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  • Me, and him upstairs rescued a wee scrap of a tabby cat off the moors above Tod, she was emaciated and covered in blue paint..
    She weighed 1.6kg...
    We have had her four months and has put on a bit of weight, when we find food she will eat for that week...and is now 3kg...No idea how old she is, but she has not come into season at all and appears to be stone deaf, so i reckon she is an old puss..
    The problem.
    she pulls out her fur, not just a little bit, she looks like she has a reverse mohican.. in other words her sides and legs where she can reach are now bald.. but top and bottom have long fur.
    Yes we have taken her to the vets many times, no they don't seem to be worried and put it down to stress, yet havnt been able to suggest what we can do to stop this....
    I have tried putting kalmaid in her food..she refuses it and would rather starve.. i have tried putting homeopathic tablets in her water.. she leaves the water, administering meds is a struggle.. Feliway , yup, tried that..the rooms are too big and open plan for it to have any effect......
    So hive mind.... i am throwing this to you.. i have run out of ideas and even considered doing the thing that i dont want to do, because she must be so unhappy...:( .... but him up there flatly refuses to even consider that option. It pains me a lot to see her like this. I have had 13 cats and none of them have had this isssue.

  • Look for something she's allergic to. Maybe a cleaning product you use in the house etc.

    I knew someone once who had a cat that was allergic to flea treatment - so look at things like that too

    Good luck :)

    the place is eco and off grid so i am not allowed to use harsh cleaning products... I hope shes not allergic to BioD as its the best of the eco friendly products, but i will look into it... could be dust i suppose, but living in the middle of coutryside, there's not a lot of dust, but there is a lot of pollen, maybe she is allergic to that? .. I wonder if you can get anti histamine for cats??? *goes to google*

  • Have you tried valerian root or catnip?

    One of my cats went through a period of over grooming and hair loss because of stress, it went on for a couple of months. I tried an aromatherapy spray for cats which the vet recommended but I'm entirely not convinced it worked. It's a spray that you can put directly onto bedding or a blanket which is supposed to help calm cats. The only problem I had is that it would make both cats very hyperactive for about 30 minutes and they loved the smell so much that they would end up fighting over the blankets before going to sleep (even though we made sure they had one each). You might have more success if you only have the one cat at the moment. It was Pet Remedy: De-stress and calming spray.

    Bela stopped over grooming eventually but I think it only really stopped when the root cause of her stress went away. It had been caused by noisy building renovations going on in a flat below where I was living.

    I really hope you can find something that works for your little cat.

  • She's not bothered for catnip or valerian, tho i might make her a valerian tea and add that to her food and drink..
    I think the problem is that we took her away from where we found her, but if we had left her she would have certainly died as that blizzardy weather turned up not long after we got her home.. She has had no inclination to go outside , so she is obviously happier indoors.. And Sir TobyLerone, my big fat cat(8.4 kg) spends most of his time out... he likes her and lays flat on his back to show her he means her no harm, and he probably still misses Moonbeam who died last year., tho i think he realises that Nutmeg-Sun is deaf, and he just wants to be her friend, she tho, is having none of it...lol
    I will go get some spray tho... I will try anything to stop her de furring herself.. xxx

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed in hope that you find a remedy that works, it's upsetting for everyone when you have a sick animal. At last for now she is warm, well fed and safe which wouldn't have been the case if you hadn't rescued her. It's nice that Sir TobyLerone is being friendly and placid, especially as he's such a beast!! My cats only weigh 2.5kg, though it feels like a lot more when they're standing on my sternum.

    Good luck with the spray, I hope it works. It did make my cats go mental for a while before they calmed down. I mentioned it to the vets and they'd never heard anyone mention that reaction before so perhaps it was just my cats being weird.

  • She was covered in blue paint you say?

    How long ago was that? Did you mention the paint to the vet.

    I remember reading a book about animals that underwent somesort of trauma doing odd things.


    I wonder if your cat tried to remove the paint herself before you found her and the consequenses have led to OC grooming where she can reach.

  • I had not thought about that! The paint was gone when we finally collected her... and she was skinny, but not bald.. the move may have triggered it .. but she has shown no inkling on leaving the house, unless i sit outside, then she ventures about a little bit.. but comes in as soon as i do..

  • We wish you all the best, we had a Tabby that went neurotic on us, OCD cleaning and lost significant fur. Over the years we took her to various vets after being first told it was possible stress after moving house - she then didn't like going out either and would "skulk" around the edge of the yard but never very far and not for long. In the end she'd fight you if you tried to put her outside....

    Initially we persisted with various vets and was finaly diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance. Mrs TW described it as early onset feline menopause! Paid a fortune in meds which seemed to not make the slightest difference except to our bank balance.

    We resorted to putting a (new borns) baby grow on her! It stopped her being able to wash and seemed to work after a while, we were both working at the time and wonder if we'd have spent a little more time with her we could have reduced the behaviour more?

    As I say all the best, it was hard work and distressing.