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  • Oh hippy zippy , it is just terminology and the word hippy as you are already well aware paul is about the best middle ground word that can be used for people with "hippyish qualities".

    I personally did not like quite a few of the original hippies that I met and certainly have no political goals or affilliations,however am happy to be labelled as a hippy as I know people are referring to my positive attitude and nature loving attributes.

    However for the love of god or who or whatever lets not bring up the what constitutes being a hippy thing yet again !!

    Can you imagine someone saying at a rugby match " where is my seat" and the steward saying "next to the hippy over there" and all he see's is a fairly well built guy in a rugby shirt shouting " you dirty cheating fucker" or something similar,hold on, what hippy !!!

    You get what I am saying and that goes for most of us that used the site. There were not many with flaired trousers,long hair and headbands I am sure.

    I am not saying re-use the hippy brand but it is not such a bad label,or like Harry said something maybe with alternative in it.

    UKH did get attention though and stood out a bit. Every now and then I would have someone glance over my shoulder and see the name and say "wow cool name for a site" or something similar like "do you mind not watching porn here please" !!

    Joking about that bit !!

    Sometimes it is worth taking a step back to take two steps forward,or call it regrouping if you like.

    I would say that the " alternative people,alternative lifestyles,environmental progress and self betterment "are still the areas to look into,and especially as they are things that you already something about.

    This is not something that you have to do,you could quit after the memberships run out and no one would think bad of you. It needs to be something that you want to do and want to do for the right reasons.

    I hope that your meditations clear some of the clutter and give you a bit of inspiration.

    I too have done meditations in class and on my own and based on my own experiences would recommend a good long walk in a beautiful place over a sitting meditation.
    The fresh air,exercise and solitude are often the best things to help the mind and heart work clearly and nature has never let me down yet.

    Good luck and Bonne courage mon ami ;-)

  • Good post, IC.

    Most of the 'hippy' bit is in the mind I think, as we get older. Although it comes out in attitudes and actions in everyday life, too, which is good.

    I occasionally get called an 'old hippy', probably because I still wear what's left of my hair long, and in a pony when working, and have a beard. But so far as I am aware, those are the only identifiable pointers; the clothes are pretty s/h orthodox, unless I'm going somewhere special.

    It was always a kind of all-embracing word for a wide range of alternative people, whether used in a derogatory or appreciative sense.

    I'd second the advice about thinking things over while out walking; I've found that best, too.

  • I've had an idea -- something that may bridge the gap between colourful and crusty! :cool:

    Although I've had ideas before so I'm going to sit on it for a while before I do / say anything. :insane:

    I Hope that your crustiful idea is the roots of a great site,good luck Paul :thumbup:

  • The person would crawl away at the end of it crying " please,no more positivity and fluffines" !!

    Maybe better that the loser gets to spend time with me,as that would be fairer !!

  • Basically every word in the English language has a website already - or someone owns the domain -- as such finding a new name is hard work unless I go into domains of 20 characters or more.

    The niche of travelling etc. isn't quite working in the way it was intended - people are more into the politics and lifestyle stuff, and as such I need to widen the scope.

    The big thing at the moment is the kickback against privacy and the desire for more free speech - something that people on here want. People on here also miss the colourful side of UKH -- the site as it is now is a bit one-dimensional and dull.

    My inspiration is somewhere in that region, but I'm still working on how to deliver this.

  • The question I'm asking now is, is "classifiedcampers" as a domain name working?

    It's been 6 months since we changed everything over -- and considering many of the people who were supportive of the idea are now absent, have I done the right thing?

    No...you did ask

    Admittedly you were kind of obliged to use it as you owned it but it is a bit nerdy.

    I agree with Akasha it conjures up caravan club, beige slacks and cardigans.

    I definitely think you need a new name, something that conjours up laid back living.

    Not necessarily hippy but alternative unorthodox unplugged beach festy drifter lifestyle.

    Our whole scene is a bit shapeshiter-ish, random people come and go coalesce,party for a bit,drift away to meet somewhere else.Theres no central core interest and no guiderails

    Ergo its difficult to know exactly what core element youre appealing to.

