Spiritual experiences

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  • I can't find the book....

    I have his book the alchemist which Ive still to read

    Ah I typo'd, should have been the alchemist rather than the apprentice, my bad. I Have tried a couple of other books by Coelho, they are not in the same league as the alchemist and didnt bother gertting past a couple of chapters.

  • A little bit late to the party, but a wonderful thread to read.

    I remember my 'awakening' some 4 years ago. Was sat in London, minding my own business, when in the middle of the day I had a vision.

    I cannot describe it as anything else. As a woman of science and logic, it initially offended me. But it felt so real. I saw myself, looking at myself. The feeling of absolute calm and 'correctness' I felt in that moment stays with me to this day.

    Vision me, looked at dream me, who looked at ME.

    Find me, she said with a smile.

    So much made sense in that moment. And yet I know nothing.

    Hope everyone is ok, and still experiencing the joy that is our awareness x

  • I can still relate to the self awareness brought about days after tripping on mushrooms and acid in my youth.

    Some seriously strong neurological pathways formed insearch of enlightenment, only to become lost in the rat race over-time.

    Mmmm yes, those times of heightened awareness in trippy world made me the person I am today, wouldnt be me without those experiences thats for sure. was the making of me as it helped me shed the social conditioning and main stream bullshit thats heaped upon young uns in school etc, to the point when I first took to life on the road that brought about some serious epiphany moments, I emeded up just about re programming myself to become who I felt I really am rather than what the adults wanted and expected when I was a kid, none of that shit was who I really was, going on then and connecting with the inner self and recognising its a much deeper aspect of being a human than we are initially taught was a major shift, since those days i havent looked back and have been on an extraordinary journey of a life of learning, discovery etc and it isnt over yet.

    Altgough we do integrate in the rat race, thats the exterior part of us that has to operate in the bigger picture, but the core being and the inner self is a different kettle of fish, thats another entity and has a major influence on and within my life. May be it's time time to re connect with those neurolgical pathways AW, they dont disappear, they may get toned down and shrouded in a bit of fog of the day to day but you dont lose them. I thought my days of delving in with the aid of psych e delica was over, but , mmmm, this year has been very interesting on many levels and a very good one too. I watched a 30 min slot on you tube the other night funnily enough, very interesting about this, once someone has delved in, you cant un-delve.

  • Everybody has different experiences and a story about a time when they had an epiphany moment where something was unlocked within them and came to the fore of the external earth bound existence, I do apologise in advance but I could not help chuckling at you feeling initially offended when you had your vision moment of your inner self calling to your external phsyical you that lives in the wider world, never heard anyone say they were offended, scared, yes, shocked yes, rocked their world a bit yes, but not offended, was it like how very dare you as you held no belief such things were possible. what I'd like to ask, did you go find that what your vision you suggested, hope so. Amd to answer, yep more than o.k and still well experiencing the joy that is our awareness, life is spiritual. not might be or could be, it is. Everyday is an experience to stay connected to learn and grow, the day we stop is when we stagnate. Dannan would love a thread like this if she was on CC ,

    So Fire Tree, since your awakwening, I can imagine that your life before that moment now feels like it was another life, i know that is how it was and is for me, even now looking back, the times before I started becoming aware of the inner self and the deeper aspects of what it means and what it is to be a real human being really does seem like it was another life lived by someone else but I have the memories of it.