Lifeboatmen sacked for a naked mug!

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    Two lifeboatmen who were sacked for having mugs with naked women on them in their office have lost their appeal to be reinstated in their jobs.

    Ben Laws, who has 15 years of experience volunteering for the charity, and colleague Joe Winspear were sacked over the phone on May 1, after a senior female colleague found the mugs at their HQ in Whitby, North Yorkshire and then reported them.…tated-7626461/?ito=social

    Apparently the mug was non-pornographic and featured the lifeboatman's head photoshopped onto a naked woman's body, with nothing revealing on display! :rolleyes:

  • Fairly typical of most large charities now,theyre more concerned about their charitable status and their income that they can waste on salaried positions than the service they provide or the volunteers and anything that may rock that income is trodden on.Not condoning the mugs but they were removed as requested and just looks a heavy handed and rediculous response from RNLI.

    Save me some money anyway,ive just cancelled my DD and membership and emailed them the reason.

  • And if the RNLI was at all interested in transparency they would have reported it properly to the media.It comes across just as a witch hunt and whitewash and organisations that operate in that manner while expecting the millions in donations to continue dont deserve support.

  • And if the RNLI was at all interested in transparency they would have reported it properly to the media.It comes across just as a witch hunt and whitewash and organisations that operate in that manner while expecting the millions in donations to continue dont deserve support.

    Trouble is the men and women who matter in this much needed charity should be respected for putting themselves at serious risk to save other lives, not treated like dirty criminals by the hierarchy who no doubt never go near the fuckin sea themselves. Cant believe such an important service isnt funded at least partly by the govt. They find money to waste on rubbish that we dont want or need but not important services.

  • As i said before,big charities have become all about the income and the 'suits' in salaried positions and less about the service provided by the front line staff.

    The same has happened in the full time emergency services and the forces so little wonder theres so much overpaid management ineptitude and poor staff morale.

  • As I said ^^^ - the full reasons are actually more complicated than just having those mugs in the station.

    (and they were not particularly artistic nor tasteful !)

    But because of the volunteer code, and that I'm not actually with that branch / station, I don't want to discuss those details in public.

    Although I will agree that the RNLI is quite bad at dealing with such situations, but, in my own experience, not much worse than other big name "employers".

  • Reading the extensive exchanges on the RNLI fakebook page and other accounts its clear the organisation has picked up on and used social media comments to justify its heavy handedness.

    It will be interesting to see what transpires when the mug designer tells all -as hes hinted -once RNLI has dug itself well and truly into its hole.

    It appears the RNLI have caused problems at a number of stations and notably St Helier.

    Clearly,reading between the lines, the current management style isnt fit for purpose,but like all inept management they keep brassing it out and making things worse rather than accept theyre wrong and dont have much clue how to manage PR disasters let alone anything else.

    Its a real shame as theyre haemorrhageing support and donations and volunteer morale and the RNLI attempts to justify its position look entrenched dogmatic, pathetic and foolish.

    Ive supported the RNLI for nigh on 50 years and had a Governor membership but ill not support them in this and I was quite unaware that theyre wasting huge amounts on salaried 'diversity'managers or on the level of some of their other salaried positions while 6000 volunteers freely give of their time or risk their lives.

    Its becoming apparent the RNLI has become a gravy train for a few in privileged positions and services cut to the bone to sustain the unsustainable.

    I support all those on the front line who do the rescue work and maintain the boats and equipment but not the parasitic salaried management hangers on so Ive ended my many many others have from comments on fakebook and newspaper letters columns.

    This issue has obviously opened up a pandoras box on what the RNLI is really like.

    RNLI would do well to look at the ineptitude of Oxfam management and the 16 million its cost them in lost income as a result of their scandal and whitewash and the scaling back theyre having to do.

    Maybe its about time the Lifeboat service which is an absolutely essential one,was amalgamated into the Coastguard and Air Sea Rescue services and the staff properly paid salaries for their experience and services as in the US where there is a joined up service of AirSeaRescue and Coastguard,not three separate arms of private,state and voluntary all working together as happens here.

    RNLI does not have a unique responsibility or role of provision of all lifeboat services.Others can provide such a service if theyre willing and able and some communities do provide their own lifeboat and man it.

    The rescue service is essential,the big business organisation isnt but RNLI seem to have lost sight of the reasons theyre there.