    Youre the bodhisattva steering us to enlightenment im sure youll come up with something kool.

    I suppose to be crafty you need something ramdom that will crop up often in search engines over the coming summer like picnic box or gel or spicy chai,beach bivvy, or bar fridge,lemongrass,nude beach,starfish, 420 time,Marrakesh goat-herders association :/ perhaps not the last few :D .

    And admittedly ive not been contributing much here or anywhere until recently...life isnt much fun at the moment so youll have to excuse my absence.

    I dont think it really helps with folks just slating a site as shit,the reason places are shit is generally because folk using them, make them shit, by expecting other people to create the discussion topics and stuff to read and amuse them, but not contributing anything positive themselves.

    Anyone can sit in the audience, whistle and harang and throw rotten eggs but that doesnt make the show any better.

    If you dont like the perfomance,get on the stage.

    Regardless of site and membership totals its always the same dozen or so people creating the content. Then sites get accused of being cliquey and unwelcoming and attention seekers.

    Not difficult to grasp though,if folks want vibrant fun sites to use then they need get involved and create some interaction and content,it doesnt create itself...this is why sites like instagram and snapchat buzz because folks are involved and creating content all the time while Fakebook is sliding into premature senile tedium and the youngsters are deserting it in droves.

    Fakebook groups arent the greatest of places in my opinion,certainly not much to appeal to you enough to hang around. Im a member of dozens of alternative scene,alternative living and van conversion groups and while some helpful individuals strive to make them informative and help with technical stuff and are generally primary contributors, youve always got a bunch of complete tossers drifting around them all,trying to criticise newbies,criticise sound advice given,arguing for the sake of it and making fools of everyone and dickheads of themselves until they slope off in a narcissistic bitch flounce elsewhere....not very attractive and just drives genuinely interested members away.

    Those people who are driven away in limbo looking for an alternative scene and place to belong without all the tossers are the folks you need to appeal to.But to get their attention you need an appealing home here.

    The mass mailing stimulates past visitors but they dont stay or contribute much and to be fair theres not much rivetting discussion occurring to keep their attention or that of newbies,especially the youngsters.

    Much as i dislike suggesting it, maybe you need to bring back more of the mundane threads that kept folks here that you shelved in the redesign.??

    I dont know what the answer is or what more to suggest but hope you manage to find a solution.

  • Absolutely NomdicRT, it is the members of a forum that create content to make a place vibrant and lively, seen all this before elsewhere. I dont know what to suggest to create the modle to help this happen, needs something to draw foklk in.

    It's like this, on another forum thats no longer and here, over the years, I and others have probably engaged in discussion and debate and joked and laughed and cried in and around just about every subject that it is possible to talk about, there's only so many times you can talk about the same thing. Talking and discussing about topics and subjects only goes so far, for a thriving place for alternaive folk I suppose it has to be more immersive into folks actual lives but I as many are am not into loading all and sundry personal stuff of my life on line like folk do o the main stream platforms like this snap chat, instagram etc, I dont give a shit what colour socks someone wears everyday but on those places thats the sort of tedious boring shit that people put up and adding them stupid filter pics of their own mug shot with a cartoon rabbit imposed on their boat race or those that go on and just taklk shit while a weird filter stretches their face out of all proportions.

    I have always been or aimed to be an active member if I've been a member on a forum but there's only so many times you can talk about the same thing and as others have as well, over the years I've probably written enough stuff by now that could be collated and used as the constitution for a small country. In all, and with others here and on other forums, we have thrashed religion, politics, world affairs to death, talked about all the vehicles I've ever lived in, parties, festivals, vehicles/ log books/ insurance and MOT issues, safe burner use and installation in vehicles, insulation and the funny and the informative stuff, talked about the stance on suicide, legalising euthanasia, animal welfare and the morals behind farming practices, alternative energy, park ups do's and donts, the possibility of aliens, all manner of spiritual stuff and a whole plethora of other topics and subjects.

