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  • how is it a racial slur ,ffs.

    Yes Pyke the edl regularly post videos of beheadings , or burning people alive , drowning in cages or boasting of selling little girls in markets.

    Maybe I've just missed these videos, same as I have misunderstood why Jews are feeling unsafe in Europe and are leaving for Israel in such large numbers and exactly who the main perpetrators of this anti semitic abuse are .

  • It's a common insult used against daeshbags. ffs muslim kurds shout it at them

    Oh shit , I forgot islamist are one race , in spite of their individual races or ethnicities. A ginger haired ,white convert from Luton is the same race as a pashtun from Pakistan , a tartar from Russia .a Tajikistan from Afghanistan or a Felani from Nigeria .

  • Being an extremist is about the values and beliefs you hold not about the actions you carry out. Yes of course the actions count, I'm not saying they don't.

    I'm just wondering how it's ok to support and defend one extremist speaker but not another, what's the difference? Surely extremism is wrong no matter who's mouth it comes from

  • because their are vast differences. Ones a street protest movement , the other a global murderous , rapist , extremist , intolerant of any view other than theirs and willing to commit genocide to achieve their salafi, sunni, takfiri goal of a global caliphate, I really don't get how you can't see this

  • Street protest movement, really?

    Nothing like sticking icing on a turd.

    That must be the nicest way the BNP or EDL has ever been described, I'm sure there's a lot out there that would describe them as extremist racist groups, but then again there pro white so that must make them ok?

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  • Street protest movement, really?

    Nothing like sticking icing on a turd.

    That must be the nicest way the BNP or EDL has ever been described, I'm sure there's a lot out there that would describe them as extremist racist groups, but then again there pro white so that must make them ok?

    Well, that is how the edl started , as a street protest against brother Anjems,

    Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah - salafi organisation and Al-Muhajiroun with numerous links to terrorist and terrorist activities and whom were becoming much more active and prevalent in Luton.

  • I'm confused!

    In one thread the right to free speech is being defended to the hilt and in this thread a BRITISH citizen should be deported for exercising their right to free speech. Both seem to use their freedom of speech to motivate others, Both have their own agenda and both have served jail sentences for exercising their freedom of speech.

    So apart from skin colour and religious beliefs, why is one allowed and defended while the other should be deported

    one is advocating shagging 13 year old girls, forcing women to cover up in public, forced marriage, rape, amongst other things. Promoting killing none believers in the name of Islam, regardless of who the victims are and even though they live in the UK. Promoting acts of terrorism against our Country. Freedom of speech can be used for good or to address evil.

  • The KKK hanged and set blacks alight in recent times and would again if they thought theyd get away with it.

    The EDL and other extreme white orders would do so here if they could.

    The Proud Boys (and others)in the US are taking direct action (as in Portland) and seemingly this is quite acceptable and being normalised by the Republican establishment and its right wing media propaganda puppets.

    Ive absolutely no liking or respect for Choudary or his ilk,his poison is directly related to a rise in the EDL and Brit First and as a result the huge rise in hate crimes (towards moslems) by whites.

    In my view he should be stripped of citizenship and kicked out of the country but then there is far more merit in keeping him here under supervision and constant surveillance by MI5 because let loose abroad he will undoubtedly become a magnet and focus for jihadi's and breed more of them,MI6 cant track them all,theres too many and insufficient resources thanks to the government.

    Very few Brits have died here in the UK as a result of islamic jihadi's compared to the the hundreds of thousands of completely innocent moslems the British have killed in Iraq Afghanistan and assisting Saudis in Yemen.

    That is likely to create a far bigger threat to us than homegrown islamic hate mouthpieces.

    Its becoming a festering boil of hate and intolerance in the UK fed by the austerity and deprivation created by the Tories and now through Brexit and perfect breeding ground for extremism from all sides and ethnicity.

    You dont have to dig too deeply on facebook or Twitter to find theres real evil brewing in the unionist camp both in NI and Scotland and its mirror in Republican quarters.

    If Brexit goes ahead and the economy tanks as expected (even short term) it will be more than enough impetus to unleash all that psychotic anger from all extremists from all communities.

    If anyone thinks that kind of continuous ethnic sectarian civil war in deprived parts of the UK (which will inevitably lead to more draconian authoritarian government) is a good thing for Britain or that its putting the Great back into Great Britain theres something seriously warped about their thinking.

    I dont care about Choudary or his ilk theyre just vile provocateurs and agitators and as big a threat to the wellbeing of their ordinary British moslem peers as extremist whites are.

    If you keep making martyrs of them though and hero worshiping scrotes like Robinson and his followers and repeating the shite rhetoric Lika keeps disseminating youll end up with the Britain you all seem so fond of creating.

    Hate filled neo nazi homeland for your English whites only.

    It wont stop at ridding the country of Islamics,there will be many other minorities will one by one be picked off and cleansed.

    Its happening in the US right now..ordinary folks calling the police and reporting other folks simply because theyre black,hate crime against ethnic religious or gay communities gone through the roof virtually overnight thanls to Trump.

    Its happening here to Europeans whove lived here decades.My grandparents came here to escape Mussolini and his brown shirt fascists.

    How ironic British soldiers fought to rid the world of that very same evil 70+ years ago and now Brits seem eager to create their own Engerlander Reich here...yuck.

    Youre welcome to it,I hope I can find somewhere else to live that has integrity and morals...clearly theyre thin on the ground here.

  • just like to say that in my opinion we can lay the blame for a all this terrorism down to blair and bush remember them..:eek:

    They share much of the blame but 9/11 didnt happen because of them directly.It was a response to years of American imperialism which up to that point had seen attacks on US military targets like the warship in the Gulf and on numerous US bases.9/11 was orchestrated predomimantly by Saudis nacked terrorists who the CIA had been funding for years in their fight against the USSR in Afghanistan.

    9/11 was both a message to the US to say we can hit you and an intent to start a holy war between Christian/Jews v Islam.

    Bush and Blair fell for it.If both had invested money on intel and in hit teams tracking terrorists and eliminating them one by one as other countries do theyd have achieved the same goal without setting the entire region on fire but Bush chose to make a big show of it to appease American outrage.

    Now hundreds of thousands of people have died needlessly as 'collateral damage',theyve turned the entire region of the middle east into an unstable war zone,flooded Europe with refugees caused the rise in IS and all of us are infinitely more in danger from terrorism and our own governments surveill of us than prior to 9/11.

    That wont cease until the US and UK stop interfering in the middle east, which they wont do because they both make billions of £/$'s from and use the Saudis to front their imperialism.

    The murder of Khashoggi is another message to anyone who opposes them.Non of this is going to end well.