Open water/wild swimming

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  • I swim when the mood takes me. I was quite series a few years ago, I'd do a hundred lengths a few times a week at the local baths. I've swam in lakes and rivers all of my life, most recently on the river Nene, mostly because that's where my boat was moored. Open water swimming is good fun as long as you take care. Make sure you know the water and by that I mean understand the currents where you swim, know where the hazards are and watch out for boats. You're hard to see in the river and even a boat obeying the speed limit will be doing 7 miles an hour which doesn't sound a lot but it'll give you a problem if it hits you. I'd recommend a fluro swimming hat and have a whistle around your neck. You will get sick and I mean throwing up sick because of crap in the water but it's no worse than a mild stomach bug and doesn't happen too often. Drink a can of coke when you get out of the water, the chemicals and acids in it kill a lot of the bugs that make you ill. It's a great way to see wild life. You can sneak up on them and they seem to accept you more if you're in their environment, besides they swim better than we do :-)

  • Thanks Happyfat

    I learned a lot from my first lesson. I am swimming every other day in the sea and will continue through the winter.

    I am swimming along the shore and my beach is only 75 meters long so difficult to lose yourself and find you have been driven offshore.

    I am finding it very hard to swim any distance at the moment but I am getting better

    I am loving it


  • use to be a long distance swimmer not fast but steady, swam off many a beach down home, plymouth hoe to the breakwater and back was a favourite. Remember once when diving a seal and pup swam along side me,have never felt so clumsy watching her glide beside me and swimming off dodman point with a basking shark scared the shit out of me the shark totally ignored me