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  • I didn't really know if it would be appropriate to post here but I shall put it here for now. Paul if it needs moved shift it ;-)

    Last Saturday I have had quite a very profound spiritual experience that id really rather not go in what happened.

    It has left me with very mixed emotions...fear and excitement in tandem.

    Ive been feeling elevated, lighter, pain free for the first time in ages, brain fog is lifting and other health issues are seemingly resolved. Great.

    Ive been getting coincidences, global news insights, ive recently grown a fascination with science particularly the science of human consciousness,( this coming from a woman who left school at 15 with no grades and no interest in main stream subjects. ive been listening to nature more, Ive started looking into fractals... Ive had insights about my own actions and behaviour. There have been flashes of images of all the things ive fucked up over the years... along with some home truths insights about how I must change. Im even looking at weather patterns and researching stuff on tectonic plates and stem cell biology.

    I dunno maybe this is normal for most of you Perhaps Im Fooking twat.

    Ive had a number of coincidences this past 7 days too, just like the one with UKHIPPY when I had randomly been thinking about Paul the Owner of this site ( I mean Paul and I have hardly exchanged more than 10 conversations since joining in 2014. I wouldn't say we are close) Never the less I felt the need to catch up on UKHIPPy and low and behold he's made an announcement he's closing the site 9 minutes before I pop on.

    Im getting increasingly interested in topics like human collective and higher consciousness topics. and very interested in hive minds also telepathy.

    Who has taken the old me away.....?

    and Has anyone else been through something like this?

  • Similarish in some ways, Treestump. For me, not quite so many coincidences or insights all at once (in the way that you describe); I seem to go through more subtle, drawn out shifts where aspects of my life or the people in it don't seem to fit anymore. It often leaves me feeling very out of sorts and alone, not least because I'm not usually in a situation to simply discard or discount things that no longer feel suitable or useful. It takes me a long time to adjust to each shift. For a long time I fought against it - I always had a plan in mind of what I wanted to be happening in my life and I didn't like to be distracted from that. These days I try to go with it more and sort of listen to what it's saying. Not always easy. Good that some health problems have lifted for you, though, although I would say be careful not to overdo it - I have a tendency to rush around when I start to feel better to make up for lost time, and then I wear myself out again. So do take good care of yourself even if you're feeling well enough not to need to :) x

  • You know I have had some REAL weird shit happening to me but its all GOOD

    Ive been trying to find the technical term for the opposite of Astral projection. When I say opposite, I mean when you become a cell in your body and travel through out your muscles, bones structure, fat, organs, etc....

    I have done it

    Don't care if you laugh I know my own reality

  • Basically Im just talking to myself but thats ok I have good conversations with me....

    Anyway past few days I've been listening to a lot of "Hang Massive. " a Drumming duo who play the hang Drum. Check em out on youtube.

    Have been hankering after one of theses drums for a while... I believe they work on 432 hz healing and inspiring energy comes from this music.

    I know that to be a drummer they work with a different part of the brain .

    If I can learn to ignite that part of my brain through meditation, listening to drummers lots and drum on everything to hand will I eventually pick up the skills of a drummer...??

  • It would be interesting to know what your experience was to create such a tectonic shift in your spriritual alignment...though i respect your need for privacy.

    I wouldnt worry what folks think,largely its irrelevant what they think or believe,only the truth matters.

    Ive had bizarre visions and experiences since very young (3) and still do.

    I routinely scared my mother half to death and my doctor assured her repeatedly it was just an imaginative phase i was going through and it would pass.

    50+ years later im still waiting for it to pass...not that i want it to,Im perfectly happy with how it all falls into place.

    I know im weird,I seen and experience stuff folks dont believe or cant get their head around,frankly i dont give a shit.

    I know im gifted and glad that i am.

    Im very cynical and logical but i know the things ive seen or experience are very real not imagined and no amount of scientific or medical hogwash will convince me otherwise.

    Be grateful that whatever triggered your new sensitivity to things youve been thus far blind to,or that you dont yet understand or cannot make sense of, there is a reason for it and you are also gifted.

    Dont worry if any of it doesnt make sense or have obvious reason at this time.Soon it will.

    Just like a jigsaw, the pieces will fit and you will see the bigger picture and your purpose in it.

    Whatever triggered your awakening,go with it,trust your instincts,not many of us around who are lucky enough to see what there is out there.

