Broadband & Home phone gone

  • It feels good dun it. When I first came out of hospital after my spinal injury. I was living in a double decker bus and my bedroom was upstairs. After it burnt down I moved into a adapted bungalow where I laid on the floor for best part of a year, while undergoing various physio, epidurals etc. I was bored shitless so ordered Sky TV and broadband. Only I couldn’t lay comfortably to watch the TV, so I had to watch the screen through a mirror. The broadband was brilliant (that’s when I found this place) A kind hippy would talk me through some dark nights and inbetween that I learnt to play the violin laying down.

    When it came time to leave and return to a wagon, they tried everything to get me to stay. Offering to reduce the monthly subscriptions by more than half. The TV licence went at the same time too.

    I went with 3 12month loaded dongle broadband for the first year, then pay monthly. I complained that were I usually park up the signal is crap. They then offered to reduced my monthly cost to £10 pm for 15G

    You can look at their signal strength finder, look for areas of nil or very poor reception and tell them your Living in a poor reception area for the forthcoming 6 months, see if they will discount your service cost. :whistle:

  • Both of us have sim only phone deals with a decent data amount so should be ok. We don’t really need catch up tv etc so although we might miss the odd thing, in the long run we will benefit.

  • Sky have magically found a new cheaper price, savings of £120 a year.

    Jog on sky, we save.even more by not having it at all. 🤔

    Virgin media are the same , the bill at my Ma's house crept up from '£28 maximium' to a usual 40/ 45 quid a month, so whilst trying to cancel they desperately offered 15 quid a month cheaper AND they will upgrade the router thus enabling faster speeds and greater range,only catch was it required a new 24 month contract. So, you have been overcharging me and supplying and an inferior service via a virtually obsolete router OK,thank you for your time now off you fuck please !

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  • Used to feel insulted when my own network offered really good deals to "new customers only". Like saying "we've already got your money so fuck off and stop whining" to me,the loyal user. Heard it from broadband,mobile phone,&every bank i was ever with. Every service provider does it, nobody seems to recognize or reward loyalty anymore. Sad state of affairs if you ask me.... Even my ex wife did special deals for "new customers only"!....

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  • I have the same with the RAC

    renewed my membership last December cant remember them giving me a price.Got an e-mail from them this week saying that it had gone up last year letting me know in July, they asked if I had known before about the increase would it have affected my decision on renewing.I wrote back telling them that the market is very competitive so this December they can get fucked.

  • post lies, well "optimistic" quotes of a decent line speed back in the day, then getting locked into a contract with the real speed slower than continental drift I'd never go landline again.

    Don't need it despite poor signal coverage here, don't game, Skype or download TV.

    I just plug in and post or browse whilst my phone charges, seems to boost reception a little.