The (hippy) True Gent

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  • A true gent keeps licking until the tongue cramp is unbearable, whereupon he uses his nose until the cramp subsides before resuming, and keeps at it after the first two orgasms "because that's when the little death occurs" or so I've been informed after being so remiss as to request a short respite please...

    On Marmite - dunno 'bout others, but after partickly steamy sessions then the aroma of marmite is very prevalent - late Sunday morning quote "we smell like sex - very marmitey"

    Sadly those sessions are treasured but fading memories now...


  • Wow you sounds amazing in bed,

    However I have a partner already who I am happy with and he reads a lot of books.

    I think if one educates their mind with books they always make better lovers

  • A true gent listens, even when the record is severely scratched and it's been heard umpteen megamillion times before, but he doesn't have unlimited patience - that would be plain masochistic in the extreme - what, I wonder, are the attributes of a true Lady?


    methinks that was a fleeting memory from times long ago....


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  • Yes I wonder about this too - in both genders.

    Our society has lost the meaning of respect for one and other....

    There are a few select gentle people and they tend to hide very well.

    A wise old female friend said once

    "If you are looking for a lady or gentleman in your life you have to be a lady or gentleman yourself"

  • This could have been a very interesting discussion if 't'wern't due for imminent destruction in 2 days time...