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  • I'm writing this in all honesty.

    It's only been a couple of years since I got into YouTube. I only watch the things that interest me, and occasionally I watch the recommend stuff.

    I get VERY upset when someone makes a silly, childish comment on a video they obviously have no interest in, and as I've learned this is called trolling. So for the last couple of years I decided to troll the trolls! They don't like it! ?

    I admit I get lots of pleasure from this. I'm extremely rude to them, and I've received the most amazing 'death threats'. ?

    To be honest, I'm amazed that the 'word police' haven't caught up with me yet, but that might have something to do with my other help, I don't know?!

    There was a lovely video a few hours ago about a baby Elephant that was stuck in a hole. The mummy was going crazy, and she got caught in electric wire and was stunned.

    Even thinking about it now I am crying, silly shit that I am! Anyway, humans helped the baby out. I made a comment and within a few moments I got lots of likes! This is not normal for me! I'm very happy and a little stunned!

    If I had just one wish it would be for no animals to be hurt (this includes human babies).

    And the reason for this post? I have no idea. I was crying.


    AirBridgeCargo was considering flying monkeys into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). From there, they would have been sent to laboratories for use in cruel experiments.

    Thanks to your actions, AirBridgeCargo notified PETA that it has canceled these plans!

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