And plan for the weekend IS.....

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  • I'm building a van. Still. The never ending story of my life!

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

  • hello you :D

    Nowt sad about it mate... Hippies do devil sticks and staff ... Majorettes do it better mwahaha ;) xxx

  • I’m playing with the Gods this weekend.....

    I have full unrestricted use (until Tuesday) of a 2019 top of the range Range Rover Sport.

    I picked it up yesterday, threw a sleeping bag in it and covered over 200 miles of joyful mind bending cruising to-date. For the first hour I realised my mouth kept muttering Wow, Wow, Wow.

    I haven’t got time to learn what the buttons do, it’s got more going for it than the USSR space station. I tried to play a CD but it asks for a satellite connection to my PC hard drive back home :eek: what-no CD player. This fker can do everything but put a vinyl on the turntable via a space link.

    I’ve thought about taking the kids to longleat safari park today. Imagine the monkeys trying to pull bits off this vehicle. Do you think it would survive the drive through unscathed? :D The boot opens remotely from the key fob. So if my little girl takes a fancy to a monkey for a early Christmas present, the catch should be easy. :whistle:

    Come on. Give me your suggestions for places to visit if it was you. I can access UKH via the 15” x7” console screen and vehicle WiFi (while diving)

    This is how the other half cruise. I love my tractor of a bus, but this is how I now want to die. Not in my sleep, but behind the wheel of a brand new auto box Range Rover (when I’m very much older.) OK its Friday the 13th, So I better get that last bit in.

    Maybe I will be coming to a field near you. 8o

  • Might take the OH for a blast somewhere instead. Know of a nice big dead end road not far from here, & there's a Chinese restaurant next to it. She's not had a trip out in the bus since it got finished so maybe some valuable points to be earned there.....😉

  • My house!!!! 8o

  • Off to the local steam fair to look at camper vans / bow tops and for ideas for next year. Been through 2 trucks since last posted on here so looking at options - kids are now teenagers so space needed. And cider - lots of cider

  • It’s good year for sloes. First frost was a way to time the picking of the fruit, due to unpredictable seasonal weather this saying can be overlooked if the fruit is ripe, soft enough to squeeze. Putting sloes in the freezer is a good way to burst the skin and mimic first frost. I usually prick them with a pin, but that method is time consuming. I would try freezer method next time I make sloe gin.

  • This is a batch from last year that's been in a jar for 13mths now. Just needs bottling up. This year if I get chance to pick any berries I'm hoping to try a destoner so when they come back out of the gin I can coat them in chocolate as the Victorians apparently used to do.

  • I haven't seen many Sloes this year.I made Sloe gin last year from Sloes I had in the freezer,freezing works well.

    The missus planted a Blackberry bush a couple of years ago which has produced good size berries this year.We bought a bottle of cheaper gin and have added about half a kilo of berries and a cup of castor sugar,my job for the next six weeks is to turn the jar upside a few times everyday,when ready I will decant into small bottles and give away as presents.

  • I've yet to find any sloes around here :(

    It is a lottery as to where you are in the Country and the type of agriculture prominent since the days of the great plague and subsequent agricultural development/methods in that area to date.

    During the great plague. Land Labour/land management went into decline. There wasn’t enough people keeping the hedgerows managed, laid and ditches cleared. Blackthorn once mainly dispersed as seeds by birds/animals and humans, thrived during the years of limited land mgt and due to blackthorns rhizomes spreading abilities and abundant annual fruit production. Hedgerows that may have only had a few blackthorn species within hedgerows before the time of the plague, soon became overrun with it. When field margins and headlands were taken back into mgt and ditches cleared. Established blackthorn within these old hedges was left growing. Blackthorn is hazardous to both humans and animal, but effective as stock control.

    Bacteria often found living on the bark and thorns can be very nasty and imbedded thorns can turn septic quickly resulting in blood poisoning.

    However blackthorn/sloes have many useful medical uses (wonder plant???) See following.