Legalisation of cannabis

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  • A lot of gang members make their money selling cannabis on the inner city estates. The authorities won't legalise cannabis because if the gang members lose their income stream they will turn to other, more antisocial, ways of making money.

    As far as the authorities are concerned, Gangs selling cannabis may be illegal but the general public don't see it. So it don't impact on the crime statistics

    Gangs mugging people and stealing from cars instead and everybody gets upset

  • I used to smoke a bit, back in the day. Now I find the stench of modern skunk puts me off completely. The other half doesn't like any smoking, so I just dropped out of using it, years back.

    Okay to legalise it just for recreational use, but of course some people will be driving and smoking it, and wanting to come in work and operate machinery while using it. That can have some pretty dangerous effects, I know from experience. A friend tells me that in the USA, in some States you get tested at work every day you step in the premises. If you're positive, you're up the road, bro.

  • It should be legal, it would make millions in taxes and save millions by not policing it.

    I've only looked at 4 tests of drug driving,

    Test 1 they ended the test when the driver was doing better than his sober try.

    Test 2 the driver was better than sober and the TV presenter (if I remember right was Quintin Willson) guessed it was because he was concentrating harder but after a large smoke he was still more than good enough to pass a driving test.

    Test 3 the TV presenter who had never smoked before got stoned and was driving badly but she looked like she was probably a bad nervous driver before smoking.

    Test 4 they tested 4 or 5 drivers and the regular smokers driving improved and the non smokers got worse.

    It seems wrong that with no real proof that smoking can cause accidents that you can have a smoke then a week later get tested and loose you're driving licence, job or both.

    They need a test like in America where you touch your nose walk along a line etc to judge how affected you may be especially as the current test is a waste of money as I passed 4 hours after a smoke yet a mate failed 2 weeks after smoking, if you smoke you need to know how to pass the test.

    I have driven a rally car stoned and done a motorcycle track day where I was complemented on how smooth and fast I was and my only accident on the road was after 6 months with no drugs or alcohol I went round a blind bend and there was a German driving on the wrong side of the road.

    Smoking and driving isn't the big sin most people believe, too many people listen to the lying government and media and blindly believe those lies.

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  • The problem is road side testing for drug substances both recreational and precription drugs that may impair driving are becoming more common and widespread,especially occupational drivers.

    One of the members of this forum got a 12 month ban for testing slightly positive 3 days after the last smoke.

    People need to be aware of how long it stays in the system and how easy they can lose their license even when they have abstained for some time.

    Im glad that Police Chiefs are taking an initiative in the right direction because clearly politicians and the government are well out of step with public and expert opinion incapable of making any logical policy decisions and just further confusing an already very confused situation.

  • Not sure how tolerance works here, in regard to smoking and driving. When I was smoking alot, I could probably smoke 0.5g of strong cannabis and you wouldn't be able to tell I was high; now, after a long break from cannabis, if I was to smoke 0.5g, I probably wouldn't be safe behind the wheel. Tolerance varies so much between users.

    People forget that smoking cannabis makes you intoxicated, and you cant drive as well if you're intoxicated, even if you drive slower or concentrate harder.

  • The same can be said of alcohol or powerful precription drugs like opiate painkillers.

    The only serious way to police against the unintelligent use of substances drugs or drink is to set realistic limits on blood tests regardless of how they may affect different individuals.If you went by tolerance,body size and dose per kilogram and drug potency youd just end up with a chaotic enforcement policy.

    Maybe one solution would be more accurate affordable self test devices to give people an idea when it might be unwise to get behind the wheel.

  • I never drive erratic when i'm stoned. I know this because I'm normally always stoned and I pass the wankers quite a lot and I never get stopped.

    Dude,you are always the one I seam to be picking on when it comes to arseholey posts,yet this is not personal. It is just aimed at someone who is being a bit of a pratt.

    Why do you call them wankers and not police?

    Why do you drive when you are knowingly stoned?

    The majority of cops are decent people who are doing a tough job and would put their life on the line to protect you. They deserve more respect than being called wankers because they try to save lives by stopping dis-respectful wankers from driving when they are not in a fit state to be in charge of a potential killing machine !!

  • back in the day ,i was stoned permanatly ,for a period of 10yrs ,i was stoned all the time ,i was a self employed plumber ,and used to drive at least 60 miles a day ,which included motorway driving and driving around london ,since then i have gave up smoking alltogether ,,one thing i will say though ,iff the police enforce THC tests ,,,then smoke the moroccan hashish ,which is a formula and doesnt have any THC present in it

  • seriously,if you are taking anything that could affect your judgement whilst driving,it is best to not drive at all.

    I am not a purist and have been ( and I use this phrase loosely ) in control of a vehicle under the influence of various substances. I have matured since and respect the road and others more. Wisdom comes with age and experience !!

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  • I can hardly count the amount of times that I have heard someone moan about speed camera's being a revenue booster for the police !!