    If you need,keep notes,seemingly random events youll find are not random at all,they fit a pattern just like fractals you see.

    Nothing is truly random its mapped,its organised chaos, its preplanned, its the makeup for your destiny.Youve just become aware of your true self and your true potential.

    Enjoy the ride.

  • Thank you for your lovely words. comforting too. I can tell from what you write and the way you write it that you UNDERSTAND whats happening.. You might not know whats its all about but you understand.

    Its funny you should say keep notes.... I have never kept a journal or diary in my chuff... its just not interested me BUT recently I have been journaling all the information that is coming to me...

    Ok I tell you my experience.... for the past three years ive been rather unwell. Skin inflammations which were diagnosed as exzema, psoriasis, or hives.

    Ive been very proactive in trying to find a solution, vegan vegetarian, night shade free, dairy free diets ive grid the lot.... Incidentally the only one I stuck on was diet free because I do think ive acquired or developed dairy free intolerances past couple of years.

    Anyway the pain was bad. scale of 1-10 .... it was between 7-10 some days. FELT LIKE I WAS BEING MICROWAVED ON THE INSIDE. Not that I have any idea what its like to be microwaved.

    You would like to know what happened?.... Ok I speak....

    Anyway This April I decided to go to Spain to help a guy on his land. Volunteering with WorkAway to build eco huts etc...

    The journey was fine until I ended up in Ronda ( the. last leg of the journey up to his house in Andalusian Mountains.) Then I lost the sheet of paper with his address on it.

    So I phoned my partner back home in the UK to give me the adress has he had a copy of it. My partner was due to join me in Spain a week later.

    Meanwhile I met the "host" in Spain. Things went from bad to worse. the guy seemed a little stressed out to begin with... but things between him and I went from bad to worse He turned out to be a self serving, bully. He really was an awful man to me. So day three of my stay there.. we experienced an earthquake lasting 4 seconds. It was a wonderful experience but worried me at the same time. Strangley my worry was not about the earthquake its self but the fact that the host didn't hear or feel anything because he was in the water a. mile down stream, sorting out the pipe to feed water back to the house. His neighbours felt it, we felt it but he didn't. So I took this to be a message... Get out of there.

    Day 4 I left the house on bad terms with the guy and headed back to Malaga... my partner was due out within a day so I would meet him at the airport.

    My partner and I stayed in Malaga for about 10 days until our flight was dues back to uk.

    I have to say I didn't like Malaga... wasn't my cup of tea and im not a city girl.

    HOWEVER... whilst there we went to Malaga Cathedral ( Im not religious BTW) Im more interested in the architecture than the religious but non the less it was an impressive Cathedral. We walked around and inside for about an hour. Then I stopped to look at one of the many statues of Jesus.... I decided to light a candle at this one statue that caught my eye. After lighting the candle and placing it in the "thingy" I looked up at Jesus and said to myself.... What the fuck am I supposed to say to you big man.... Am I supposed to ask you for the winning lottery number? am I supposed to beg you to return my health? Instead as I stood there I looked up at him and asked the most celebrated and world renown guy in the world...

    "Why.... Jesus, were you so brutally crucified?

    The bugger didn't answer me.....

    Until 3 months later....

    1 day after my 43rd birthday.... 10th August.... last Friday night.

    He replied... without any prompting of the question I had asked

    " Child they are scared of the light, the non believers are scared of the light and when they see it they want to destroy it"

    I dunno what made me ask this but I replied " Well who the hell do I shine a light too? Jesus"

    He replied instantly " Oh you will know, you ALREADY know"

    Since last Saturday ive being getting all this information....

  • Meaning the 'Light' is already inside you waiting to emerge like a beautiful butterfly, shine your 'Light' to yourself and to others, be kind, be of service, show compassion and love and work towards forgiveness of yourself and of others who have hurt you - especially your mother.

    Your guides have decided it is time that you 'Awakened', it is going to be a bumpy ride, enjoy it, embrace it and love it because once you start there is no going back xxx

  • Thank you for sharing your experience treestump, I felt quite emotional reading it - did you feel a strong emotional release afterwards?

    My awakening experience happened a few years ago and sounds mundane in comparison. I was in the office (of my old job) early one morning and I was on my own building a bookcase. At one point the sunlight flooded through the window and I just felt this incredible embrace of love, light and energy - with this experience came the strong compulsion to retrain as a healer. It kind of felt like an intervention to make sure I was guided on to the right life path. Since then I’ve retrained as a holistic therapist.

