WEATHER, where you are?

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  • Warm and pleasant today, with a nice breeze, and dry all day. Inside the Men's Shed most of the time, so working in the cool out of the sun, and plenty of tea:):thumbup::)

    (No zendaze, I don't carry 16kg very often nowadays.

    Just showing off, walking back with the groceries:D. Only for a couple of kilometres, so I didn't bust a gut, taking it at a leisurely pace).

    You're right about the wheels, I'm just looking for a big enough pair to make a decent pull-along trolley. Most of the scrap shopping trolleys I look at have small, broken plastic wheels; these are the things that break first....

  • Warm and quite humid today here too. Looked like rain this afternoon, but we got none of the expected showers.

    The ground here is getting a bit dry again, and both of our water-butts are well down with regular watering going on.

  • About 20c here today too, and wet most of the morning, and then heavy rain again late afternoon and all evening, even as I write. (Down to about 16c out there at the moment).

    Good for the gardens and allotments, though.

    I won't need to water the squashes tomorrow or Sunday!:thumbup:

  • Plenty of cheap wheeled shopping trolleys on amazon or ebay Mr Keith. (Avoid hoppa,i have two which i eventually had for free for leaving a truthfully slating review) .

    Alternatively get thee to the tip and pick up some old child's bike wheels (not that there are many old children about) i picked up 6 perfect ali wheels with tyres for free recently,with the intention of making a gas cylinder trolley as ive no intention of paying 80 quid for a suitable one.

    On a different note tis warm 21 and blustery, occasionally showeryness.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

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  • old pram wheels were much prized for go-carts. Those old prams were built to carry baby dinosaurs never mind baby humans.

    Great fun nearly killing yourself on one in serious crashes. I suppose skateboards and mountain boards have eclipsed the need for carts. Ive broke a few of them too.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

  • I fondly remember waiting for the day that my annoying lil sister would vacant the hand-me-down silver cross perambulater that was previously mine (looking at google images it may have been the Balmoral model), I REALLY needed them wheels to make a kart ...

    First skateboard was almost the same as that , lil sisters skates nailed to bit of wood,didnt work well but managed to get a cheap uncontrolable board with solid plastic wheels eventually then went on to skate in competitions and exhibitions/shows sponsored by local skateopia franchise :cool: , oh and its been sunny today here in Middle earth :)

  • Yes, plenty of cheap shopping trolleys on ebay, and I see the ruins of a good many of them at the tip. Often bent, but usually the shitty little wheels go first.

    As I think Nomadic said, bike or pram wheels are better; usually the spiked sort with a diameter of at least 8 or 10". Often the axle shafts are missing, so you have to search for a suitable diameter rod to get started.

    We have a foldable sack barrow or trolley that isn't used much. It has 6" wheels, so I'm thinking of replacing those with 10" jobs, putting a bit of wire grill at the back to stop stuff sliding through, and using that as a 'Mon's' shopping trolley. With a sturdy aluminium frame, and a swl of 80kg, that should be strong enough for anything I can throw at it. A couple of bungees or a luggage strap should keep any number of bags in place.

    Probably use it for local shopping, as it might be a bit of a beggar on the bus, competing with the wheelchairs and the prams for space...

  • look on farcebook marketplace for bike trailers (the sort towed behind bikes with sprogs in)

    Usually cheap or free with good sized small bike wheels and tyres, easily adapted and light.

    And here is the weather,warm 21c windy with sunny spells.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

  • Been warm here today too; a bit odd with such a strong wind blowing. Warm and sticky just walking about in the sun.

    On the transport (:)) front, yesterday we did a bit of shopping at the local Aldi with our old ladder frame backpack, found in the loft, and not used for years and years. Ours was an original alloy frame, complete with seat that hinges down, but with piss-poor strap mountings,. The original nylon straps were breaking up, and the nylon sack looked very frail.

    So I replaced them with one of our (given free) modern large frameless rucksacks; shyte things in themselves, but useful enough when mounted in a proper frame. This one is about 60+ litres capacity, but more of a tube shape than the traditional rectangular shape which I prefer.

    Anyway, it worked a treat, and the light alloy frame was a joy to use.

    On the way back, no kidding, an oldish guy hiked past us, paused, and said: "I ain't seen one of them ladder frames since the 1970's; the hippies used to use 'em, didn't they?"

    I assured him that they certainly did, with a blanket roll underneath, and a small tent or bivvie sheet on top. (Don't ask me how I know!:D).

  • Keith…..once a hippy.....NOOOO I DON'T believe it!

    Its really hot here, no one is dog walking nor any tractors going by today. I watched daybreak and the rising daylight was AMAZING. It went from darkness to a full on golden glow, very surreal and very beautiful too.

    They recon today will be the hottest July day on record - even the birds are staying hidden away in the hedges and ivy.

    Thunder storms are predicted for tonight guys so remember to close that skylight before bedtime.

    More pictures of sunrise and sunset PLEASE!<3

  • Warm 'close' evening here, with rain and thunderstorms forecast in the early hours tomorrow. (They did say we'd get them this evening in an earlier forecast, but we've had nowt to cool things down a bit at all, so far).

    The fan is on and swinging for the first time this summer.

    Temps here are forecast for a high of 28-30C tomorrow, and a magnificent high of 35C on Thursday at 1500 - 1600hrs. Surely not - that's about 96F in the old money. I'll have to look out me mankini...