WEATHER, where you are?

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  • Well, down here - or is it up here, depends where you are, I guess - in Northants it's been one of the mildest Xmas hols on record; last Xmas we had snow a couple of days after Xmas. The O/H even went canoeing on Pitsford Ressy after Boxing Day! (I just walked around the perimeter, being the cautious type:)).

    It's still mild here tonight, although they do tell it will get colder over the next few days. Ain't had to light a fire or nowt over the whole of the holiday.

  • Been spring like very mild days with sunshine, we have had one mild frost so far this winter in the more Eastern parts of the East. This morning no frost but its very chilly out there. I have a feeling we are going to get it but also going by other recent years we may not get snow, its hard to tell these days, I'd be well happy if it stayed as its been thus far this winter.

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  • Well you can all see from my details on the left where I roughly am, in fact I'm a few mile south of the city itself in very open, flat countryside - it would help if we knew the region people are in at the time of posting please.

    Last night a severe ground frost was predicted here but this morning there was nothing. My postman popped in for a chat at lunchtime saying it was a chilly 3 degrees out there.

    Everything in my garden is in bud just waiting and crimbo day is the only time my heat has been on so far this winter.

    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!

  • Am 8 miles inland west of Clacton on the coastal area of North Essex, where I am, we are a complete weather anomoly, and what we get here is usually completely different to anything else within a 10 mile radius spreading further out going north, south and west, I am about 10 miles as the crow flies from the most regualr driest recorded spot as far as rainfall goes. The shape of the coast line itself denotes the way the clouds roll in off the sea and we always get a wide belt of split cloud banks, usuallyEast towards and over the sea there is one big cloud bank, then to the west there is always another big cloud bank but where I am we have more often than not a clear sky patch, its quite bizarre and the cloud shapes we get is phenomenal, its like there is a cloud festival going on and it happens all the time, its the esturies of the rivers coming in land from the sea that causes this, when the tide comes in, it splits the weather banks and as whjere I am in the middle of the land mass of there the esturies and rivers come in, the rivers and tide pull the weather pattern in with them, I can see thinder storm clouds coming in when its thunder weather, and can see where it splits the cloud banks due to the pull of the tide and we get thunder storm going on north of me and South -ish but it misses us, its the same with heavy banks of rain clouds, if its not very windy and not a sterong tide, then the cloud banks come in with total coverage,

    Hows that for a detailed report Akasha, hope that has fulfilled your need to know, so yep I'm a lucky bastard as dont get nowhere near the amount of rainfall overhead as anyone else anywhere else.

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  • Bit of a frost here near Northampton (East Midlands) this morning, and chilly out walking. We only did 4 kilometres, but it was necessary to keep moving to stay warm. Sunny at times, but mostly a cloudy dry day.

    In the unheated rooms tonight it's about 11 degrees, so too cold to sit about. Okay in kitchen & living room because the oven and the little heater have been on, so around 15 or so.

    Got the long johns on standby for weekend, though I don't think it's forecast getting much colder....:)

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  • No frost at night here the last couple of nights, but grey and overcast all day the last few days, and a bit chilly, around 6 or 7 degrees, although feeling colder. Not much wind recently, either, or the chill factor would be much lower.

    (Picked up a nice s/h merino wool jumper at a local charity shop for £2.50 the other day, just the job for an undergarment (vest) in colder weather, if you aren't irritated by wool next the skin).

  • Birmingham.

    Most of January has felt pretty mild so far in my opinion, I don't even think I've seen a particular frost yet and had quite a few sunny days too.

    A bit of snow would be nice before Spring comes.

  • Pretty mild here in Northants today; around 10 feeling about 7 degrees. Very little wind blowing to lower the temp, although that's supposed to change soon.

    Got quite warm walking back from shopping with a total of about 19 kilo on my back. (The pack, an old steel-framed Norwegian 'Telemark', weighs 3 kilo in itself, but swallows a trolley of shopping!):thumbup:.