    I’ve noticed that when I try and ignore this life path things tend to go really wrong (mentally & physically) but when I move my focus towards healing/caring for people things seem to work out. I think I’m finally learning to trust in the universe and just go with the flow. As dollybassett said, it can be a bumpy ride getting use to the changes but embracing your light and energy and letting it shine for the world to see is totally awesome. Wishing you much love and light on your journey x

  • Oh Amazing Rosewood. I thank you for telling your story.

    First few days were a bit scared but now I feel more settled. Ive had to rest lots this past 7 days and I have felt a little weak but im tuning into it.. Whatever "IT" is.

    Coincidences after coincidences are becoming so frequent that I am receiving 2 per day.


    Im excited

    I would like to add that I am NOT better, more godly or special than others...

    If anything, I feel more connected than ever before to others even those who have or may do me wrong.

    Ive been looking at the bigger picture lately, The globe, the universe, Anatomy, Nature, Mathematics, Fractals, Science. but most of all LOVE.

    Johne Lennon sang about LOVE and many other great Lyrical Geniuses. Bob Dylan, and even new artist like Kate Tempest.

    A different kind of Love - a community love, a world love even a universal Love.

    Soon I believe that the government will make it illegal to discuss or talk about Higher Consciousness or People who talk of 3rd and 4th Dimensions... They will undertake a witch hunt.. Just as they did not that long ago in history with witches.

    The government is scared of anything they don't understand or cannot capitalise on....

    This is why people need to switch on their lights and reveal themselves to each other unconditionally.

    Your journey sounds like an amazing one and congratulations to you for making those changes I would like to congratulate you one your healing path too.... Keep healing, keep learning,

    Currently I am learning about Theta and gamma waves, also I am very interested in healing people with harmony tones such as working on 432 Hz

  • You've been though it too Lightbringer.... fantastic yes I think it is an awakening also.

    Yeah it was one of the reasons I joined this forum 2 years ago about this time :)

    I've asked before on here about seeing repetitive numbers and 11:11 but I think they think I'm nuts lol

  • I cant say i understand everything or the reasons(at least at the time) I do often but some time later, maybe months later and some things i still havent worked out like the repetitive identical visions ive had since 3 yrs old and the visual playbacks i get of lives of people ive no clue who they are when im wide awake.

    This is why i said write things down.I dont mean keep a journal or diary specifically unless it helps you and youre good at it (im hopeless at keeping diaries,theyre too tedious for one thing) It would help to keep notes of odd events thoughts dreams coincidences you come across and note them down date time hour details.They may help you piece together random events that seemingly make no sense at the time.

    Your recollection of your trip to Spain is an example,a series of odd things that were in effect telling you this whole thing was a real bad idea and you need to get away fast.Its not in your destiny and maybe you were in danger also.

    I cant say what I experience is part of some awakening as its not,ive always had it as far back as i can remember anything at all.

    If i were to speak of many of the things that have happened to me or ive seen most people would think im nuts,i know im not, my PTSD counsellors didnt think so either and I dont give a shit what people think anyway.The only thing that matters to me is the truth and i know all the things ive experienced are real,not mind tricks or halucinations or drug induced and that ive had them my entire life.

    I do know people who have experienced awakenings from the most bizarre of events to just waking from a sleep one day knowing themselves far deeper than ever they did before and being aware of things theyd never even noticed before.

    More importantly they know and realise theyre completely on the wrong path and change direction to a path they find in tune with.

    If you pay heed to signs around you you will be guided along the right path for you just as others have.

    I dont know if you have already or not but you should delve into kundalini awakening,it may bring some answers.

    It doesnt matter how you come to understand whats happening in your life or what you explain it as,its just important that you recognise whats happening and pay heed to the signs,be in tune to everything,youre less likely to interpret them wrongly and hence stay on the right path.

    Youll know when youre on it just as clearly as you knew you were on a bad path in Spain.

    We're part of the universe,its part of us and it plays us like an instrument,if we're in tune we can make beautiful music,sooner or later youll recognise the tune. :/

  • Well you are nuts Lightbringer...[panic]:insane:;)

    But thats cool.