    What else is there that hasnt been covered already apart from doing a dialogue of the daily doings of everyday life, on the main stream sites, it seems to be the captcha that folk go to these places for as its all about comparing the inner sanctums of their daily goings on with others, what they look like, what they do, wear and eat, latest hair do, nail job etc, it seems its a favourite thing for folk to glam up thier lives on line so others coo and ooh and ah over them, I am certainly not a blogger type that is into a minute by minute running commentary about my life and loading it on line which seems to be a common thing in the main stream social sites.

  • Living beyond the fringe.

    As a kid I used to hear old folks talking about peeps who were alternative or abnormal as being beyond the fringe. Just wondering if there was any mileage in a similar sounding title which would be picked up by search engines.

    The old hippy title to me was good as it covered all but that moment may have passed.

  • Living beyond the fringe.

    As a kid I used to hear old folks talking about peeps who were alternative or abnormal as being beyond the fringe. Just wondering if there was any mileage in a similar sounding title which would be picked up by search engines.

    The old hippy title to me was good as it covered all but that moment may have passed.

    We may get a load of hairdressers coming over,but I do not mind that , no do not be rude,I was thinking of cheap haircuts :-)

  • As a kid I used to hear old folks talking about peeps who were alternative or abnormal as being beyond the fringe. Just wondering if there was any mileage in a similar sounding title which would be picked up by search engines.

    New age author Stuart Wilde used to refer to alternative types as "Fringe Dwellers" and he'd also call the squares as living in the "tick tock". It's a good phrase.

  • I only used instagram and snapchat as examples of the type of interaction thats driving content most.

    I dont like snapchat for the reasons you mentioned,the stupid cartoonising and banal stuff posted...but thats teenagers mostly,thats the silly stuff they like doing.

    Instagram isn't too bad,there are lots of van living types and projects on there as well as alternative living and permaculture stuff and its getting more of it compared to 12 months back but its all mostly visual as few bother to add any explanation or detail...i guess because few bother to read much these days,its all instant visual gratification or its just cool pics theyve lifted off the net.

    Cool photos,cool short videos tacked to cool beats,its grabs and soundbites parcelled up to make interesting content of an otherwise pretty average daily event.

    While i agree weve done to death virtually every subject there is to do to death, people still talk about it.

    Folks still turn up asking for tech advice or how can i convert a van even though theres probably dozens of those threads already on here including step by step documented builds to read.

    Youll always get people doing that because people discover new ideas(to them) or look for escape from mundane existences and stumble on sites like this where folks have already done it.

    But if theres only half a dozen old gits like us rambling on here theres not going to be much desire to hang around.

    Plus the last couple of years theres been a general sneering attitude directed at young newbies and thats just guaranteed to send them elsewhere.

    Its noticeable that most of the younger ones who were here and converted vans before ukh went into meltdown are no longer here,where are they? Obviously they found something more interesting, maybe walking the walk not talking the talk.

    But theres plenty of them about as Wulfies pointed out,living in vans touring about and plenty wanting advice on facebook groups but cant get it without provoking a bitch fest from professional domestic plumbers electricians and jobsworths.

    I think theres room for places like this but the nature of social media now is quite fickle so at best youre only going to create a watering hole where random critters turn up for a gas and see whats happening and slope off again so you need to make a watering hole that everyone wants to check out regularly in case they missed out on something.

    The only popular thing most folks want to know about and where its at are festies gigs rallies and latest events scheduled.

    And places to parkup or hangout for a few days.

    You need something relevant and new popping up here regularly to keep folks coming back to check whats going on.

    Theyre not going to come back to read random ramblings of Victor Meldrews

    They may stick around if theres reason to come here and theres follow up from gigs like photos or reviews or general banter about a festy etc then browse other sections.

    One thing ive always found odd about here and ukh is its a site for travellers and mobile types mostly but you rarely see anyone post about where they went or what they been doing.

    Nothing that grabs attention and makes newbies think oh wow thats so cool i want to go do that.There used to be loads of it in the gallery that folks shared.

    Perhaps thats whats wrong with it,we're all too secretive /reserved.... or cant be bothered.

    Irrespective of that though there needs to be a specific point to come here regularly like gig/ festy news,without that draw you may as well call it.

