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  • Just wondering if anyone uses a SAD lightbox over the winter months? I get a definite dip over the winter and really struggled last year so I've been looking at lightboxes. I did use one years ago; they've come a long way since then as the one I used to have was like a space ship and when I put it on in the morning it lit up half the street. I've found a relatively inexpensive one (under £100) that's much smaller and easier to store. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that these artificial light sources help as the days get shorter but I just wondered if anyone has used one recently? Thanks in advance :)

  • Hmmm, my daughter was loaned one once, it turned out to be a SUN lamp!

    Lol, yep, I think sometimes the two are confused! Did she realise quickly or not until the tan was firmly in place? :) I've had people think that's what I mean in the past and have started telling me about skin cancer. I've double checked and these are definitely for SAD, not tanning :) xx

  • Yes its an issue for me also but so is the price of these tailored solutions.I have to say i get the impression numerous companies have jumped on the bandwagon to market therapy products at ludicrously high prices.Very often theyre relatively cumbersome things that have to be carried around to wherever youre sat.

    There are numerous full spectrum and SAD light bulbs available pretty cheaply off ebay and amazon.

    As are LEDs too.

    Supposedly to do any good they have to be 10000 lux but ive found installing very bright LED striplighting under my wall cupbards that create a bright white daylight glow make a big difference to me. Total cost 20 squid for 4.

    And 6500k low voltage halogen lights also do the trick...also cheap.

    I think its worth exploring whats cheap and readily available to address the issue in all of your accommodation changing light bulbs in fittings or installing extra bright LED lights than lash out on a very expensive SAD unit that has to be carted around.

    Ive got some uber cheap LED light strings in different colours mostly bright blue and they help with mood lighting.

    Its really disappointing that its such a common problem and almost all manufacturers and retailers are content to rip everyone off with specialised lighting that could be produced and sold for a fraction of what they charge.