modern services.

  • I suppose the advantage many of us have is we're used to living without mains services and are self dependent.Find our own water fuel etc so that part is less of an issue and would be less of a shock.

    We all to some extent rely on the food supply chain and need fuel to move about or run generators.

    Loss of phone or internet is just an inconvenience but how many of us rely on it being there to find stuff we need,comminicare or just to get paid.

    Non of us are isolated from the system and its workings and to some extent dependent on it being there even if we try not to be part of it.

    The obvious answer would be have fuel in reserve,enough non perishable food to last at least a week or two and some cash in hand.

    In reality should it happen and last more than a week it would probably unsafe to venture out for most people because those who have non of what you have would want to take yours.

    Its not difficult to realise how precarious our society is when you see what happens during fuel or food shortages from strikes

    Youre safest sitting it out somewhere out of view and using local knowledge to get what you need.

    If you knew this was about to happen get away from any urban area asap.

    Simply because youll have fewer people to fight and you can catch your own food.

  • I cant be arsed with all this survival prep, doomsday prep or whatever the terms are. If, when it comes to it, the more you have accumulated the more determined others will be to swipe it off you unless you got a bigger stash of guns and ammo than the marauders. Dont think I'd want to survive in a world that has gone properly tits up in full on lawlessness.

    On this note, there was sometalk on Radio 4 yesterday that caught my ears which made me laugh out loud, some woman was being interviewed about her Brexit prep, she was describing something she called her Brexit box as in a stash of several months food and other everyday items, she was actually panicking and getting all het up due to thinking the shelves are going to be empty before long with nothing left after Brexit, are people really that dumb to think we are going to seriously sink to that level, been readijg too much daily fail and other propaganda news sheets I reckon.

  • To be honest the way this inept government is 'managing' Brexit I think anyone who isn't making some preparations,seriously needs to start thinking about it.

    They haven't dragged out the Civil Contingencies Act and talking about Marshal law for nothing. A crisis will play to their advantage.

  • Most of the stuff being put out by the government and it's propaganda agencies like the BBC and some newspapers are just scare-mongering tactics to get Joe Bloggs to shit himself and tell his MPs to vote for May's deal because if they don't the sky will fall in.

    Marshall Law and Civil Contingencies Act are all part of this shit-spreading. It's been going on for some time, and it will get worse right up to the last week of decision, unless they succeed in getting rid of May, or changing her deal to something more acceptable.

    As parliament are hoping to get rid of a 'No deal' scenario, it becomes less likely, but May is hanging onto the choice of her poor deal or no deal because that's all she has to threaten you with.