British Government announces review of medicinal cannabis use.

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  • for medicinal use ??? let the blagg artists begin lol

    So I work in addiction treatment, in California where it has been legal for medical use for many years. No one says they use " marijuana" anymore, it's always "medical marijuana."

    "Oh yeah, I have back pain..."

    "It helps with anxiety attacks...that's why I need it 5 times a day...."

    "I have smooth muscle issues in my gut. It helps relax those muscles to regulate my bowels..."

    "I was prescribed it for anorexia"

    I have no doubt that some of these people are genuine but I suspect a good deal of them are telling porky pies. Which is actually not good. If you take a drug because you like it, then just say so rather than hide behind some bullshit.

    Until recently, buying pot involved visiting a "dispensary" where one would see a "doctor" (usually someone who failed their medical degree in a foreign country and came to work in the US as an illegal immigrant) who would prescribe pot to anyone capable of saying they had any medical symptom whatsoever.

  • Oh yes, I expect there is an awful lot of 'mystery' illnesses and disorders doing the rounds to get a card/register to be able to buy it legally. What will as likely happen here in the U.K is that it will only be available from a registered Doctor licenced to practice and hand out prescriptions, once a full diagnosis has been given. We wont get a free for all with the high streets littered with pot shops like we have with betting shops. It's going to be strict, I say if it happens because it has not happened yet, looking likely in time though.

  • In 1999 my mate claimed he was registered to use medicinal cannabis here in the U.K. He was a haemophiliac.

    I didn’t believe him at first, but he showed me his government issue card. Every two weeks he put in a order and it was posted to his house from London. I spoke to him some years later around 2004, when he told me the government had stopped the scheme.

  • Victory! Doctors will be able to give medical cannabis prescriptions!



    26 JUL 2018 — WE HAVE DONE IT!!!!


    This is a completely overwhelming day, I can't believe that we have succeeded, and the government has heard us. For every person who has signed this petition, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, this is life changing for our family, and I know it's life changing for so many of you.

    This has been an incredible campaign journey, and I'm so proud to have been able to represent and speak up for so many inspiring people. Thank you all again and again for your support, and everyone go raise a glass (or cup of tea in my case) to Oliver Smale, and every other patient who's life is about to be changed forever!


  • Well, that is a bit ground breaking given the governemtns stance on it. so it will be senior docotrs prescribing to exceptional clinical need. It isnt going to be a free for all like a lot of folk seem to think and folk wont be able to go to the local doctor in the arse end of nowhere and think they are going to get given a prescription. It will be a series of successive consultation based tests and examinations to for the seniors to then decide wether it will be prescribed. It is a good step forward in this country and will no doubt be furthered for other cases of illness and disease where it is a proven help and rightly so. As for legalisation and de-classification, nah, that isnt going to happen any time soon.

  • I imagine there’s a few doctors immensely pleased that they could now be trusted to offer an alternative to the many tried and tested “routine” drugs they’ve been restricted to prescribing.

    Imagine if your a GP was a advocate of herbal, natural, alternative medicines and therapies. It must be refreshing for the whole health service this news.

  • The Home Office announced the panel will make “swift” recommendations to ministers, who will then sign off on applications within two to four weeks.

    If given approval, doctors can then start writing prescriptions for their patient, while ministers decide whether to remove cannabis’s banned status as a medicine.

    Doctors will have to show there is an “exceptional clinical need” and no other medicine would be suitable for their patient in order to convince the panel.

    They would also have to accept “full responsibility for risks and liability”, the Home Office said.

    The panel is a temporary measure while Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies carries out a review into whether cannabis should be made available for therapeutic use.

    The Government also announced it would review how much the NHS must pay for a licence, which currently stands at £3,655.

  • Some interesting thoughts on this. To me the fact that there is a cautious decision to begin to allow the use of cannabis based medicines is a good thing. No government no matter if they were the most enlightened in the world would just reverse decades of negative legislation on a drugs use so I see this as the beginning of a walk down the long road to sanctioned use of cannabis and about time too.

