So how did this happen?

  • You can't really see it in the photo, but the car also has scratches all along the side and a smashed in grill -- when I walked past the driver was opening the boot to grab a bag, before sauntering off seemingly unscathed and unflustered...

    A few people were standing around, taking snaps for social media, while trying to work out what actually occurred...

    So, detective types, what do you reckon? :/



  • As the damage is to the lower valance in front of the n/s wheel Id bet he was driving in a rush looking right to check its clear and driven over the pavement and forgot about or didnt notice the large bollard ( possibly had a drink or stoned hence an urgent nonchalant need to leave the scene or simply doesnt give a shit)

    The doors/ nsr wheel arch damage is from a separate collision (maybe coming down the same street).

    Whats the odds he'll ring it in as stolen :)

    In a village i was a couple of years back those large bollards are around a triangular cenotaph at a road junction to stop artics running over it with the trailer and no end of boy racers have done the same trick as your stunt driver only looking left to check its clear and driven the offside over the bollard.

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