  • Very interesting points there chap. It all goes towards seeing whats up with forums these days There is a long running firum called partyvibe, thats where a lot of youngsters hang out, its heavily revolved around music, mainly electronic music, jungle, drum and base, jump up, acid house, techno etc, which is a much bigger draw for me on the music front than what gets posted here, I am so not into the older hippy-esque, prog rock, folk, also partyvibe host a much wider aspects of the party side of life, tech stuff to do with soundsysyems, tutorials and they have or did have a slot on a local up and coming legal radio station where D.J's could spoin their tunes and go learn how to work studio gear in the production side of things, thye are thriving becuase thye cater for more of what the younger generations are into which on the festival party side, I'm in with them, this place is dowdy as fuck as far as that side of life goes, there's only about 1 or two here that would be into what I would post about music and festivals I would go to and listen to and it would be like talking to myself so there's no point., lightbringer being one and she doesnt look I here much.

    If I started talking about void, funktion one, element 5, who would know what I was on about.

    There is a lack of up to date whats happening out there stuff on here as no one would be into it from what I've seen. In my mind, there s trundle travelling pensioner style or still out there avvin it large, I am so the latter and it feels like a retirement home in here sometimes,

    new name for definite if possible.

  • I like and listen to most genres of music but the youngsters want party party music not old farty music so thats the base youve got to appeal to as well as some old skool.

    Wherever you go or tune in to for younger audiences its most dance,techno, trance, garage, dubstep, acid,jungle,DnB and if you want some of that audience you got to appeal to it.

    I dont think folks really identify as any particular type anymore punk hippy grunge emo rocker or whatever, theyre just interested in where the party party music scene is happening to dance and chill no self pigeonholing required.

    That certainly isnt here by a long shot and whether it could be turned is mere conjecture.

    If you radically change it youll most certainly alienate the ones who have come here for years to shake the corpse every now and then.

    But hippy isnt happening anymore its a dead concept. Ive no clue what this remnant is but not something i see myself as part of or anything in common with,i certainly dont share the apparent values on display here.

    Create something new and fresh or close down i think is the obvious conclusion.

    If it was mine and had the same interests and motivations as you do Paul id bin this site and create a site for vegan interests and personal development.

    At least it would be worth the effort you invest in it.

    Maybe a back archived forum to keep the old stuff accessible to current members.

    As it is its just an awful place for whining and bitching mirrored elswhere in so called hippy circles.

    I know theres always been contradictory and hypocritical attitudes in hippy/NAT alternative scene often at odds with the so called open mindedness its supposed to stand for, but as it ages instead of pleasantly maturing it just seems to turn to old bitter vinegar.I cant be doing with all that negative shit.

    Best of luck whatever you decide to do with the site but being realistic it has no future in its present guise.

  • I couldnt have said it better myself NomadicRT. The altrnative party scene out there has changed and is far more all encompassing with something for everyone and you get all sorts at one party and it all revolves around the electronic music scene, to attract younger generations in it really needs to be catered for, the whole face of this place has gone musty and as you say, no future in its present guise.

    There is a whole new movement thats really exploded onto the scene , after the 60's hippy era, after the punk, after new wave, and the outburst of the early acid house scene which is now the electronic dance party/festival scene which has spread like wildfire and bought so many different 'types' together all under one roof as it were, its all about connecting with like minded beings regardless what type of EDM they are into, this is why at festivals I go to you get the techno/drum n bass/jungle dance area, progressive and full on psy trance and electronic chill out areas and there is a real growth in mind body spirit areas as the youngsters are way tuned into higher conciousness and caring for the planet and the festivals are catering for this, Noisily and Anthropos being two of them and the scene out there now is fucking amazing, back in the day it was damn good and we had a blast but what its emerged into is way off the scale compared, and this needs to be catered for on line if a forum wants to keep up and have an eclectic mix of active contributing members rather than a retirement-esque home.

  • !!

    TOTALLY agree on the 'new word' but it needs to be a word that's google friendly AND attracts the 'appropriate' folk and not just hmm,... nerds!

    Exactement madame moiselle , something that only weirdo's would find :insane: