The irony of National Geographic

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  • I had an " environmentalist " thrust a nice glossy flyer into my hand on how we need to plant more tree's !!

    Sadly paul,there are lots of stupid do gooders out there !!

    Bloke appeared to be suitable embaressed when I pointed out that the flyer was most certainly not printed on recycled paper.

  • Brazilian Copy of National Geographic Magazine, featuring an article on ocean plastic pollution ... arriving in a plastic wrapper.

    That is utter madness, Irony gone disrespectful and hypocritical. What is wrong with these people. If it is recycled then fair enough as thats the next logical step to help reduce new plastic being made, but it's peoples attitude to it as well that needs addressing. I was chuffed to see organic banana's are no longer wrapped in plastic in Tesco's, but sending a magazine containing an article about ocean plastic pollution wrapped in plastic is so unnecessary and is not practicing what the magazine is preaching.

  • I stopped reading it when Rupert Murdock bought it.

    Most of these environment groups are filled with clueless numpties.I used to get mountains of glossy hard to recycle PR junk,promoting.. erm.. recycling and tackling waste .So I tackled it and stopped my subscriptions to the orgs and the waste sent to me stopped.

    I dont buy newspapers or magazines either.

  • I totally agreed with Potters diagnosis of Murdoch,ive always thought the same of Murdoch.

    I would hope Potters standard of article writing would have improved since 1994 though,were he still alive... What a sloppy incoherent ramble,it reminds me of The Singing Detective(which was genius),but that piece seems to be the normal standard of modern journalism so perhaps an appropriate place in a newspaper.

    Maybe the supreme irony,bad articles illustrating how badly journalistic content and qualty has fallen since M took a seat in Fleet street.Maybe it was the drugs...I wonder what everyone elses excuse is.

  • it reminds me of The Singing Detective(which was genius),

    You and me seen to be the only people on this message board who have seen it. I was speechless when i was first screened. Pennies From Heaven and Lipstick on Your Collar were required viewing but not in the same league. I did go much on his other dramas.

  • Many people from across the pond have told me that the whole US media is one big propaganda machine. I think there may be some exceptions like or This American Life.

    The problem there is that any journo outlet that espouses the mainstream editorial are dismissed as leftie pinko commies... The US hasnt moved on much from the McCarthy era.

    The problem globally is most news outlets are controlled by a small number of corporate owners who use them for their own they always have.

  • The bee keepers monthly comes in a wax based wrapper, that can be recycled cant get much better than that really.

    I haven t been a fan of nat geographic for years, it changed, id put it in a simular vain to save the children it seems a lot of posh people going on a jolly around the world whule wagging the finger at everyone saying how bad we all are.

    The advertising got posher, early days it was britanica encylopedias later it was stuff the cost a fortune.