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  • luckily he never needed oxygen, it's just cool air in the mask. Which means he has no brain issues, pre term babies that need oxygen more often than not end up with serious brain, deformities isn't the right word but I can't think what the right word is. You know what I'm saying, read between the lines folks.

    Moral of these stories, thank you ,Aneurin Bevan for founding the nhs and fuck you you torrie scum sucking bastards for destroying it

    Neonates (prem babies) and very young babies can suffer brain damage or loss of sight if administered too high oxygen levels.Its not common because SCBU units are very intensive care and monitoring as you know already, but it does happen.

    That kind of care costs thousands a day and beyond the reach of almost every average family.In lesser developed countries those children simply die.We are very lucky we have the NHS and it makes my blood boil that people want it dismantled and care funded by the exploitative parasitical insurance industry,care providers and insurance routinely inflate costs to milk the client base and the state for all its worth.

    The government is currently sneaking through private contracts to huge tranches of the NHS under the cover of the Brexit fiasco.

    No more than criminals selling off what they've no right to.