Being Vegan doesn't suit everybody, apparently....

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  • I'm not vegan but to me, vegan is a personal health choice, in no way will being a vegan by personal choice change anything on a global scale to do with pollution, better farming practice etc, althoug there are growing organisations putting pressure on it will take an enourmous swing in world population adopting the vegan food choice to make changes that vegan movements want to see.

  • Not for the victims it isn't.

    Also, it isn't a dietary choice -- you could argue that for vegetarianism, but veganism is rejecting all animal use -- so, no leather shoes, no wool, no horse racing (or riding), no zoos, no animal tested products. Nobody ever got healthy from avoiding any of that.

    Unless it’s a Fennec Fox, then “anything Could be considered acceptable” to “some vegans” :whistle: just saying.