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UKHippy is a long running online community and of likeminded people exploring all interpretations on what it means to be living an alternative lifestyle -- we welcome discussions on everything related to sustainability, the environment, alternative spirituality, music, festivals, politics and more -- membership of this website is free but supported by the community.

  • I'm also updating the points system -- I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet but it's operational while I think about it.

    Meanwhile people inviting members will win 2 points (50 if the invitee signs up), adding ads to the classified system will win 30 points and adding places to the "locations" feature will win 30 points.

  • I'm also updating the points system -- I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet but it's operational while I think about it.

    Meanwhile people inviting members will win 2 points (50 if the invitee signs up), adding ads to the classified system will win 30 points and adding places to the "locations" feature will win 30 points.

    what do the points do? How many do we need to collect to get free stuff?

    I got a "free" zippo with b&h gratis points back in '97 it's fairly knackered now n I'm looking for a new one, I wouldn't mind a Classified Campers one to show of round the fire:whistle:

  • what do the points do? How many do we need to collect to get free stuff?

    I don't know yet :D

    I need to build the site still -- I think we're a couple of memberships away from a year's rent on the server, but I also want to invest in making the site better, adding some more feature and growing the community more, and so trying to work out some incentives for getting new people on board.

    I'm sure something will inspire me at some point :D

  • Well, I guess complaints about discussing politics closed some of it down, that bein' one of the current topics of interest in the world outside....:whistle:

    And I'm little surprised nobody has been along yet complaining that the anti-Semitic thread has degenerated into geophysics, already...:D

  • Well I am guilty as charged , last 2 years on deathwatch in bricks so not much input from me. My problem is finding the thin line between interesting and banal, like the saying goes ' A wise man speaks when he has something to say whereas a fool speaks because he has to say something'.

    Not insinuating that anyone on here is a fool,just explaining where I am at :)

  • Im not sure what the answer is.Im on loads of van conversion groups on facebook and seems the same people populate them and the same few people who lurk on them waiting to heckle newbies for their naivety or lack of knowledge or throw snarky comments for effect and attention or argue about the rights and wrongs of fitting one thing or another, vis 'im a professional x y or z fitter and i can tell you blah blah blah'

    As a result i dont visit them often now.

    The actual traveller groups and horsedrawn groups get plenty of positive input but theres the few determined to cause trouble because of the internal politics of travellers.

    SHTF and prepper groups seem to be populated by the same crazies.

    Alternative living groups, the same wooly mostly clueless fantasy island dreamers.

    Accounts for mobile/van convo/offgrid persons on Image sites like instagram get loads of attention and positive input but of course that would eat up bandwidth if encouraged here.

    If you open up discussion to more topics here you just return to what it was before and a lot of superfluous nothingness as on most forums.

    My only observation is it needs to appeal to a younger audience as well.How you do that I dont know.

  • Mmmmm dont know what to suggest, it is very quiet One thing that will no doubt put people off is paying to sign up. One thing that does as NomadicRT highlights about other forums and thats the know it alls, arseholes, trools, and those that generally want to belittle or have an argument for the hell of it, a paying site is probably condusive to keeping folk intent on er being egotistically loud and shouty away.

    What I look for in a forum is connection with like minded folk and a good broad spectrum of topics etc being discussed/shared etc and that includes politics and world affairs and thats really lacking here since forum sections have been thinned out which is a shame as now there's nothing going on that much interests me, but even when there is a broad spectrum of sections for the myriad of topics it doesnt mean a forum is going to thrive and be busy as it was so with UKH. but when I first signed up to UKH it soon became obvious there was a core cliquey group which I cant be arsed with, but as it goes the clique left the forum en mass for what reason I cant remember as I didnt bother signing in for a good while because of it.

    Topics for me, massive in music but there's no point me indulging in music here as no one here is into the same as me. I really liked the political talk as there are folk with brains here who you can have a thorough discussion with rather than juat a shouty match from two opposing sides. The erogenous zones and drugs section doesnt happen anymore, shame.

    The one forum thta is still thriving is partyvibe, it is very much electronic music based and has a much younger diverse membership and i think they got involved in having air time on local radio so DJ/producers, studio tech folk could collaborate.

    Imagine if say there was a workshop collective where say 20 folk rented a vehicle workshop space to help each other and those in need, but that cant work as folk on here are spread all over the country.

  • It's a difficult one to decide on. What blend of interests, as well as vans, builds, off-grid stuff, one should include.

    Music, of course, has universal appeal, but has a very wide spectrum.

    How-to's we already have in van builds, perhaps we could extend that more to off-grid stuff, too.

    Some of the alternative stuff seems to have submerged, so maybe we could wake that up a bit. Van-dwellers are nothing if not alternative.

    I can understand the scene about not wanting politics creeping into some lightweight threads; but if you take politics out of the mix and give it no place of it's own it will edge it's way in elsewhere, because everything ultimately has some involvement with politics. I never yet met a vanner who was non-political; for many their way of life is a sort of political decision, to start with. As it is with many who choose to live on boats.

