And plan for the weekend IS.....

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  • Work for the weekend before doing lengthy statutory and mandatory online unpaid training next week.

    Apparently, because I am a temp, I don't get paid for doing such training....I can't quite fathom how this is possible but it appears that the law allows it.

    I have the hump.

    As a kid in the 70s was given a manual to learn at home so wtfs new. It's a job and puts well-earned in your pocket. If there's a qualification from your learning it's a step-up so embrace it and feel positive.

    The fact that I'm an old twunt, been there, done that, served and got the pension allows me to extract the michael but it'll be worth it if you persevere. :badger:

  • I think I get what you are saying but I'm not a kid and don't for one minute imagine that others on a zero hour contract are generally expected to attend health and safety courses and updates without pay.

    This is not vocational or academic training that is undertaken with a view to qualifying to undertake a progression....

    It is mandatory and statutory training updates that require my time and prevent me from having control over the time spent.....

    I'm not permitted self employment status because I am under the direction and control of an employer. (No problem here doing unpaid training when running my affairs as a business)...

    Since I am judged to be under the direction and control of an employer for tax and business purposes it is exceptionally cheap and nasty that I'm expected to be at statutory and mandatory training without pay.....

    Get it?

    You might be quick to judge but I don't imagine you would be in any way keen to be 'not paid' when clearly 'at work for an employer'

    I don't see your point.

  • Me, Jay and the girls are dressing up as elves and going to Manchester Xmas Market 😁

    Ha how funny, so now you can act out a real time living version of the naughty antics of the elf on the shelf pics that get aired over social media sites namely facebook, I will say there are some hilarious ones, If I dressed as an elf and went to a busy xmas market, I reckon parents wouold have to cover and avert the gaze of their little uns :eek::reddevil::reddevil::reddevil:

  • Probably late on Saturday French Whale Fan and I will drive down to Grenoble, stopping en route to collect The Divine Miss M. We'll start helping FWF's 90 year-old papa with food and, no doubt FWF will invoke twinkly and shiny lights at some stage. On Sunday afternoon we have tickets to see the Bolshoi's live performance of The Nutcracker being broadcast to a local cinema.

  • Cant say ill be doing anything mind-blowing,every day is the weekend for me,Ive never ever worked a normal Mon to Fri job so 'weekend' never figured in anything. Now retired Im usually on the wrong weekday to everyone else anyhow -does it matter? No.

    Maybe ill hang some new curtains :/

    Well wont be hanging curtains, ive just hung them.

    What to do,what to do....[panic]

    Might just have to do nothing:happydanc

  • Plan for the long Crippen weekend is ... Put up a few more decorations before it's time to take them down...:)

    Saturday go take part in a local (fun?) pagan ceremony at the New Stones in Pitsford Country Park;

    Go to Aldi for a few items needed for drinking and baking;

    Start on the homemade Stollen, and maybe some wholewheat mince pies, (we get tired of the pallid shop ones);

    Lay in on Sunday thinking about getting up early to do the allotment...:whistle:

    Tidy up minimally in case we get bloody Xmas visitors....

    Dash around Monday doing last minute stuff, a bit of last-minute shopping and delivering one or two local cards that didn't get posted, etc...[panic]you know how it is.....

    Tuesday get up late and drag ourselves out for a late Xmas dinner at close relatives, and hope that one of them doesn't start spouting right-wing shyte after he's had a couple of drinks....

    Boxing Day wake up and say thank fug that's over for another year....

  • Oh bloody bollocks it's nearly the weekend and I still haven't completed my rip off unpaid training. I'm getting close to having three weeks unpaid because the situation is plain nasty

    On a brighter note I see that Lidl and Aldi are seeking recruits for all positions. ....does anyone have experience or knowledge of their working conditions?

    Looks like any management prospectives should expect to do 50 hrs plus but maybe someone here knows different?

    I don't think the NHS can support my desire for a realistic work/life I plan on extricating..... fucking weird what people expect from the NHS that they would not expect from private companies....

    I don't want to work for private healthcare providers either...

    The pay on offer does not reflect the value of the role .... Regardless of the job being in the private or public sector..

    I'm totally brilliant at customer service but if anyone here has a thing I could try before I try Lidl or Aldi then please do give me a heads up.

    I don't want to nurse in the NHS under current terms and terms in the private sector also stink despite being slightly better.

    What's a fella to do!

    Im hot on Having my life painlessly ended by a large bore weapon....but I don't truly believe anyone will do me that favour

    To be clear I have amazing customer service skills but little tolerance for having my role purposefully taken advantage of or devalued.

    My role is being devalued and exploited so I'd like to consider myself open to alternative suggestions.

  • On a brighter note I see that Lidl and Aldi are seeking recruits for all positions. ....does anyone have experience or knowledge of their working conditions?

    Looks like any management prospectives should expect to do 50 hrs plus but maybe someone here knows different?

    I haven't worked there, but talking to a lass in Aldi on the checkout the other week I was surprised to find that she was on a 7-day week, and hadn't been there long. I asked if it was compulsory, and she said 'Not legally but....' and shrugged, which gave me to understand that it didn't go down well if you refused when 'offered' an seventh extra day. (Six-day week seems to be usual).

    I didn't ask if she was in the prospective management stream, but it seems from their advertising for staff that they would like all applicants to be in line for prospective management.

    I have heard from other sources that both Lidl and Aldi tend to 'burn out' young managers, employing them doing long hours, locked into a system where the more you oblige and do more hours the more you get pushed, with the carrot of managerial upward movement always dangled in front of you.

  • I was told by an Aldi employee friend,its fast pace no let up,very little flexibility about accommodating personal hours preferences or social life.If your own job is done youre expected to help out elsewhere no matter what your staff status.

    Both Aldi and Lidl are discount supermarkets with tight margins trying to muscle in on the big 4 so i think you wont find it a fulfilling place to work where youll be valued.

    To be fair the same can be said of most retailers now.They all work to extremely tight margins and screw productivity to the max.

    As for an alternative work environment,not knowing what your field is now or what your training level is its hard to offer suggestions.

  • All you got to do is go into these retail places and look around, it aint hard to imagine what the work rota is going to be like. I got talking to someone in Tescos a while back, she was one of the pickers going round with the trolley and bleeper hand held things picking out shopping for home delivery, partly the reason for the chat is because she was rather yummy gorgeous and the excuse to chat was inventing asking where something was that I couldnt find, anyway, mentioned the job, she rolled her eyes then let out what it is actually like, the directive from upon high, the bosses that is, they drive these folk to the max and then some. They are timed, get so much time per item, if they go over the scheduled time overall in the session they get what she was saying was fined on their wages, so its performance related, I suppose like a form of piece work. I wouldnt last 5 miunutes in a job like that, would be the most boring mind numbing unchallenging way to earn a crust.

  • Half a days pointing (just stopped for tea) and then support scotland and wales in their afternoons six nations rugby games against Ireland and Italy Whilst enjoying a few cold ones and some snacks.

    Tomorrow much the same as today but with a bit more pointing as there is just one game on ( England-France ) which I am a bit more of a neutral fan.

  • Exactly,we play with the shaped balls that were given. Honestly can you imagine someone creating a sport with a round ball !!! Fucking ridiculous idea :D

    I shall enjoy it win or lose ,thank you.

    Finished work for the day now,so just have a quick beer then go and set up the tv and get clean. Its great being ones own boss :thumbup:

  • Went down Screwfix for 9 litres of fence paint for £9.99, and found they had an offer of two 9L for only £12. (Not having a tv we are likely to miss these offers!). So we had two, and the O/H wheeled them back in her all-purpose trolley. Enough 'paint' to do all our fences twice over, and then some.

    So the weekend first job was painting or staining fences. Next weekend job is a 12' wooden shelf along one fence, so the plants can stand in pots on the inside, and take a peek over the fence at what's outside, which is an empty-looking tarmacked 'communal area', with not much communal activity so far.