Plastic threat- how to reduce supermarket plastic packaging

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  • Hi all,

    I'm developing an app that enables shoppers to reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic purchased as packaging in grocery shopping. If this is something that might interest you please get in touch and fill out our survey, it's very quick (should take less than a minute) halo…dvSnNGs3qaOMTXog/viewform

    It's a shopping list app/online shopping platform that compares how much non-recyclable stuff is included in your shop depending on which supermarket you go to. It suggests better alternatives and easy switches to make smile. Hopefully feedback on consumer choices will push the supermarkets to switch to more environmentally friendly packaging.


  • I think its about time the government stamped on food producers and goods manufacturers a lot more and harder to stop wrapping their stuff in plastic rather than dumoing the onus and making the public feel guilty, if they didnt wrap stuff in plastic, people wouldnt be buying it. Purchase power can send messages but I dont see the effort being made from producers/packers. Why on earth are banana farms or packiong sheds still allowed to put them in a plastic bag, surely they should be banned from doing it rather than making me feel guilty about wanting organic bananas tht in a plastic bag an dmaking me recycle it afterwards, the packing houses should be forced to stop this practice but that does not seem to be happening.

  • Just to say from the manufacturer's point - its the supermarkets who demand and drive the plastic packaging. A factory makes the product, and packs it to their specifications.

    Take some reusable freezer bags or tubs to the shop with you, place your shopping in them and leave all the packaging in the supermarket...

  • Aye, supermarkets ar equally as responsible, but I do feel the onus and responsibilty and guilt about plastic is being lumped on the shopping public via media and campaigns rather than the authorities going straight to source, its all about the dollar when it comes to multi corp, global businesses.

  • Supermarket packaging is just grotesque, my mum who is disabled buys a lot of ready meals. I buy a lot of fruit. Our recycling bin is always overflowing but I know that only about 5% of recycling waste ever gets recycled