Fracking to restart in UK after last-minute legal bid fails

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  • Wait for the earthquakes!

    To me it's fraught with danger to the enviroment and do we really need it?

  • No, we don't need it.

    It is only financially viable for the firms concerned so long as it is subsidised by the government, and few areas are fracked for long because the returns soon diminish. Then they clear out and start somewhere else, leaving polluted water tables and shaky geological strata behind them.

  • No they wont listen,once again its about normalising it until no one takes any notice and they get away with it.

    Three activists have been imprisoned by a Judge who has direct connections to Fracking companies.

    Democracy (if there was any) is finished in the UK.

    Personally i think theyre pushing ahead regardless because they know there will likely be fuel import supply shortages or interruptions come Brexit. Plus crude is at a high price currently so everyone in the industry and treasury will be rubbing there hands.