    On the far-out side, some folks like to delve into or talk about weird shit; I do myself, to some degree, although I tend to view much of it a bit cynically.

    If we all liked Corbyn we'd probably attract a lot more young people too, but then again that is politics, isn't it?:whistle:

    Just a few thoughts for now.

  • The two long running issues I had before I rebranded was funding and activity. The funding is kinda covered for a few months, but not sustainable without regular participation and fresh activity.

    My vision for this website, based on the way UKH was used primarily for live-ins, was a site that would be thriving with ideas about van conversions, projects and so on -- and nearly 5 months later it isn't happening.

    The problem with politics is that people moan at me for allowing contentious views, both left and right wing -- I have had a few people threatening to leave if I don't silence this one, that one, this opinion or that opinion etc.

    However, if come September, the traffic hasn't picked up, then I won't be happy charging people £12 a year for a site that's even quieter than UKH.

    For example, if only 20 people renew then it wouldn't sustain the place and I would have received partial payment, thus not delivering on expectation. Having paid the bills based on that, it would make refunding an uncomfortable experience.

    The problem with any paid site is that there are loads of "free" sites that people pay for with their personal data - but the cost is indirect so people don't feel it.

    So, a bit of a catch 22 exists.

    I'm not meaning to sound negative as I want to think of a way forward, and as such I have the following ideas banging around in my head.

    1. Make some of the content public, which would be letting down the people who were promised more privacy but it would increase search engine traffic.

    2. Go back to an open forum with donations, potentially letting down people who subscribed and putting me back into "nag mode".

    3. Reinventing again, thus being defeatist and potentially a bit ridiculous.

    4. Close down later this year and make all future payments "pro-rata", thus reducing the cost by a pound every month until we're done.

    5. Sell the entire site to the highest bidder, with a contractual obligation to protect user privacy.

    6. Find a new way of promoting the site -- whatever that is, but clearly my preferred option.

  • Sell it for what you can get and escape the dramas and hissy fits:-

    The world must clearly be a light, fluffy and joyous, positive place if people want to give you headaches about posts rather than skip/scan read posts that offend their precious and delicate sensitivities.

    Sell it.

    Everything is light and fluffy and no other perception is valid. This means that there is nothing to discuss and no room for interpretation or opinion:-

    All that exists is a vacuum of nothingness because there is no motivation and no reason and no logic!

    You could rebrand as the zombie, silent forum.....but it's probably better to sell it.😀

  • You could open some of the forum to public and keep some private and by invite only ie the medicinal substances or personal issues kind of stuff.

    Theres nothing wrong with politics where it relates to the thread subject.Its just not a great look when it becomes propagandist and dogmatic for the sake of it.

    Wherever i try to open discussion on all kinds of topics, not just here but other places on internet like farcebook, you get mass negativity, snark and personal bitching and people dont want to talk about real issues they want to discuss celebs,come dancing and other shite that induces ostrich mimicry

    The only really successful sites are imagery,music and video sites because it requires minimal thinking and people like looking at pictures and being entertained

    So,I dunno what the answer is.

    Massive solar flare perhaps,then we wont have internet matters to worry about.

  • My vision for this website, based on the way UKH was used primarily for live-ins, was a site that would be thriving with ideas about van conversions, projects and so on -- and nearly 5 months later it isn't happening.

    I think the reason for this is that at the moment there just aren't enough people involved, that's all.

    If for example there are 30 of us on here, and 20 of us live in vans or have a big interest in vans and van builds, then only about 4 or 5 of us are likely to be building or refitting at any one time. And of those 5, how many want or have the time to put together a carefully photographed refit article, together with resources used and suppliers' details?

    Most everyone is proud of their work if it's good, but it's quite an effort to bring everything together into a build thread, and then spare the time to answer questions about materials and techniques used.

    So that puts us back in catch-22: we have to attract enough people for the average number of refits/builds/ideas posted to increase dramatically.

  • I'm just starting on a build project, 5.5t Mellor conversion on an Iveco 50c14 swb chassis. Progress is a little slow getting started but I am keeping a build log & taking pictures at all stages. Not got much free time just at the mo, but when I get some time I will start posting on my build. Not good with technology so the posting/ piccy uploading is hard work for me but watch this space! If there is a suitable place to post build threads, let me know.

  • I'd like you to share music you like, you keep saying people won't like it... I'll think u'll find I like psy trance. :)

  • I've had an idea that will mean mixing things up -- thanks to some of the feedback.

    Public members forum like it used to be - partially supported by affiliate adverts.

    Restricted sections for paid members covering aspects of van life that people may not want to be public, including resurrection of the political/news section.

    Will think about other features such as private conversations etc.

    I won't open anything up until I'm sure I have everything in the right place.

    Still pondering the best way to do this, but cannot at the moment think of a better way forwards.