    People may laugh about the repetitive numbers but why are so many people across the world having this experience with numbers. There has to be something in it.

    I do not know the answer to that myself.

    However, Im not getting a connection with numbers... im Clairaudient and picking up on sound, vibration. Not just from people but from the planet too.

    But we have to trust our perception of reality.

    Humanity can not keep going the way it is otherwise we are going to make ourselves extinct...

    Extinction is only one Tsumani or one earthquake or one fracking disaster away......

    I know we joked about how the proposed threat of Devon and Cornwall being hit by a tsunami wouldn't affect you because you are in Yorkshire but I had a wee think about that some more..... and actually its quite disturbing.....

    The difference between an environmental happening in 1755 and one happening in the next few years is that in 1755 the countries shore lines were not littered with toxic factories or nuclear power stations.... If one of those nuclear power stations gets hit by an earthquake or tsunami. ANYWHERE in the world... then we as humans will not have very long....

    People are already talking about Californian wines found with a trace of Fukushima toxic waste in them.....

    I feel angry and fucking let down that our previous generations have let this happen to our planet.

    I want to see my 23 year old son grow up in a world that is safer than this.

  • Makes a lot of sense what your saying NomadicRt....

    You've had some quite extraordinary experiences...

    Spiritual experiences are taboo and uncomfortable for most people to talk about in the same way that Mental health problems are a topic people avoid too.... Stigma of being perceived as nuts...

    However, like you...... I don't give a fudge what people think and if they think im nuts then hell yeah, it matters nothing to me anymore....

    I am really really concerned about this planet... and that should be everyones main concern..... however there are not yet enough people onboard to help.

  • Believe it or not, I was studying to elevate myself from being a factory worker to being a salesman in the mid-1960's.

    Then '66 - '68 came along, the 'hippy' era hitting the UK a little later than America, and it was like a fantastic awakening, as if I heard a different call, as if a veil had been pulled aside.

    I was able to see society for the insane rat-race that it was, and the crazy dog-eat-dog world of business and commerce. So ever since I have kind of lived at the edges of society, quite happy to stay amongst those I felt most empathy with, those who I could help with whatever small talents and knowledge I possessed.

    I don't know if this was a 'spiritual' awakening or not, I guess it was something like that, but I know it happened to probably thousands of others too. Many of whom went back to orthodox thinking and eventually had to conform to the pressures of society. So I have always figured I have been lucky to be able to stand a little outside, one step removed as it were, and seen things from an alternative viewpoint.

    So best of luck with your journey, Treestump, it looks like it is happening fast for you, like you are making up for lost time.

    Take it easy, and remember the good Buddhist advice: "Take care of yourself first; if you do not do so, you will be unable to help other beings in the way you would like to do..."

  • I told Jay about all the things that happen to me, its quite nice that he's seeing it happen but I don't think he 100% believes it. Well either it's true or massively huge coincidences! When we went to see his daughter at the beginning of the year in jan, I said to her watch it you'll get really bad snow now. (she'd been telling me how they don't ever get snow down there) sure enough https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s…-sunday-march-1354919.amp


    It could be a coincidence but it happens alot!!

  • Hi old Keith , if I could time travel I would have liked to have seen the 1960's.

    I think there have always been people who were awakened but the 60's was a highlight for free love and peace movements.

    You've always been a wise person on this forum, carefully selected words that neither offend or anger people but instead get the cogs going and make people think.

    I am going to miss this place....UKHIPPY.... but I have had a life to lead and spending huge amounts of time on the computer is unhealthy for me....

    I hope life serves you well Old Keith and that you get everything you need to be comfortable and happy.

    Lightbringer ( I like your name) Keep on bringing light into your life...

    Im not telling folk what to do like some messiah or prophet but I would urge people to take note of what nature is doing.... Thats our first precursor to danger.... Just like the elephant who ran up the mountains with a young girl on its back shortly before the Tsunami in Thailand. ( Theres a Documentary on that)

    in deed our entire eco system is already giving us clues, Theres a commercial beekeeper up my neck of the woods that lots 500,000 bees to the Varroa mite...

    We need to start doing a little bit everyday.

