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  • Heres a small stove that I can take walking.

    Main body is an ikea cutlery holder that i got from a scrap pile (also available from home bargains) with a hole for loading wood cut in the side.

    Pot stand is two bits of 4mm stainless rod, bent to retain in position when in use.

    Windshield (for use with meths burner) is a bit of ally cladding.

    Meths burner - two lager cans and a coin.

    Cookpot - stainless car boot kettle (50p) with the handle cut off and the spout squashed in so it fits inside the stove.

    Piece of camping mat wrapped in lagging tape for removing the pot from stove when hot.

    Tube for blowing air in if required when lighting.

    Nylon bag from army store - £1

    Runs on small sticks, pine cones etc or meths if using burner. Full pot of water rolling boil in well under 10 minutes.



  • Nice combination stove. I’ve a few that are yet to be made. Carboot find (Ikea drainers) tent pegs make adjustable pot mount.

    I have a flat pack (plasma cut) stainless stove that fits in a cloth pouch the size of a six stick kitkat.

    What’s the coin for? Viewing from tablet! Does it have holes drilled in the 2p?

    What’s the short length o& tubing for? Blowing oxygen?

    I have a couple of billy cans that sovereigns picked up over the years. One from Oz and it’s aluminim, the others are stainless.

    We have never had it so good. Many folk have access to plasma cutters, good welding equipment etc. But more than that, a abundance of quality steal salvage that can be repurposed. If you could build all this into a old metal Jerry can with sealed containers inside it for milk, tea, sugar, soup etc, and have the side of the Jerry can cut and hinged to form a door. These can form a bug out vehicle kitchen for emergency drinks etc.

  • Coin ? I have stared at the pics that compo loaded, there's no coin, the white metal round thing with holes in is a meths burner.

  • It even said made from two lager cans and a coin in the text!

    Shroom pretty much covered it, there are 3 holes in the centre. You pour the meths into the bowl, it flows through the holes into the stove. The coin then seals the holes and allows it to pressurise forcing the vapour through the jet holes.

    First linky I found..

  • I have a coke can stove, just never used it :)

    It’s hard enough seeing the photos, never mind trying to read the typing that time of day. I’ve noticed my eyesight has been messing me about more these last few weeks. I should wear reading glasses @ 1.5 magnification both eyes. with such weak glasses I generally just don’t bother. I think the brightness of the screen and time of day makes a difference from one day to the next. But thanx for going into detail. Appreciate it? ;)

  • It was more aimed at Wiz AW!

    Anyway, a less portable cooker/heater.

    Gas bottle, top cut off and flat hotplate welded on.

    Rebar legs welded to bottom.

    3 inch stainless bend and flange welded to body.

    3 inch stainless flange and flue (removeable for transport)

    Damper in flue to slow gases and get a bit more heat out of it.

    Welders chipping hammer door handle.

    Its quite inefficient using pots on it as the plate has distorted slightly during welding so large pots dont sit flat and only contact certain areas. To solve this I'm probably going to cut a 6 inch or so sized hole in the top and cover with a plate that can be removed for direct flame cooking.

    Chucks out a load of heat with the door open, great to sit round at night where fires are banned.


  • My first forays into rocket stoves.

    I had read about improved efficiency of them so knocked one up at work from 4 inch stainless box and 10mm round for legs/pan holder.

    Ive since learned that the ratios between the burn chamber and riser are not ideal, but it works well although you do get some smoke out of the fuel tube as its too long.

    Its also relatively inefficient for a stove of this type as there is no pot skirt to direct heat round the cooking vessel, and its not insulated however I took it to DD last year and it boils a kettle and/or cooks a big pan of stew and tatties with a whole lot less wood than you would use on an open fire.

    The shaft collars were added to the pot stand after the first couple of burns as a pot on top cut draught down too much affecting the burn.

    Waiting for refractory cement is holding up further plans with this type of stove. There is an ammo can design commercially available that looks very easy to reproduce and improve.


  • Simple wheel design.

    Car wheel, middle removed with burning torch. Flat plate welded to bottom.

    Three bits of half inch stainless pipe, one end crushed in press welded to wheel to form leg supports.

    Three bits of 12mm stainless round slip inside the pipe to lift whole thing off ground, and store inside when not in use.

    Stainless grill for cooking on/pot stand as required.


  • Have you tried using log round rocket stoves ? Theyre pretty effective,minimal fabrication and disposable.

    You just need a large auger bit (inch will do.)

    I like your designs though.

    Theres a guy in Ireland makes van micro burners on the same rocket burn principle from square box and the fire is fed from the bottom.

  • I designed a log rocket stove that is a double burn.

    Log size (3 x diameter) Bore a centre (heart wood) hole all the way through (from top of log to bottom. Bore a radius hole (half way) down the log.

    Burn until almost down to radius hole, then flip the burning log over and allow second burn. Or cool and relight another time.

  • Have you tried using log round rocket stoves ? Theyre pretty effective,minimal fabrication and disposable.

    You just need a large auger bit (inch will do.)

    I like your designs though.

    Theres a guy in Ireland makes van micro burners on the same rocket burn principle from square box and the fire is fed from the bottom.

    I haven't tried them, saw a video recently and its something i will be having a go at.

    Just waiting for a cheap auger drill bit (and cordless drill - not fucking mine up!) to turn up at local auction!

  • Scotch eye augers are brilliant bits of kit. You really need the length of shaft to make these Swedish candles.

    I’ve got a few that I’ve acquired over the years. My best is from the railways. It’s a cranked shaft a chuck on one end and a palm/chest bearing on the other end. A cranking handle in the middle like a stretched brace and bit. It’s got be be 40” inches long without drill bits in the chuck. This allows for various sizes of high speed or traditional brace/drill bits. I’ve got a few scotch eye auger bits that I put a length of wood or bar through the eye to twist. Ebay is a good place to pick up old Sheffield steel scotch eye bits cheap.

    High speed auger bits and battery drills do a quick job, but it’s easy to get the bit sucked in too far, too tight. Then it’s very difficult to retrieve the drill bit.

    I don’t know if these are a cheap source but it gives you an idea of range.…ry&path=824_826_1460_1461