Doing surveys to earn ££££

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  • I'm going to start the ball rolling with this one. see what all of you think.

    Basically the plan is

    1) you open a fresh email account because you will be swamped and you don't want it all on your everyday account

    2) you sign up for all the survey sites and just bash away. Its tedious, don't say I didn't warn you…-online-survey-sites.html

  • Theres a government website for surveys you get paid and you dont get spammed if youre not bothered about giving all your personal life details. Cant off hand remember the url but I can find it.Personally I wouldnt do the commercial market research type surveys because the volume of spam would piss me off.

  • I spent along time trying to do this a few years back, both in the UK and the US. I gave it up as lost cause. If you find a way to earn more than 3 quid an hour with surveys, let me know!

    Oh yes I agree with that, and its tedious but sometimes in your life a few quid an hour is better than nothing, particularly when the alternative genuinely is nothing

  • First off, online surveys are a waste of time. Microworking instead is a bit more rewarding. However the UK is not a very good place to do microworking. Most jobs are reserved to users in the US for various reasons. even investing in a US based VPN doesn't work because the microworking sites ban by IP.

    I stopped doing microworking 2 years ago. It won't pay your bills. But you can make £2 to £3 in 15 minutes if you're fast and organised. Put it this way: it's an extra £370-1095 a year tax free.

  • Horses for courses, I earn an average of £4 in the morning while eating my breakfast. Later in the day another £4 when I wouldn't be doing much else that is productive.

    £50-60 a week pays my food bill, it aint grand but sitting on the side of a lake in Cumbria, or a mountain in South Wales, what else would you suggest I do?

    I don't have to do it on days that I don't want to and days that are rained in I can do it all day if I want to

  • Bernie, would you mind sharing your sites?

    I basically did in my first post, all the sites I have tried are on there. YouGov is steady. Only the ones that pay cash online. no product testing or vouchers. You have to be careful these days because they do have checking software. lf you just rip through ticking any old box like in the old days it shows up and you quietly get dropped or at least sidelined. If however you do it seriously and become a trusted member you get a lot more work and its better paid

    It depends a lot on your profile, A divorced man in his 60s is not going to get as much work as a working mum with kids.

  • As for mystery shopping ...

    Been on that, but store-side.

    I passed the "test" and within a few hours the Rep turned up with a box of chocs. The Glaswegian twunt that was the store manager intercepted it - I was on a break - and apparently took it home, because I never saw it, or any of the contents.

    About a week later I bumped into the same rep in another place, he asked me "Did I enjoy the chocs ?"

    "What chocs ?" was my reply.

    He went slightly ballistic.

    Later that afternoon, he turned up with a much larger box and came directly to me. "These are for you, now where's the manager ?" The twunt was approaching at speed and tried to get the box off me. The rep proceeded to tear him a new opening, in public, whilst I escaped with the prize. I went upstairs and divided it up into four, to share with my team (who didn't want to share, as it was my mystery shopper handling that was being rewarded).

    Boss twunt was seriously snotty with me for weeks.

  • How about if I told you that you could earn

    £300 per week

    For less than two days work

    Get to be in the great outdoors

    Meeting your community and connecting with your neighbours

    and ...AND... CLEAN UP THE PLANET as you go.

    Well.... go out into your local community and collect all the tin cans that folk chuck everywhere... You only need about 300 cans to produce a block of aluminium. you might need two or three blocks.

    Melt them down.

    There are youtube channels that show you how... Im not doing the fucking leg work for ya lol you have to find it yourself.

    Take it to your local specialised scrap dealer who buys clean aluminium and bingo... You are serving a very very warm purpose indeed.

    You may laugh or you may turn your nose up at that idea ...but think on....

    Whilst people mindlessly chuck litter everywhere - your local council are picking it up and making money from it.

    Other peoples rubbish is Big business .

  • How does melting old drinks cans make the ali 'clean' ? , reason I ask is that I too have seen loads of videos etc concerning making and using a smelter and if you read the comments the common concensus is that its not profitable,you will spend time and fuel gathering and melting the cans and about 30% will be useless slag(dirty shit produced from burning paint etc).

    Surely a good can crusher will suffice to make them manageable to weigh in at local scrappers ?

  • Also, get yourself a strong magnet & test every can. Some have steel in them,so scrap yards have to sort them out and give you a lower price. If you sort them & weigh the steel ones in at the same time so they can see you've sorted them' you might get a good rep with the man and therefore a better price.

  • I used to weigh in Ally cans and some non-ferrous scrap, often enough that I had an a/c with my preferred scrappy (newspaper went to a paper mill). When the first changes to do with waste management regs came in, and the prices went down, I gave up.

    One local scrappy will not pay you in cash, only by BACS, and has loads of recording CCTV. I have a feeling that he had to do all of this to comply with regulations and keep the feds off his back.

    Because there had been a real spate of *******ds nicking memorial plaques out of cemeteries and off war memorials.

  • This prompted some research:

    VERY roughly, about 65-70 cans = 1Kg = about 60p if you're lucky = 1tonne (approximately 38 binbags full apparently) for £56 - just sayin'

    Methinks the fuel to get to the recycling place should be factored in too...

  • I encouraged my kids to collect and weigh in ally cans when they were around 9-10 they collected them for around a year and saved up around 10,000 cans they thought they would get loads of wonga the price on a single ally can is 1p they got £100 , lets say they never bothered again , good luck with collecting 30,000 cans in 2 days

  • I’ve spent hours watching the kids lay out a long row of aluminium cans down the side of festival trackways. Then pestering every onsite motorist to run them over.

    Back then it was well worth collecting aluminium.

    How did pencs come up with £56?   

    I would still expect scrap aluminium to fetch over £500 per ton at its worst trading time and more than £700 at its highest. I’ve weighed in mixed Ali at almost a £1000 per ton in years gone by.

  • Can only assume he's tried to weigh them in unsorted. Chuck a few steel ones in & suddenly they cost the scrapyard more to sort out than they're worth. My local yard had to buy a 3 grand sorting belt with magnet to sort them & said he wishes he'd just stopped taking cans in at all!

  • It was a few years ago but when a local youth organization based in a church shut down we were paid to take 20 odd bags of cans away along with some other scrap and rubble. At the scrapyard they just tipped a bag a time into the press and ran a magnet over them picking out the odd few before crushing. Paid well but i wouldnt have wanted to go round collecting and storing them.