    Those who express the opinion that its cynical to think about the tax revenue made from drugs should maybe have a think as to who gets the money and where that money goes when you buy your weed today. Back in the '80's when Lebanese red was popular a big chunk of the money from it's sale was used by the factions in the Lebanese civil war to pay for arms and ammunition.

    Your dealer may seem like a great guy selling a mellow and positive product to you but he's only the the end of a chain that, in a lot of cases involves some pretty serious criminals who do evil things to keep there profits up and their territory intact.

    I hope that the UK goes the same way that Canada has and takes the sensible road to legalisation rather than the American model of half doing in it.

    Legal cannabis will change things forever as far as drug culture goes.

    I wonder how many people would boycott the drug altogether if it became legal?

  • I still don't see any just cause for debate:-

    As grown up and societally educated individuals people can do whatever the fuck they want provided it does not harm another.

    What is the criminal offence?

    Cos mother's can do and consume whatever the fuck they like during pregnancy and the affect on the foetus is not a criminal that logic.......people can do whatever they fucking please!

  • What if today’s super strength skunk, could be made to grow even stronger. Instead of 30% THC, say about 55% or 70%? So strong that there could be a high possibilty that it would have lasting psychological and mental health issues in a large % of users?

    Should the government (Tax payers) just pick up the pieces with the extra demands made on the NHS or could we just say fk it. “You took it yourself” ? Similar to how insurance companies get out of claims.

  • What will concern the government is the % THC in the average adults blood should they be driving a car, flying a plane, operating dangerous machinery, even operations on patients. Most of the nurses I’ve known were stoners.

    The hours this THC will take in some just to get down to a legal permitted limit.

    What’s the half-life of a good session? If it’s not the morning after :whistle:

  • Can you contextualise how these hypothetical psychological and mental health issues might manifest to make society any worse?

    To those into smokiing, since when did the law of the land stop anyone, only if your turned over. No one has stopped toking just because it is illegal, most stop due to other outside influences like a choic eof career, a partner who doesnt want them to as they have kids, could be a number of things, but mostly because it ends up not doing them a lot of good. Psychological and mental health issues are not hyperthetical. It can and does cause psychological and mental health issues in some or excaserbates existing psychological and mental health issues. Mainly in more modern times it is due to the extra high levels of THc and little to no CBD's and other cannibinoids that are or should be present to level it out, the higher the THC the more proine it is to cause issues, in some no0t long after they start or others after long term use andmostly in weed. THC is a natural downer and quite a serious one at that, take it as on its own as an extract in its own right and it will have most folk sobbing on their knees in a spiralling depression. Like alcohol ois a depressent so is high THC content and its getting stronger to ridiculous amounts.

    In a science doc I saw not long back, I cnt remember wether it was in the states or Canada, think it was Canada, where several samples were bought from a few different stores then taken to a lab to be tested for THC, CBD and other particualars, it came to light that there was little to no CBD present in all the samples, most was something like 1.5 % CBD, this extra high THC dose tied in quite heavily with the life stories of tokers who had hit the bad times on it and were having moderate to serious mental health issues and break downs. I know several folk who have stopped due to this, I've not touched weed for a long time for this reason due to what it does to you has changed drastically due to too high a THC being bred in, it isnt like it was. Most of the commercial grows and seeds are way too THC high to be a nice mellow giggly happy head high like it used to be, most of it it slumps you in settee or wherever someone is sat and prangs you out, in otherwords with a complete mong on/cosh to the head, I see people who do use regularly, they are not sprightly and springly and giggly, they are half morose with little or nothing to say, like I said, its all changed the last ten maybe 20 years or so, the onset of high strain genetics has seen breeding too high a THC content into it as folk think thats what its all about, and now if it carries on it will do a lot more short and long term damage thius being a strain on the NHS and other resources.

  • Might be that people are morose because trying to live is an unfulfilling and miserable experience.

    Might be that lifting oppressive laws would lighten the load and reduce the causative influences that break people.

    Might be that we are all broken but those who don't toe the line are more likely to expose their deep wounds.

    Might be that those who can't adapt are negatively labelled and marginalised.

    Might be that marginalised folk are more likely to use drugs.

    Might be that the association between drug use and mental vulnerability is more coincidental than causative.

