More plastic worries..

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  • Do you have selective recycling crews?

    For plastics my street's crew seems oddly unreliable, things carrying the proper mark are often left...

    I understand if it's only written confirmation, no visible arrow's, there's no time for reading with the schedule they have.

    However clearly marked items got left so often and reminder cards left by them for approved items made me start taking all the plastics to the local tip.

    So that's twice the fossil fuels burnt, sort of makes it pointless really :/

  • They seem to take everything we leave out for them in Southampton. Never known them to leave anything behind. Or leave any reminder cards. Some people do fly-tip and they don't pick that shit up, just leave it there with a notice saying it's an environmental crime.

  • 4 large pieces of debris have been ignored by 3 sets of council folk in my road for months, you'd think they'd at least call the right department..

  • According to recent news, most of what we sort out is dumped in landfill anyway:…-burnt-sent-landfill.html

    Yes, it's from the Daily Wail, but actually comes from a Local Government Association report. Depressing news.

    Our last lot of contractors picked up all the sorted stuff, and mostly emptied it into the backs of the trucks, where it got mixed up and went to landfill. "No time to put it into the separate containers on the wagon" we were told.

    The new contractors want it all in one bag or bin, because they are going to sort it out, they say.... They say.

  • yes I'd have to believe that, I've seen throwing of sorted stuff to the regular bin waggon before.

    Got to keep thinking about the fact it costs money to move around and how they could still ship it all to the waste burning power stations in other countries, probably breaking even...