    Well,slow the fuck down,respect others and do not give them reason to fine you. Its not complicated.

    Most of us think we are good drivers,but you are only a good driver when you respect the rules of the road and what they stand for.

    I do vast mileage all over France and europe every year and see many accidents and what causes them. I also avoid lots of accidents and see why.

    I also see the reactions of stoned people,pissed people and people on phones.

    One mis-judgement could wipe out a couple of families in two seconds.

    Driving is a serious thing and should be respected [plod]

  • ha ha ha ha ,take a look on our motorways , and tell me that 99% of people are driving correctly ,because they are not , they drive far to close to each other ,up each others arses at rediculious speeds ,hence all the crashes and fatalaties every single day ,,, i used to smoke weed and drive ,and i used to drive correctly on the motorways ,keep a good distance allways ,and was aware of my driving habbits ,and that they were good ,compared to 99% of the othe other drivers ,but it doesnt matter anymore , i dont smoke ,and i dont drive , BON VOYAGE

  • Like alcohol, marcco, weed can give you a completely false sense of how good you are. Or, in your case, and certainly in mine, how good you were.

    Just because one can go and drive and not hit anybody while intoxicated on anything doesn't mean one is a better driver; it just means people recognise one's state and try to keep out of one's way....

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  • I been smokin various shit over the last 30 years , back in the day it was ' soap-bar' (so named as a 9oz lump had rounded corners like soap),later named euro-bar it was of hugely variable quality and equally diverse aromas , from diesal oil to burning rubber, some light coloured flat press even sparkled when you burnt it,some would get you stoned but most would give more of a headache than a buzz !!

    Last 20 years or so I have been almost totally on weed all of which I know and trust the origins of,since an incident at my daughters wedding reception I almost always refuse a joint if offered....
    I took bride and groom from service to reception and parked up for the night , needless to say with the public smoking ban soon most of the party was on my bus,a black guy arrived and proclaimed he had better weed than I have ever smoked so I had a few tokes and remarked on the smell and taste being unusual then started to spin out, son in law took the joint from me saying 'that aint weed its spice'....

    Fucking orrible,heart racing /stopping , breathing too fast /too slow,balance gone,speech gone full on panic attacktyped thing for about 20 minutes. I have been known to roll a spliff for the journey NO WAY could I have driven on the shit.

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  • i brought some spice from a local head shop ,about 2 months before it was made illeagal , as it was leagal at the time ,i thought that it couldnt be up to much ,i put some in a roll up ,and had about 3 pulls on the roll up ,then waited for it to take effect ,as i wasnt sure what to expect ,sure enough though ,it soon made its impact on me ,i cannot express or describe how awfull it was ,and what huge mistake i had made by taking it ,i dint no where i was ,i dint no what to do with myself ,i had to lay down and wait for the effects to wear off ,truly awfull ,it went straight in the bin , i cannot understand how anyone would like that stuff ,or even want to smoke it again ,a truley awfull experience

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  • Husband drives huge distances as part of his work as an engineer.

    He's driven in a variety of jobs over the years. He has his advanced drivers and various other weirdy licences that he had to do with the police when he was driving for a chemical company and counldn't crash and had to radio for escorts through built up areas.

    He says that the standard of driving deteriorates dramatically at the weekend. His job depends on a clean licence. So often he comes in from working the weekend especially and says, 'Well, only one person tried to kill me today', or plays me a video of what some idiot did on the road.

    You could argue that my drugs slow down my reaction times very slightly, yet I can drive if I have one clear year, the argument being that I live in a steady state of the dosage and have adapted to being 'drugged up' over the years.

    My drugs are also not psychoactive, they don't have an effect on my decision making process.

    I can never blame bad dating decisions in my past on anticonvulsants.

    Cannabis and alcohol affect your decision making and your reaction times. If you deny that and you drive under the influence of either - driving being the single most dangerous thing that most of us participate in every day, actively or passively as a passenger - you are on a timeline to a death, either yours or someone elses.

    The question is simply when.…abs/pii/S0001457509000918…1080/09595230412331289482

    I'm not getting into the legalisation debate again, all drugs do harm, no one has invented the perfect drug - they all have side effects. If you think they don't you are dellusional.

  • in my neck of the woods ,we call weekend drivers ,sunday drivers ,worse at the weekends ? maybee ,i think allot of poor mortorway driving is down to people in a hurry ,rush ,rush ,rush ,as for drugs slowing down you reaction time , the same could be said for ageing drivers , so weather you are 20 yrs old ,or 60 yrs old .everybody must have quicker or slower reaction times than others .but the law cannot really discriminate against older drivers for having the reaction time on par with a tortoise,then you have the driving whilst using a mobile phone issue ,which is banned ,but i ask the question ,is using a mobile whilst driving ,any worse than changing the radio station ,or changing a cd ? ,soo are driverless cars the future ? to make the roads a safer place for motorists