Off up the cut

  • Time to get away. I'm taking my boat up the cut off of the river. It's been OK on the river but the people from outside of our world are seeping in and making all of the colours turn to grey and black. I'll miss the oyster catchers who try to break into my front canopy in the early morning and I'll miss the otter I saw yesterday but I have good friends on the canal and I miss them more. Imagine living in a house, you'd be stuck with your feet in the concrete and the rat race would swallow you up. If you can get away there's a better world out here.

  • Nothing wrong with houses either,if it is your thing !!

    We all have different likes and lives and none of us have chosen a better life than the next person,we have just chosen what works for us.

    I have loved yurt life and vehicle life for all my adult years but would certainly not say that it is for everyone.

    May the current help drift you to a great place happyfat and may you find love and happiness wherever you stop :peaceman:

  • There is nothing better than a boat on the cut, its the last truely spiritual freedom to roam totally free left in this country. With all the comforts of a real bed, kitchen, toilet, hot showers, woodburner, TV etc

    The thing is you really do have to roam, if you think you can take root somewhere and treat it like a floating house it doesn't work and you are going to get stress in your life

  • I love boats but I would need to be at sea and not confined to a canal.

    If we didn't have dogs I would sell the Airstream and buy a boat at the drop of a hat.

    I love being at sea, 100s of miles from land with the closest humans being on the International Space Station.


  • I just bought a small coastal trawler from the 60's, probably wont move much this year or maybe next while i finish the conversion but she's sea worthy, made the 90mile trip down from Yarmouth no bother, well, other than total failure of the charging system, but nothing connected to that anyway other than the starter batteries so wasn't a great loss. :D

  • Oh boy - i live on the cut . . . . Waaaaaaaay too busy! The canals have had their hayday! 20 years ago it was great.

    If anyone thinks they can get a boat an cruise the canals in tranquility, they are dreaming.

    The reality is = The whole network is overcrowded beyond its capacity, water points and sanitary stations are struggling to keep up with pace. Constant hireboat/cruising traffic and disregard for speed. If you want to moor anywhere, you need to get there early or you will not be able to fit in.... (Licence Fees apply + Insurance + fuel + maintenance).

    I liveaboard and continually cruise. Sometimes in the winter i go into a marina.

    Anyone want the run-down - let me know.

    The last bastion of freedom has had its day.

  • Oh boy - i live on the cut . . . . Waaaaaaaay too busy! The canals have had their hayday! 20 years ago it was great. ...

    The last bastion of freedom has had its day.

    Maybe, but it depends where you are despite our local navigation authority working very hard to ruin it. For eight or nine months of the year I see few other moving boats and the only other liveaboarder in sight of my home mooring is at least 200m away.

    Happyfat, sounds like you've been near Peterborough? Which way are you heading?

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