Doing surveys to earn ££££

  • I'm going to start the ball rolling with this one. see what all of you think.

    Basically the plan is

    1) you open a fresh email account because you will be swamped and you don't want it all on your everyday account

    2) you sign up for all the survey sites and just bash away. Its tedious, don't say I didn't warn you…-online-survey-sites.html

  • Theres a government website for surveys you get paid and you dont get spammed if youre not bothered about giving all your personal life details. Cant off hand remember the url but I can find it.Personally I wouldnt do the commercial market research type surveys because the volume of spam would piss me off.

    Your enemy will stab you in the front,your friends stab you in the back - beware your friends,embrace your enemies,you'll always know what youre dealing with.

  • I spent along time trying to do this a few years back, both in the UK and the US. I gave it up as lost cause. If you find a way to earn more than 3 quid an hour with surveys, let me know!

    Oh yes I agree with that, and its tedious but sometimes in your life a few quid an hour is better than nothing, particularly when the alternative genuinely is nothing

  • First off, online surveys are a waste of time. Microworking instead is a bit more rewarding. However the UK is not a very good place to do microworking. Most jobs are reserved to users in the US for various reasons. even investing in a US based VPN doesn't work because the microworking sites ban by IP.

    I stopped doing microworking 2 years ago. It won't pay your bills. But you can make £2 to £3 in 15 minutes if you're fast and organised. Put it this way: it's an extra £370-1095 a year tax free.

  • Horses for courses, I earn an average of £4 in the morning while eating my breakfast. Later in the day another £4 when I wouldn't be doing much else that is productive.

    £50-60 a week pays my food bill, it aint grand but sitting on the side of a lake in Cumbria, or a mountain in South Wales, what else would you suggest I do?

    I don't have to do it on days that I don't want to and days that are rained in I can do it all day if I want to

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  • Bernie, would you mind sharing your sites?

    I basically did in my first post, all the sites I have tried are on there. YouGov is steady. Only the ones that pay cash online. no product testing or vouchers. You have to be careful these days because they do have checking software. lf you just rip through ticking any old box like in the old days it shows up and you quietly get dropped or at least sidelined. If however you do it seriously and become a trusted member you get a lot more work and its better paid

    It depends a lot on your profile, A divorced man in his 60s is not going to get as much work as a working mum with kids.