Pets with long term medical conditions

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  • Today was bloody hairy.

    I have delt with human seizures far better.

    I phoned my husband and panicked at him whilst trying to video with the mobile, he thinks it is bollocks.

    then I just sobbed down the phon at the vet and Daisy bloody blinked, then she moved and ran and hid.

    She is sleeping after being hauled to the vets and having fur shaved of her neck and blood taken.

    Daisy had a seizure, it wasn't the first but it was the longest.

    She has had absences, I was pretty sure before but not many, then she had one tonic seizure and I was the only witness. There were mutterings from husband parties about hysterical owners. She takes them in her sleep and she looks frozen but her eyes are wide and her jaws her clenched. Worryingly because it seems to be a tonic seizure it affects her breathing.

    Waiting on the results of a blood test that was extracted from one very very unhappy dog just now.

    Vet says I have to keep a diary; as they aren't frequent no meds.

    vet mentioned that this may be the reason she became a rescue dog, she had seen it happen before. Dog has infrequent seizures and is put up for rescue as owners don't want the hassle/cost. New owners only find out when dog seizes.

    Going to make black bean burgers.. we need cheering up here.