  • What an amazing thread to read. Thank you treestump for sharing such wonderful thoughts with us. I’m convinced 2018 is a year of massive transformation to those who are open to it. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with folks with a story that talks of similar revelations. It’s been a year of torment too for many but I believe that with this new moon for many the torment is over and all that is now coming are blessings and more blessings

    Since the beginning of this year I’ve been faced with the biggest challenge of my life. I chose to speak my truth where it mattered and that has left me, at times, very alone. I’ve shouldered this with integrity, trusting in the process that the truth, will come out and slowly, without any interference from me, that is exactly what is happening.

    I believe that when we face something head on, with truth, we receive a reward. Sometimes the challenge is small and often the reward is small. Sometimes the challenge is huge and the reward is huge.

    From my own perspective, despite this being the hardest and loneliest battle I have ever fought, today came news that for years I could only have ever dreampt of.

    I’ve had autoimmune disease for twenty years. My immune system destroyed my reproductive system, my spine, my Intrinsic factor (resulting in pernicious anemia) and my thyroid.

    Since January I’ve found myself needing less and less thyroid medication and despite my doctor telling me it wasn’t possible, six weeks ago I came off my life saving hormones and have taken no medication since. I should be dead but here I am alive and kicking.

    Today I learned that my thyroid antibodies have gone down from 128.000 (in 2006) to 127. My doctor just fell off her chair. Me not. I’ve known in my gut and my heart that I’m in remission. My doctor doesn’t understand it. For the first time in 20 years all my blood work has come back normal. Without meds. And this following the most stressful time of my life. She said I’m a walking miracle. But I know this is my reward for tackling a huge situation in the best way I knew how. I’m still going through it. It’s not over yet. But here I am receiving daily blessings from all quarters. And, like you, every day come more and more. I’m moving ever further from the dark to the light. I can feel it in every cell of my body. I’m coming home and it feels absolutely bloody marvellous.

    So yes, understand exactly what you you are saying. With love x

  • Oh thank you for sharing your story Mrs P.

    I am thrilled to hear that you are healing....

    When we heal our selves we can go onto heal our world.

    What great personal story.

  • Im putting this out there on Youtube because Ive been guided by a higher source to spread the word.

    I know that I will get many onlookers thinking Im bat shit crazy however I hold my beliefs strongly and have faith from higher source that this is what I must do right now..

    I am making vlogs of my channeling and will be sharing the information that I receive from the higher source.

    I don't quite know where this channel will lead but I am going with what feels right for this point in time.

    If you are interested in having a look please do.

  • People do have spiritual awakenings in varying degree's depending how much they take notice of it, its not a big visitation from beyond in other realms or connecting with golden light radiating from the robes of an angel floating above your bed, it may appear so but it all comes from within, really, it is the waking conscience connecting with the inner self, these two aspects of a human bean are seperate things in one body/soul. ~The inner self is the thing that gets blocked and subdued from social conditioning and school etc and constant negative impacts which create patterns that become so familiar folk dont realise it.

    When the waking conscience finally collides and connects with the inner self, this is an epiphany moment where folk say and feel their weight on their shoulders is lifted, they feel light and airy and 'different'. this is the inner light of the self and the positive energy and light we all contain bursting forth, it also affects how you relate to folk you know when you have realised you are changing and responding to this connectivity and realisation of the self, your energy has changed and you may be resonating at a higher level due to realising this, then the folk you know who are not experiencing this within themselves seem distant from you, whats happened with you and these folk is a mismatch of energy, they may be closed off and disconnected with their inner self so it has the effect of the opposing ends of a magnet trying to come together, it doesnt work, it happens with people as well, its best to walk away and leave those behind that you dont feel a connection with anymore due to the shifts in energy, the negative energies may be attracted to a positive energy/person of inner light, they behave like they want to be around you and attract your attention, this is because they want to feed off your energy as they dont have the same connection within themselves, energy vampires they are termed, you learn to recognise and avoid them as they will drag you down as they need you at their level, a lot dont even realise they are doing it and be a bad, distracting influence, worth learning about this.

    Once you have had these waking up/ connecting with the inner self experiences, in the end you dont have spiritual experiences, well you do, but the whole of your life becomes and is a spiritual experience because you have already woken up, then here begins the real journey of discovery and truth,

    Lastly, to get an overview of this, get a little book called 'The Apprenctice' by Paul Coelho, this is a hell of a read and will give you many insoghts into what i have jsut written about, realising and connecting with the self, highly recommended.

  • I can't find the book....

    I have his book the alchemist which Ive still to read