  • Can you contextualise how these hypothetical psychological and mental health issues might manifest to make society any worse?

    Might be any or all of those things above zendaze and for many it probably is!

    Might be that once legalised/decriminalised and considerably more abundant, In higher THC strains and even cheaper than we can ever remember. Might be those who could struggle to financially today to buy a weeks worth, will smoke a weeks worth in a weekend in the near future.

    I also watched a doc about school kids in Canada and the typical “together” 16 year old female pupils who ended up needing counciling! after loosing the plot through smoking, too much, too strong, too soon. The Canadian teenagers have run with it. It’s now part of their culture two years after reclassifying cannabis for recreation.

    If these strains are developed to grow outdoors (pirate or wild) then we will be giving the stuff away.

    Take your average UK comprehensive school. School kids Share a joint on the way to school, toke at first break, at lunchtime (off school grounds) toke after school. Toke in the home. Now take that ever growing number of young susceptible tokers and fast forward 5 > 10 years. (iF) like research shows “young adult minds are potentially vunerable” what’s the chance it will fall on the NHS to pick up the pieces?

    You pay Tax, your likely to have to fund the NHS throughout your working life. Metal health alone is seriously underfunded on the NHS and can never provide enough care, treatment for those who haven’t nor ever will smoke cannabis.

  • Thats the same documentary AW. I see it over here too with the high content THC, a lot of youngsters think that the car crash of a cosh that these high ones deliver is what being stoned is, where the eyeballs are rolling around in the sockets and can barely string a sentence together or they are sat there with their chin on their chest unable to talk for a bit. I suppose some folk get off on a downer mong out, thats not enjoyable in the slightest, legalising it with high strength THC readily available will cause problems on mental health thats for sure.

  • Sorry but I dont think high THC in a smoke is all that bad , you have a toke or 2 and if it hits you hard then you pass it or put it down and 20 minutes later you are saying 'thats a heavy smoke', now for the chemical cosh bit you mention have you ever tried 'spice' ? , I have once unknowingly and it fucked me up far more than ANYTHING I have smoked in my life.

    Then theres the 'special K crawl' , ever seen the youth of today doing it after a night with uncle Kev? , its pitiful.......

  • Sorry but I dont think high THC in a smoke is all that bad , you have a toke or 2 and if it hits you hard then you pass it or put it down and 20 minutes later you are saying 'thats a heavy smoke', now for the chemical cosh bit you mention have you ever tried 'spice' ? , I have once unknowingly and it fucked me up far more than ANYTHING I have smoked in my life.

    Then theres the 'special K crawl' , ever seen the youth of today doing it after a night with uncle Kev? , its pitiful.......

    Yep, a couple of lung fulls does it but its still a cosh effect, the old skool silly grinny giggly happy head high is whats missing these days and it isnt me, the strains and strengths have changed and its all out of balance. no havent tried spice for that very reason, thats not my idea of pleasurable, unfortunately you found out. And yep, seen plenty of the special K crawl, doesnt look pleasant but they say they having a right old time of it in their head.

  • I remember a lot of stoners only did hot-knives,chillums bucket bongs etc in order to get the biggest hit ' more bang for the buck' , also remember complaining about shit hash ,the kind that cost 30 quid a 1/4 and after smoking all of it all you had was a headache and red eyes.

    In that context I choose skunk everytime , if its too pokey then reduce amount and smoke less !!

  • Cos mother's can do and consume whatever the fuck they like during pregnancy and the affect on the foetus is not a criminal that logic.......people can do whatever they fucking please!

    Some substances can cause serious lifelong damage to an unborn baby when taken heavily by their mother during pregnancy. It might not be a criminal act but to me it is a moral one, and social services can and do take babies away from their mothers for this sort of thing.

    Of course, "some substances" does not include cannabis, but it does include alcohol.

  • Sativa strains have a higher thc content and low cbd, landrace indica strains have lower thc and more cbd. Hashish generally made from indicas has more cbd.

    Due to breeding there are now many strains with varying thc / cbd content.

    Sativas have a longer flowering period so many growers go for an indica/sativa cross or an indica dominant strain to cut down the time taken till harvest.